Chapter 165: The Diary’s Safekeeping Fee

“Hu!” Su Ke2Su KeMain Character stretched his body before he turned around and lifted his arm.

Only then did he realize that there was a wound on his right arm that was slowly oozing blood.

As soon as he saw it, the pain immediately flooded into his mind.

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Seeing Su Ke suck in a cold breath and grimace in pain, Li Fei Fei was immediately distressed. She quickly rummaged through her pocket, wanting to find some tissues to stop the bleeding, but who knew that she would fish out a sanitary pad?

It was a light-blue wallet, square in shape.

Since Su Ke had seen Zheng Mo drop her sanitary pad before, he naturally knew what it was. Watching Li Fei Fei’s movements, he quickly waved his hands and said, “Sister, you won’t give me that to use, right!?”


“That’s right! Now, stop talking nonsense and let me help you stop the bleeding!”

“No, no! Sister, if you stick this on me, even if I have 10 kg, it won’t be enough for it to absorb!”

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Su Ke then spread out his hands as he anxiously continued, “Extra strong absorption and anti-leakage, it’s equivalent to a water pump!”

“Hateful!” Li Fei Fei heard Su Ke’s words and was finally aware of this point.

Her face tightened as she grabbed his wrist and exclaimed, “Walk, we’re going to the infirmary!”

Li Fei Fei’s hand was very smooth and cool as she dragged him down the stairs.

“You were so reckless just now! What if you also fell?”

“Just looking at your tiny arms and calves, if you fell, you’d definitely die!”

Su Ke could feel that Li Fei Fei’s concern towards him was genuine; a sweet feeling suddenly emerged in his heart as he thought about it.

Only, after they just left the roof, he saw a shadow suddenly flash by.


Su Ke’s heart tightened as he recognized the familiar figure, “Wei Lan!”

However, Li Fei Fei was pulling on his arm, making Wei Lan very upset.

“Su Ke!” Li Fei Fei has seen this person before.

Even though she couldn’t recognize exactly who it was, but her strong womanly intuition told her that she was probably Wei Lan or that 1st year.

She then realized that Su Ke had paused, so she also stopped.

“En?” Su Ke glanced at Li Fei Fei, but didn’t expect to see a severe expression on her face as he asked,  “What is it?”


Li Fei Fei bit her lip and suddenly exclaimed, “It’s fine!” However, she sighed inside her heart.

She felt that Su Ke had some special feelings towards her, but what could she do?

In the end, Su Ke didn’t go to the infirmary to treat his wounds. After all, it was only a shallow wound.

When they reached the 3rd floor, the blood had already solidified into a scab.

Li Fei Fei also couldn’t convince him otherwise.

After going through something like this, the class was very quiet.

In the end, Li Fei Fei could only stare ruthlessly at Su Ke as she walked back to class.


“Reporting!” Su Ke stood at the door and looked in.

The English teacher at the front was actually welcoming him with a smile while waving at him.

Seeing the strange expression on the teacher’s face, Su Ke was confused.

He then walked over to his seat as his gaze fell onto Wei Lan. However, Wei Lan had buried her head in her hands, unmoving.


Once class ended, Wang Xiao Gang ran over to Su Ke and asked, “Just now, there was someone who wanted to jump?” Since the teacher was overseeing the classroom, nobody could go watch.

As such, Wang Xiao Gang didn’t know what happened.

“En!” Su Ke saw the gossip-hungry expression on his face and helplessly nodded his head.

“What exactly happened? Hurry up and tell me; the person was saved, right!?”

“That’s right, didn’t Wei Lan also head up there? Why did she seem so weird when she came back down? It looked like she cried!”


Hearing Wang Xiao Gang’s words, Su Ke glanced in Wei Lan’s direction, but she was still maintaining her posture; she had no intentions of turning around.

Su Ke wasn’t interested in talking as he said, “Alright, alright! You should worry about yourself more! This time, you’ve definitely flunked your exams!”

“Boss Su, I want to be a director! What do culture marks matter?”

The bell then signalled the end of the school day.

Su Ke’s phone suddenly started to vibrate, so he took it out and saw that the caller ID was Wu Yi Ren, as he expected.


“Wei!” Su Ke answered the phone.

“Su Ke, you’ve ended school! I’m at the gates, why don’t we go get something to eat?” Wu Yi Ren’s voice was very polite, even sounding very careful, as if she was scared of angering Su Ke.

“Okay!” Su Ke answered, and directly agreed.

Wu Yi Ren drove a car and waited at the school gates.

He then brought Su Ke to a very high-class looking restaurant. The two of them sat facing each other.

From the beginning, Wu Yi Ren was smiling with a very fake looking smile.

“Su Ke, brother Su!”

After Wu Yi Ren ordered the dishes, he smiled at Su Ke before continuing, “That, that, it was a misunderstanding before!”


“It was my fault!”

As he spoke, Wu Yi Ren poured the alcohol by himself and directly poured it into his stomach, both his hands holding the cup, and the bottom of the cup being seen. “I’ll first drink in apology!”

Right after saying so, he poured another cup and said, “I called Boss Luo in the morning and cleared up the situation. Fang Fei Yi Ren1Fang Fei Yi RenThe beauty parlour Su Ke works at and the one Luo Fei Yan owns is an upright organization. If someone wants to find trouble, I’m the first one to disagree!”

Wu Yi Ren toasted another cup, “This cup is to apologise to Boss Luo!”


“This third cup can be counted as my sincere request to be friends with you! Next time, if you need anything, don’t be so courteous! I’m toasting to you!” Wu Yi Ren heroically drank 3 cups.

At this time, his face had started to redden, his eyes behind his golden-framed glasses squinted as he spat out a breath.

“By the way, Brother Su, my diary isn’t anything interesting. Could you return it to me!?” Wu Yi Ren saw Su Ke’s lips tremble, like he was disdainful as he quickly continued, “I prepared you a gift!”


Su Ke then saw Wu Yi Ren grab a bank card out of his pocket; it was very new and looked to be just issued.

He pushed it over to him as he said, “Brother Su, there’s 200 thousand inside! Please take it as the fee for keeping my diary safe!”

Wu Yi Ren’s face was full of smiles, his eyes looking expectant.

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