Chapter 188: Basic Art of Refining

That one sentenced startled Qin Tian.  Unknowingly, cold sweat emerged on his palms.

The fact that his Dantian was crippled was only known to people of Qinghe City.  However, after he defeated Zhao Kong, no one doubted if his Dantian was crippled again.

Ever since that day,  everyone thought his Dantian had recovered and can cultivate Qigong again.

After all,  if a person has a crippled Dantian, how can he cultivate Qigong? Without being able to do so, how can one make a break through?

From the beginning until now,  no one had perceived that his Dantian was crippled.

Shen Yan’s words made his heart cold. His secret hidden for many years had been exposed, making him feel uneasy.

However,  Shen Yan did not notice the change in his expression. She was not even looking at him.  She continued to frown, “Not right, not right… …”

“It is virtually impossible for a person with a broken Dantian to cultivate Qigong, what’s more, condense Inner Qi. Your palms did indeed contain Inner Qi,  just what is going on? So weird… …?”

After Shen Yan spoke finish, Qin Tian felt his heart turn normal.

This world had too many unknowns, a variety of mysterious abilities, powerful divine abilities.  Who knows whether someone would find out about his secret to breaking through.

Being able to guess that his Dantian was crippled just from his Inner Qi startled him greatly,  even though she wasn’t very sure. He swore inwardly to be even more careful in the future.

“Master, this disciple is slow-witted and has low potential.”

“Yi! “

Shen Yan exclaimed in surprise, “You haven’t gone yet? “

“E?! “

Qin Tian felt speechless.  Ever since they entered the refining hall, Shen Yan’s back had always been facing him.  At first, he thought that she was angry and was just acting. However, after a few hours of waiting, he could confirm that she was contemplating something so deeply that she forgot about his existence.

“Master, I am still unsure about where I should go to.”

“Oh.” Shen Yan thought for a moment before shouting, “Xiao Qing, take Qin Tian to his residence.”

“Understood. “

A green clothed female disciple entered, “Junior apprentice brother, please follow.”

Just as Qin Tian was about to exit the huge door of the refining hall,  Shen Yan spoke, “Wait. “

Qin Tian thought in apprehension, “Now what? “

“I just remembered that I still got something to say.” Shen Yan looked at Qin Tian and carried on,  “Xiao Qing, go outside and wait first.”

“Yes, master.” Facing Qin Tian, Xiao Qing tittered and left the refining hall.

Qin Tian felt helpless. Having a master whose mind might have a little problem,  and is also a pillar master, he doesn’t know whether it was a blessing or disaster joining this pillar.

Shen Yan was very normal in the achievements hall, yet was like a different person in the Fierce Sun Pillar. Qin Tian doesn’t understand,  isn’t the difference too big?

Although she still looks approachable and affable, she seems a little slow-witted.  She was already a middle age lady, Qin Tian couldn’t accept the fact that she was a little slow-witted.

“Soon,  it will be the inner sect hundred strongest competition. Each of the 8 pillars must send disciples to participate. Master wants you to enter.” Shen Yan said plainly.

“Master, this disciple is only in rank 3 Ascension realm. I’m afraid it would be difficult to ensure victory. “

Qin Tian was curious.  To be needed to join the inner sect hundred strongest competition not long after joining,  was Shen Yan doing this on purpose?

Was it because he didn’t have any potential in tools refining,  that she wanted to throw him away?

However, if a pillar master really wanted him gone,  was that action even necessary?

Completely unnecessary.

Qin Tian contemplated,  not understanding the reasons behind her words.

“Master believes in you. This competition is only an interlude, it’s alright as long as your ranking isn’t too ugly. “ Shen Yan did not explain.

As it is a ranking competition for inner court disciples, the 8 great pillars would naturally send their disciples to participate. It is a once a year event.

This time, the competition is very important to Fierce Sun Pillar and they cannot miss it. Those that achieve a good ranking would gain a bottle of Golden Hepta Aura.

To her, the importance of Golden Hepta Aura is no less than the mysterious flame.

As Fierce Sun Pillar has disciples amounting to less than a hundred, with most of them in the spirit refining realm, the number of people they can send isn’t a lot.

Since Qin Tian can complete the mysterious flame task, Shen Yan believes that he can achieve a satisfactory result.

“Master, why not send senior apprentice brother? He is in the Rebirth realm and is many times stronger than me.” Qin Tian asked carefully.

Zhou Wei is in the Rebirth realm, hence he should be stronger than Qin Tian.

Also, when he heard the phrase ‘as long as your ranking isn’t too ugly’, he felt pressured. At what rank would it be considered as not ugly?

“Of course he will be joining too, you will not be going alone.” Shen Yan said, “Among the inner disciples, he is rank nine. You will have to work hard.”

“Rank nine?” Qin Tian was startled as he thought, “A rank 2 Rebirth realm is only in the 9th place? Then won’t the 99th place be suitable for Laozi, a rank 3 ascension realm cultivator?”

Tianji sect was filled with hidden dragons and crouching tigers, what Qin Tian had seen was only the tip of the iceberg.

Actually, Qin Tian was also interested in joining the inner sect hundred strongest competition. It was an event for the strong to battle it out and gain experience. He too wanted to know how strong he had become after more than 2 months of abilities training.

He could not help but become excited, “Disciple obeys.”

“Good, you may leave now.” Shen Yan revealed a smile.

After Qin Tian walked a few steps, Shen Yan stopped him again, “Wait.”

Qin Tian halted, feeling kind of annoyed, “Big Sister, must you be like this? It irritating.”

“This is the basic layer of the art of refining, take a look. It doesn’t matter whether you can become a tools refining master, as a disciple of the Fierce Sun Pillar, you must understand some tools refining techniques.” Shen Yan took out an old book.

Qin Tian went up to accept it, “Disciple shall take his leave.”

“Go.” Shen Yan waved her hand and went towards the back of the refining hall.

“Junior Brother Qin Tian, this way.”

Qin Tian just exited the hall when Xiao Qing received him. She has delicate features and would reveal her tiger tooth when she smiles, really cute.

[TLN: tiger tooth is the canine tooth]

“Thanks, senior apprentice sister .” Qin Tian spoke respectfully.

“No problem.” Xiao Qing said seriously. Soon, being unable to endure, she asked, “Is it really you that completed the dark ocean’s mysterious flame task?”

As a disciple of the Fierce Sun Pillar, Xiao Qing naturally knew about that task. However, many seniors of hers could not even complete it, yet Qin Tian managed. This stunned her, making her opinion of him very high.

Qin Tian nodded, although his mind was completely focused on the art of refining. After placing it inside his spatial ring, the system prompted, ”Learn the art of refining?”


“Learning successful.”

Art of Refining: Basic

Proficiency: 0/1000

Only allowed on

Note: Temporarily unable to refine any tools.

“Potential is low ?” Qin Tian laughed coldly, “Potential is simply d*gs**t to me, wait till Laozi refine a godly tool, haha……”

“Junior apprentice brother, what are you laughing about?” Xiao Qing couldn’t help but ask.

Qin Tian faltered for a moment, “Nothing. By the way, where do Yan Xin and Yan Bing live?”

“Junior apprentice brother, I’ll advise you to not look for them. Eldest senior brother will not be happy.” Xiao Qing reminded, “Many male disciples had been sent to guard the entrance because they spoke a few words with them. You’ve already offended Eldest senior brother, so do be careful with what you do in the future.”

“Senior sister’s reminder is greatly appreciated.” Qin Tian was stumped, not expecting Zhou Wei to be so overbearing. Does he want to dominate all the females in Fierce Sun Pillar?

“You’re welcome. Also, I’ve heard that your potential in tools refining is low?” Xiao Qing suddenly asked. She thought about the day when she first entered the Pillar and sympathized with Qin Tian.

At this moment, Qin Tian was making plans. Hearing Xiao Qing’s question, he revealed a bitter smile.

Xiao Qing’s expression changed too as if she could feel his pain, “No need to feel inferior, my potential is low too, it’s also red flame.”

“Do you like to refine tools?” All of a sudden, Qin Tian asked.

“I like, but I don’t have the potential. After training for years, I’m still unable to grasp the essentials and can’t even refine a low-grade spirit tool.” Xiao Qing sighed, feeling ashamed.

Qin Tian smiled, “The future will be better.”

After that, the two of them no longer spoke and walked in silence.

As the peak’s surface area is huge, the residences of disciples here are like villas. Qin Tian’s residence here was a hundred times more gorgeous than his weed-filled courtyard when in River gate.

[TLN: Chapter 120]

To Qin Tian, this was simply inconceivable, “To think that Laozi can also live in a villa? Haha……”

Having reached his residence, Qin Tian sent Xiao Qing off and prepared to take a bath.

Just as he wanted to enter his residence, a wave of killing intent attacked him.

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Immediately, Qin Tian leaped into mid-air and glared at a dark corner, “Come out.”


“So you’re Qin Tian?”

From that dark corner, a black robe man walked out slowly. His eyes were cold, emitting killing intent.

Qin Tian landed on the ground, “Who are you?”

The Blood Essence within him was profound. Looking deeper, his cultivation had probably reached rank eight ascension realm already.

“Violent Sky faction’s people? Or Zhou Wei’s dogs?” Qin Tian prepared himself. Meanwhile, the dragon elephant force erupted.

“You do not need to know.” The black robe man replied in disdain, “A dead man does not need to know.”

Immediately, he turned into a black figure and vanished.

“Courting death.”

To Qin Tian, under the law of aura, the black robe man cannot hide.

“Rank four berserk……”

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