Chapter 187: You aren’t qualified to be insulted by me

When the three arrived at the refining hall, the sky was already dark.

During the whole journey, Qin Tian just silently followed behind the two. Yan Bing, who was originally very talkative, had her head lowered as she walked in silence. As for Yan Xin, she was originally chilly quiet.

After arriving at the refining hall, Qin Tian scanned the surrounding and found it to be somewhat different from what he had initially thought.

It was very neat and clean, to the point where not a speck of dust could be seen

In the square of the Fierce Sun Pillar, there was a huge bronze cauldron. However, within the refining hall, Qin Tian noticed that there was not a single furnace. “Could it be that there’s no need to use a furnace when refining tools?” Qin Tian wondered in his mind.

His conjecture on tool refinement was like forging. The differences would be that it had to absorb all sorts of powerful energy and be refined under exquisite techniques before an extremely powerful tool could be created.

However, not only was there not a single furnace in sight, the temperature wasn’t hot at all.



Yan Xin and Yan Bing greeted their Master together, but their expression was unnatural as deep down, they felt anxious.

Qin Tian took a step forward and greeted, “Master.”

At the moment, Shen Yan’s back was facing them with both her hands were behind her back. She seemed like she is pondering over something.

“Junior apprentice sister, why are all of you back so late? Do you know how worried Master is?”

A handsome young man with long hair walked up and asked softly out of concern. His gaze which contained enmity swept pass Qin Tian.

“What, did Lao Zi owed you money?” Qin Tian questioned in his heart but he still wore a brilliant smile on his face.

“Little sister Xin, quickly say something. Master had waited for you all for a whole day.” The young man walked to Yan Xin’s side and asked softly but he was only looking at Yan Bing from the corner of his eyes.

“Who’s your little sister Xin?” Yan Xin inwardly pointed out. She coldly cast a glance at the man before walking forward and kneeled down. She respectfully said, “Master, disciple is willing to be punished.”

“It isn’t big sis’s fault. I was the one that had caused trouble.” Yan Bing immediately walked forward and kneeled down. She then quietly mumbled, “Master, please don’t punish big sis. I’m the one that should be punished.”


Shen Yan raised her head while talking in a deep breath. She seemed like she had met another difficult question which she wasn’t able to solve.

“About that…”

“Master, disciple had many trivial matters at the bottom of the mountain and could only climb up the mountain in the afternoon. Master, please don’t blame them.” Qin Tian also walked forward and softly said.

Yan Xin and Yan Bing were stunned as they could not believe that Qin Tian was actually helping them. Yan Bing raised her head and looked at Qin Tian. Her gaze flickered with gratitude.

“So you are Qin Tian?”

“It was you who caused Master to wait for so long. Such arrogance, it seems like you are tired of living!” The young man immediately shouted while pointing straight at Qin Tian’s nose.

“F*ck, can’t woo a girl then come venting your anger at this Lao Zi, who do you think you are!” Qin Tian cussed in his heart but on his face was a brilliant smile, “Senior apprentice brother, how should I address you?”

“You are unworthy of knowing my name.” The young man glared in disdain, “If junior apprentice sisters are punished by master because of you, I won’t let you off.”



Qin Tian trembled and lowered his head, pretending to be afraid.

“Senior apprentice brother, whether we are punished is none of his business. Why are you threatening him?”  Yan Bing questioned angrily.

Her covering for Qin Tian dissatisfied the young man.

Fierce Sun Pillar has very little male disciples. Of the ten, six guards the peak.

Why were their lives so pitiful? It’s because some female disciples helped them say a few words.

Due to that, they were suppressed by the young man.

As he was the senior apprentice brother and manages everything within the pillar, it could be said that there’s no one above him but the master. He has great authority and is trusted by Shen Yan.

His cultivation is pretty good too, in rank 2 Rebirth realm.


He also has many accomplishments with regards to tools refinement and can already be considered a tools refining master, able to refine low grade immortal tools. He is a disciple looked highly upon by Tianji sect.

Gifted, strong and handsome, a seemingly perfect man.

Yan Bing’s words angered him.

The young man had fancied the twin sisters early on, yet was always unsuccessful. To think that he would actually be berated by them for a disciple that just joined.

He stared murderously at Qin Tian and his eyes twitched, emitting a feeling of coldness while mumbling, “Lad, wait for Laozi.”

Immediately after that, a smile appeared on his face. He looked at Yan Bing warmly, “I’m just worried that you would be punished. He is just a newly arrived disciple, what qualifications does he have for you to fetch him personally?”

“It doesn’t matter whether he is qualified, our master has the final say. Are you criticizing master?” Yan Bing replied.

“How could I dare to criticize old master!” The young man was startled.

“Senior apprentice brother actually dare to say Master is old. Master is beautiful like a flower, youthful forever.” Yan Bing continued her attack while secretly signaling to Qin Tian with her eyes to not be afraid.


Yan Bing was extremely witty.

In the entire Fierce Sun Pillar, other than her sister and master, no one can control her, even if that was her senior apprentice brother Zhou Wei.


Although the young man was annoyed, he still maintained a warm face and did not continue to bicker with her. “Wait till Laozi get your sister, you will then be next.” He thought.

As he wields Rebirth force, Yan Bing could not know what his heart was thinking about. However, Qin Tian could see that his mind was filled with evil intentions.

Being unable to argue over Yan Bing, Zhou Wei vented out on Qin Tian, “Still not kneeling?”

“Who are you to make me kneel?” Qin Tian refuted and thought, “You useless trash, want to bully Laozi? You’re still too inexperienced.”


In the refining hall, no matter how powerful Zhou Wei was, he would not dare to touch Qin Tian. After all, Shen Yan was here.

Zhou Wei thought that using his authority as the senior apprentice Brother to bully the new disciple would be an easy thing to do, not expecting to hit an iron board.

“Lad, do you know who I am?” Zhou Wei glared at Qin Tian in rage, “By provoking me, don’t think about having a good ending.”

“Senior apprentice brother, you’ve stated before that I’m unworthy of knowing who you are.” Qin Tian spoke blatantly, “And I have no interest in knowing who you are.”


“To dare to insult your senior apprentice brother?” Zhou Wei snorted.

Qin Tian sneered, “Senior apprentice brother, how could I dare to insult you? If you think that I had insulted you, I would definitely not admit it. Even if I had insulted you, I would still not admit it. Relax, I would never insult you. You don’t have the qualification for me to insult you.”


“You got big guts.” Zhou Wei shouted in rage as boundless rebirth force rushed out. The atmosphere within the hall suddenly changed from the pressure of the rebirth force.

Qin Tian’s heart sunk as he did not expect Zhou Wei to really start a fight. Also, from his expression, Zhou Wei already had the intention to kill him. All ascension realm cultivators would be pressured by cultivators of the rebirth realm. Qin Tian’s state of mind was like it was pressed by a huge mountain. His face turned pale and the blood within his body was like they had frozen.

“This is the rebirth force?”

With literally no way of resisting, rage grew within.

“Want me to take action?”

Yao Kong transmitted in Qin Tian’s mind.

“No need.” Yao Kong is his trump card. Unless truly necessary, he will not be used.

“Laozi don’t believe that you dare to kill me in the refining hall.” Qin Tian snorted inwardly, “Demon Infant, be prepared to follow my instrument at any moment.”


“Understood.” The Demon Infant immediately became serious.

“Zhou Wei, what are you doing?” Yan Bing jumped up and screamed.

Yan Xin stared at Zhou Wei, “Are you crazy?”

Pressured by Zhou Wei’s Rebirth aura, Qin Tian retreated rapidly till his back was facing a pillar. “Rank 4 berserk……”

“Demon Infant, prepare yourself and make your own decision… If he makes a move, Laozi will kill him.”

Qin Tian’s aura erupted.

Although startled, Zhou Wei smirked coldly, “Rank 3 ascension realm. A firefly dares to compete against the moon? Courting death……”

[TLN: The light a firefly emit is less intense than the light reflected by the moon]



Following the loud shout, an earth-shattering force struck down towards the hall and in the blink of an eye, everything regained its tranquility.

The aura of a cultivator at the void piercing realm.

The thick aura was as if it came from beyond the sky. It was so powerful that it instantly suppressed the surrounding aura.


Zhou Wei’s expression instantly changed. He quickly ran up and explained, “Master, he was not respectful to you. I could not stand it so I took action to teach him a lesson.”

“Master, Qin Tian wasn’t disrespectful to you. However, it was actually senior apprentice brother who wasn’t happy with Master’s decision. He even said that Master was old.” Yan Bing immediately refuted.

“Yan Xin, explain.” Shen Yan was expressionless, causing others to not know her mood.

“Senior apprentice brother was overly serious.” Yan Xin answered with a cold expression.

“Little sister Xin, you…” Zhou Wei was momentarily stupefied before feeling somewhat anxious about his current predicament. He silently cussed at Yan Xin, “Slut, I had always been treating you well, but now, just for the sake of a new disciple, you are willing to hurt me. Lao Zi will not forgive you!”

“Zhou Wei, you have no business here. Leave.” Shen Yan solemnly said.

“Yes, Master.” Zhou Wei coldly cast Qin Tian a glance before he hurriedly left the hall with his head lowered.

Qin Tian was stunned as he wondered, “No punishment?”

It’s a huge sin to fight within the refining hall. However, Shen Yan did not have the slightest intention to hand out punishment. Was it because she treasured all her disciples or was it due to her kind-hearted nature?

Towards Shen Yan, Qin Tian wasn’t able to understand her intentions.

“Qin Tian, regarding the matter of you coming in late, I will not look into it. As for today’s happenings, by no means should it be leaked.” Shen Yan plainly said.

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Qin Tian immediately saluted, “Disciple understands.”

“As for the two of you, face the wall for 3 days. Before the end of the 3rd day, none of you are to take a step out of your rooms.”

“Yes, Master.”

Yan Xin and Yan Bing saluted and accepted the punishment before making their leave.

Within the hall, there was only Qin Tian and Shen Yan left.

Shen Yan stared at Qin Tian and smiled, “No need to be reserve. You’ve completed the mysterious flame task, helping me out greatly. As my disciple, you will need to familiarize yourself with the Fierce Sun Pillar. Since you’ve stated that you have an interest in refining tools, let’s see whether you have potential.”

A small furnace appeared on her hand, emitting a faint red glow.

Shen Yan waved her hand and it flew towards Qin Tian. “Place your hand on it and circulate your Inner Qi. A strand is enough.”

Qin Tian followed her instructions and a strand of Inner Qi entered the furnace. However, even after a few seconds later, the furnace did not have any changes.

In a daze, Shen Yan frowned and wondered, “Yi, why is there no reaction?”


Unable to understand, she gave a follow up to her instruction, “Increase the amount.”

Qin Tian followed, yet the furnace still did not have any reaction.

“Strange, strange.” Shen Yan looked at Qin Tian doubtfully.

That furnace is an immortal tool that measures a person’s potential in tools refining. Of the seven colours it could emit, red was the most ordinary, while purple was the highest level.

Those that managed to get purple would accomplish great things in tools refining. Zhou Wei was able to become Fierce Sun Pillar’s senior apprentice brother was largely due to his purple colour potential in tools refining.



Shen Yan retrieved the cauldron and started to contemplate.

What Qin Tian had gotten was definitely not red. The glow of the furnace had no change at all, as if no Inner Qi entered.

However, Shen Yan was clear that Qin Tian did indeed circulate Inner Qi.

So what was the reason?

Even her, a tools refining grandmaster, was stumped.

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A never happened before situation……

Shen Yan pondered, not moving a bit like a statue.


Seeing Shen Yan in deep thoughts, Qin Tian did not dare to interrupt her. Quietly, he questioned, “Is red colour something strange? Doesn’t that just mean I have no potential, what’s there to ponder about?”


2 hours later, Shen Yan still did not move. At the 4th hour, when the sky is darkening, she remained motionless.

At the 6th hour, Qin Tian could no longer take it, “Master, master.”

As if she did not hear anything, she had no reaction.

“Master, master.” Qin Tian deepened his voice.

There was still no reaction.

“F**k, what’s with this situation?” Qin Tian cursed. Just as he was about to shout, Shen Yan spoke.

“I understand, I understand. Is your Dantian crippled?”

Qin Tian’s heart sank. How did she find out?!


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