Chapter 580: Dealing a counterblow (Part 2)

Leguxiya twisted around and suppressed the pain. He truly didn’t know what invisible thing was in front of him. Unexpectedly, it was so hard that it was like all the power of his attack had hit a mountain. But, he knew that he had no route of retreat. No matter how painful it was, he had to smash this thing.

Leguxiya hit that invisible and unknown thing repeatedly, using his full power. Now, his entire body ached, and blood flowed from his dragon mouth because the rebound had injured his internal organs.

On the other side, the harp sounds became faster and faster as if it were a heavy rainstorm with a strong gale. Then, along with a cracking sound, a white light shot out from not far away along with Liuli’s crisp voice announcing, “I’ve succeeded!”

Practically at the same time, another shattering sound resounded along with Barbarian Bull’s voice: “I am also finished.”

Leguxiya gritted his teeth and roared madly. Gathering all his strength, he ferociously attacked again.

Bang, his internal organs churned, and he felt as if his body were falling apart, but he finally heard the shattering sound. A similar radiance shot out from his direction, and the thick fog dispersed. Now, he saw that there was a mountain-like wall in front of him. A huge black bone was inlaid on this wall, and his attacks had broken this bone into two halves.

Leguxiya turned around and saw that there was no thick fog within a few hundred meters around him, only green hills and grasses. Liuli and Barbarian Bull were walking towards him.

“Not bad, kid. Now, this old bull acknowledges that you are a man.” Barbarian Bull, carrying his Greenstone Rule on his shoulder, laughed and said.

“I was always a man.” Leguxiya transformed back to human form and said, sticking out his chest. But, in his heart, he was proud. Receiving acknowledgment from other people truly felt good.

“Midi’er and Li Qing are on the other side of the mountain. Let’s go to look for them,” Liuli said.

A huge transparent dragon head floating in the air was surprised seeing Liuli, Barbarian Bull and Leguxiya had broken through that small area and thought, “Impossible, how can they understand the composition of the Divine Slaying Array? Moreover, how were they not confused by illusions?”

One should know that the Divine Slaying Array in the Dragon Clan’s forbidden land was the proud work of this Dragon God. It was his genius idea successfully put into practice. The composition of this Divine Slaying Array was different from general magic arrays. General magic arrays were commonly composed of standardized magic lines and accumulated energy. Laying down energy stones in various positions, it could be activated or deactivated. However, this Divine Slaying Array was different. He had used the mountains and rivers of this forbidden land and his own 1,500 pieces of Dragon God bones to make it. It had several hundred small regions, and altogether, it was formed a whole array over the entire area. In addition, tens of thousands of dragon souls were inlaid to supply energy to his soul. Although it was impossible to slay a Main God, if the said Main God were not proficient in arrays, then this array could trap him/her for a period of time without any problems. As for First-Tier Gods, they would at least suffer serious injuries. As for Second and Third-Tier Gods, they would be annihilated here. The heart of this Dragon God was full of curiosity, so he didn’t go to personally take care of these three people. Instead, he wondered how many waves they could create in his territory. It had already been many years since anyone had stepped into this forbidden land. This time, since the seven great elders of the Dragon Clan had awoken him from his deep slumber, he was very excited. At this moment, he was very interested in observing them. In any case, he had already devoured their strongest person, and Long Yi should have already turned into a part of his soul. He wanted to see what kind of surprises these people could give him.

Liuli, Barbarian Bull and Leguxiya crossed a tall mountain in front of them and were shocked to see a fairyland-like scenery. Although they knew that this was very likely an illusion, it was still fascinating.

All the way, the three people walked carefully. There were beautiful flowers and trees with shade-providing foliage everywhere. There was also a splashing waterfall and a gurgling spring. This place didn’t resemble anything dangerous.

Seeing this clear spring, Leguxiya felt thirsty and prepared to run over and drink water. But, Barbarian Bull grabbed him, forcing him to stop.

“Do you want to die? Did you forget where we are?” Barbarian Bull solemnly said and began talking about his previous dangerous experiences that had appeared similarly innocuous. Leguxiya immediately fawned on the big bull. He also understood this principle: the most dangerous place might be the safest place and the place that appeared to be the safest might be the most dangerous place.

Leguxiya swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Thinking about the plight of other people who drank this water, he didn’t object. No one knew what kind of consequences one would suffer after drinking this water.

Liuli closed her eyes for a good while and said, “You two, follow me.”

Liuli walked left, and after walking roughly one hundred meters, she suddenly went around a big tree and returned. She repeated this process ten times. Leguxiya was unable to endure and asked, “Liuli, why on earth are you making us walk around the same place?”

“You just need to follow, why are you talking so much nonsense?” Barbarian Bull shouted, spraying saliva all over Leguxiya’s face.

“Enough, don’t be noisy. Although we seem to be repeating the same path, we are actually moving forward. Instead, when you think that you are moving forward, you are walking around the same place,” Liuli explained.

“How did you know all of this?” Leguxiya received a huge shock. He had never felt so useless before.

Liuli just smiled without any reply, and she just continued to walk in circles.

When the three people had circled it for several hundred laps, Liuli stopped and pointed at the big tree in front of them. She said, “Now, we need to smash this tree.”

Clearly, this tree was not just a tree. After one hit, the three people felt that familiar solid hardness. They knew that this tree was another piece of dragon bone.

Sure enough, after this tree was smashed, two shards of huge broken bone dropped from the sky, and the scene in front of them changed again. Instead of fairyland with flowers and trees, a desert stretched as far as the eye could see. The fiery red sun floated in the sky. and heat rose from the sand.

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“Is this also an illusion? How come I am sweating like flowing water?” Leguxiya wiped the sweat on his forehead. If this went on, he might very soon dehydrate.

“This is a true illusion world. Everything we encounter might be real. Midi’er and Li Qing are trapped here.” Liuli used her spirit power to create an isolation barrier to keep out the heat, before adding, “Barbarian Bull, you go straight to the west until you encounter Li Qing. Then you two should head northwest. When you two encounter the third piece of black sandstone, smash it. Leguxiya, go straight north. After you encounter some red sandstone, turn south and smash the second black sandstone you encounter. As for myself, I will head east to reinforce Midi’er. You all must bear in mind that the dangers you encounter here are most likely real, so be wary of everything.”

The three people took action, advancing toward the directions Liuli had directed.

The Dragon God’s huge head in the sky was surprised. Immediately being able to determine the set track, how could that mermaid be so familiar with this Divine Slaying Array? From that illusory world with dense fog to the greenfield fairyland to this boiling desert, she had used the most direct method and taken the shortest route. Moreover, if they successfully left this boiling desert using her method of breaking his dragon bones, then the entire Divine Slaying Array would suffer great damage. However, the most important matter was that they would directly arrive at Ninth Floor Hell where those two sinners were imprisoned. How could this not surprise him?

Now, he decided to end this game. This exceeded the limits of his tolerance.

But, just when Dragon God wanted to make a move, a powerful force came from inside his body, and he actually was unable to move.

That Dragon God struggled desperately, but all his efforts were futile. His body was suddenly occupied by a large amount of six-attributed energy, and his soul was fixed to the spot as if it were securely nailed.

That kid has been scheming in secret! Dragon God quickly reacted even though he didn’t really understand what was going on. He had devoured that kid. How could that kid not be melted by his powerful absorption ability and become a part of his soul?

“Lightning God inheritor, come out immediately!” Dragon God roared.

“Are you joking? If you were I, would you come out? From now on, you will enjoy this slowly.” At the center of the Dragon God’s huge soul, Long Yi complacently laughed. His entire body was covered with a layer of golden-colored energy, and there were six shining spirit tablets in different positions around him.

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Originally, after Long Yi felt that he would be unable to contend with this Dragon God for a long time, he had hastily thought of a risky way. He guessed that this Dragon God would like other strong beasts also have a vulnerable place. His most dangerous aspect lay in his abnormal absorbing ability. No matter the hardness of a substance, it would immediately melt away once absorbed. Thus, his weakness was also obvious. As long as Long Yi had a way to not get absorbed and melted, it would be much easier to deal with the Dragon God from the inside rather than outside.

And Long Yi just happened to have a thing that could obstruct the powerful absorption and melting ability inside the Devouring Dragon Physique. It was that keepsake of the Mermaid Clan given to him by Bifei. The golden fin could cast a powerful barrier. Long Yi had studied it before, and as far as he knew, there was no defensive barrier that could rival this barrier. At that time, he had thought to use it as a life-saving measure, but beyond his wildest imagination, he had truly had to use it today to save his life. The reason Liuli was so familiar with this array was also because of Long Yi. Long Yi had hidden within the soul of Dragon God without anybody knowing, so the things that Dragon God saw, he saw as if he were seeing it in person. He had been overjoyed because Long Yi had researched magic arrays considerably. He had naturally seen the method to arrange the God Slaying Array in the Magic Arrays Collection. Merely, because the conditions to arrange it were too demanding, very few people used it. Long Yi had borrowed the eyes of the Dragon God and quickly realized the key points of this array with his comprehension of magic arrays. Then, he had directed Liuli via their blood-contract to break this array.

Such a huge amount of soul energy, if he didn’t have any thoughts about it, he would face the wrath of Heaven. Long Yi smirked and summoned Long Two and that six-winged angel skeleton from his dark space dimension. At the same time, Niur who had been in low spirits for quite a few days also appeared.

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