Chapter 581: Dragon God’s heart

“Father, Niur is bored to death.” Niur transformed into a small black dragon and coiled around Long Yi, but her dragon mouth spat out a child-like voice.

“Aren’t you out now? Niur, are you hungry?” Long Yi asked with a smirk.

“Hungry… eh, there is so much energy here.” Niur blinked her eyes in confusion, but seeing that she was in the midst of a large amount of energy, she opened her mouth and inhaled without demur.

Long Two also began to insanely absorb this energy. But, as for the six-winged angel skeleton holding a white lance, it stood still. This somewhat disappointed Long Yi because not being able to absorb energy meant that it was unable to evolve.

At that time, as if sensing Long Yi’s disappointment, Long Two stopped absorbing the energy. The red light in his pitch black eye sockets flickered several times. Then, he used his Death Scythe to tap this six-winged angel skeleton. Immediately afterward, a matter that surprised Long Yi occurred in front of him. This six-winged angel unexpectedly moved and began to absorb the energy around them along with Long Two.

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Could it be that undead creatures could communicate with each other? Long Yi was excited and full of curiosity.

The Dragon God felt endless fury. He could clearly sense that his energy body was being nibbled at bit by bit. As a matter of fact, Long Two and that six-winged angel skeleton weren’t really absorbing the energy rapidly, Niur, however, was absorbing his energy at a terrifying speed. Opening her little dragon mouth, his energy flooded towards her.

“Lightning God inheritor, come out quickly! I will truly let you all go.” Dragon God was frightened and quickly admitted defeat. He had never thought that someone else would absorb him, he who had devoured the energy of others throughout his life. This truly was a kind of irony.

“Why on earth would we want to go out? This place is very good and has a large amount of energy to absorb. Is there any better place in this world?” Long Yi laughed complacently.

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“What exactly do you want?” Dragon God was somewhat helpless.

“I want to absorb all your energy,” Long Yi answered without any hesitation. He had no sympathy for this Dragon God.

“It is impossible to absorb all the energy even if I let you all absorb it. The energy you all are absorbing now is just the energy that has yet to merge with my energy body. And I myself am a soul. You all cannot absorb me. Moreover, as long as I exist, it is impossible to break this Divine Slaying Array. Even if your friends find those two sinners, it is impossible to take them out,” Dragon God said.

“Humph, it is our problem to determine whether we can take them out or not. Do you think your this Divine Slaying Array is flawless? As long as I break all your 1,500 bones, won’t this array break?” Long Yi snorted coldly.

“Lightning God inheritor, do you think this Divine Slaying Array I laid out is so easy to break? I can tell you for sure that even if you break all my 1,500 bones, this Divine Slaying Array will not break.” Dragon God tone seemed especially confident.

Long Yi became silent for a while. He meditated on the structure of the Divine Slaying Array and suddenly realized something. He laughed. “I understand, you used ** to arrange this array. When you were still alive, you melted your own body here. If my guess isn’t wrong, then this Divine Slaying Array has two main energy points. One is your soul, and the other is your Dragon God’s heart. One yin, one yang, ever-changing. You were quite dedicated.”

The Dragon God was startled and aghast. “How did you know? Because the might of the Divine Slaying Array was too great, everything about it was destroyed long ago by the gods. Only some incomplete and imitation versions of these magic arrays should still exist.”

“Is that so?” Long Yi frowned and added: “But I have seen a magic array book that had not only the detailed diagrams of the Divine Slaying Magic Array and the Divine Trapping Magic Array but also had a note saying that someone had once attempted to fuse them into a single magic array in search of ultimate power. However, it claimed that they failed in the end. As I see it, this magic array you have laid out is very similar to that magic array.”

“What? Where did you see that? That combination idea was originally thought of by the First-Tier God Jila Bangtuo. His physical body was completely destroyed, yet he still failed in the end. My Divine Slaying Array is based on his vision. How could you see that?” The Dragon God felt that this Lightning God Inheritor was honestly giving him too many surprises.

Long Yi became silent again. How could the Magic Array Collection he had found in Lost City’s shrine have a record of the matters of the Divine Realm? This was truly too strange.


At this moment, in the midst of her dangerous adventure, Liuli had already found an almost roasted Midi’er. She used her ocean aura to save and wake her up then took action according to the predetermined directions.

Barbarian Bull also successfully found Li Qing. Since Li Qing cultivated Ice Douqi and had even survived Moxi Clan’s 18 Paths of Test which contained even worse environments than this place, his circumstances were a lot better than Midi’er.

The five people advanced forward in different directions and faced many dangers along the way such as crowds of sand monsters that suddenly burst out of the ground, unknown numbers of quicksand traps, desert fires that materialized out of nowhere. and so on, but everyone was more scared than hurt despite falling into tough straits.

The five people arrived at their pre-set destination and attacked their targets.

“Bang, bang, bang!” Five dragon bones were smashed one after another. Then, five people felt a flash in front of their eyes, and the vast scorching desert changed into a gloomy and cold space. They felt a chill seep into their bones as if they had fallen into an icy cave.

A strange burst of wails and howls suddenly resounded, making the hairs of everyone stand erect.

 “Look over there, so many corpses! This is an illusion again, isn’t it?” Leguxiya said, suddenly seeing a pile of corpses in front of them. There were humans, beastmen, monsters, angels and even gods. They had died in different ways. Various weapons stuck out of their bodies and various colored blood flowed like a river. When a gush of cold wind blew, a dense bloody smell spread, making people feel nauseous.

“This should be an illusion. Everyone, there’s no need to fear. Ah…” Midi’er screamed before she suddenly stopped speaking. She saw that the blood had flowed beneath her feet, so that when she lifted up her leg, she discovered that the ground below her was already covered in sticky blood.

Everyone involuntarily retreated a few steps, but looking around, they discovered that they too were already in the midst of corpses. They could clearly see those corpses’ ferocious faces they had worn before their deaths.

Liuli frowned. She hated this kind of scene and hated the pungent smell of blood even more.

“Liuli, where should we go now?” Leguxiya asked. All along the way, Liuli had directed them as if she had known this Divine Slaying Magic Array like the palm of her hand, so he naturally asked her facing a problem.

“We cannot go anywhere now.” Liuli’s complexion changed as she said.

One by one, specters crawled out from those corpses. A few corpses directly stood up, changing into zombies. Among those zombies, some changed into skeletons after their rotten skin and flesh fell off. This kind of scene truly tested the visual tolerance of people.

“Are these undead creatures real?” Midi’er asked.

Liuli quietly nodded her head.

“Then, do we need to smash some bones again? Where are the bones?” Barbarian Bull sent a skeleton flying and asked.

“Aren’t you already smashing bones?” Liuli said.

“Liuli, don’t joke around,” Leguxiya kicked away two zombies and shouted loudly.

“I am not joking, if we want to break through Ninth Floor Hell, we have to kill all these undead creatures,” Liuli seriously spoke. She didn’t appear to be joking at all.


At this moment, Long Yi had a hint of smile on his face. He admired the Dragon God’s ability and courage to lay out this kind of magic array. Just the first part of destroying his own physical body, many couldn’t do so.

“Hahaha, you are flattering me. The Ninth Floor Hell of the Divine Slaying Magic Array is supported by Dragon God’s heart. It can be said that all these undead creatures are Dragon God’s heart, and Dragon God’s heart is formed by these undead creatures. Unless all of them are killed, let alone rescuing those two sinners, even your friends will be trapped forever.” The Dragon God proudly laughed.

“Isn’t it fine to just use undead magic and control all of them?” Long Yi muttered as if he were asking Dragon God and also as if he were thinking aloud.

“Can you control so many?” Dragon God questioned in reply.

“In this case, with the addition of the Dark Spirit Tablet and the Dark God’s familiar, Three-Headed Demonic Dragon, don’t you think I can make these undead creatures submit obediently?” Long Yi smirked and asked.

Dragon God was startled. The spirit tablet of Dark God was especially effective against undead creatures, and Three-Headed Demonic Dragon was the overlord of the Undead World. With just one of them, wouldn’t these undead creatures of Ninth Floor Hell submit without putting up a fight?

“In fact, don’t you feel something is wrong with you? Have you even calculated it? Based on the current absorption rate, how long do you think your soul energy will last until it is thoroughly absorbed?” Long Yi suddenly smiled wickedly and said.

“I just know that there is six attributed energy within my body. To be honest, I am truly curious about what you are using to absorb my soul energy. In such an extremely short period of time, I have already lost one-third of my energy.” Dragon God frowned.

“Hehe, I want to ask you a further question. What do you think of whether a person with the Devouring Dragon Physique like you, can completely devour your origin soul?” Long Yi smiled.

“Devouring Dragon Physique? Could it be…” The Dragon God’s spirit shook. Could it be that the one insanely absorbing the energy within his body was one of his clansmen with the Devouring Dragon Physique?

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