Chapter 164: Bleeding

Ren Tian didn’t listen very carefully to what Su Ke2Su KeMain Character had to say. Looking at him as he pointed to the sky in surprise, she unconsciously turned around. However, there was nothing there; just a normal blue sky with white clouds.

Before she could react, she suddenly felt two more hands on her chest.

When Ren Tian looked down at the pressure on her chest, she was being strongly embraced, causing her two white rabbits to be bundled up together tightly.

In the next second, her entire body was pulled backwards as she fell from the wall.

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“Hu!” Su Ke could only gasp after he pulled her from the wall. If he saved even one person, then that would be a rather meritorious day. If he failed, he would be watching a life be snuffed out, and it may even traumatize him for life.  

Fortunately, even though Ren Tian was suicidal, she was still rather naive, giving Su Ke an opportunity to act.

If it was another person, once their hearts had died, who would be able to save them?

Su Ke had tiptoed forward after mentioning the flying saucer, waiting for the perfect time to strike. In just a moment, he leaped forward and stood next to Ren Tian, grabbing her with his arms and pulling her away.


There was then a bang as both of them fell to the ground.

Since Su Ke was positioned behind her, he was used as a cushion.

Su Ke was laying flat on the ground as he yelled, “Are you alright!?”

Luckily for him, this lass had a skinny body, so it didn’t affect his breathing a lot.

Ren Tian swayed back and forth before realizing where his hands were.

Simultaneously, she could clearly see her classmates nearby.

Her face suddenly flushed red as she tilted her head and yelled in a low voice, “Lettt go!”

“Ah? Eh!” Su Ke was stunned. Only then did he realize what he was holding onto.

However, thinking that Ren Tian might try to jump again if he let go, he hesitated.


He still slid his hand down though so it was less awkward. Even though Ren Tian’s body was the skinny type, her chest was rather impressive. Su Ke didn’t dare let go so easily, so he could only slowly slide his hands down. The elasticity conveyed nicely throughout his palm, it was a feeling as soft as water, nearly making his brain shut down.

Although it was like this, Su Ke’s thumb still brushed across the edge of her bra.

Even though Su Ke didn’t want to let go, Ren Tian’s hands were active.

When she realized that Su Ke didn’t want to move, she grabbed his wrists and pushed down, making them forcefully leave her chest. She then sighed with relief before realizing that his hands had entered her pants.


Ren Tian’s outfit was a set; she was wearing an azure puffy-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of pure white cotton pants that ended at her calves.

However, there was a sky-blue vertical road in the middle of her pants.

The waistband of her pants were elastic, making them very comfortable to wear.

When Ren Tian pushed her hands off of him, the posture of her body caused her t-shirt to ride up her body, baring her delicate and jade-like smooth stomach.


His fingers slid past her navel before he could react and opened the elastic band of her pants, entering it.

He instantly felt a touch of warmth as he touched her underwear.

“F*ck!” Su Ke felt his heart leap in his throat; the feeling on his fingertips was very clear as he felt her delicate belly. If his fingers moved forward just a few centimeters, it would be a disaster.


Liu Pei Hua walked over at this time while exclaiming, “Ren Tian, you wanted to suicide!”  However, his attention was on Ren Tian’s face. Her face was pale before turning bright red, confusing him. Su Ke’s hands were like lightning as he retracted them.

As soon as he saw Liu Pei Hua, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Even if Ren Tian couldn’t think things through, there are still people to block her.

Ren Tian suddenly stood up and silently glanced at Principal Liu Pei Hua before watching Su  Ke stand up as well. He couldn’t tell what her eyes were trying to say.

“Ren Tian, don’t lose yourself due to failing your exams once. I already looked at the examinations scripts. The difficulty was definitely higher than in previous years; it’s very normal to do badly!” Liu Pei Hua said, as he patted Ren Tian’s shoulder.


Since Principal Liu Pei Hua was at the front of the pack, the surrounding students were too embarrassed to get any closer as they looked at Su Ke.

After Liu Pei Hua finished speaking, he turned around and waved, calling over two girls to send Ren Tian back to class.

After Ren Tian stood up by herself, she was completely silent.

She watched as her good friends came over to help her. Only then did she glance at Su Ke.

She bit her lip and dithered for a moment before following her friends down the stairs.

Liu Pei Hua was in his original position with a soft smile on his face as he exclaimed, “Su Ke, well done!” Su Ke had saved Ren Tian, saving his career in the process.

If his school had a suicide case, it would be a disaster for a principal without a strong backer.


Moreover, Su Ke, because of his brave deed, he was nominated as a youth leader for the Communist Youth League. Even though the results weren’t out yet, he had already brought honor to his school. He felt that Su Ke was getting easier on the eyes.

He then patted Su Ke on the shoulder as he said, “I’m going to head down first. You can find me if you need anything!”

Su Ke’s heart was pounding like a hurricane during this whole ordeal. It didn’t matter if he was acting to get close to Ren Tian, or pulling her back and getting his hands into her pants, he had never relaxed.

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As he watched the principal turn away and the students slowly leaving the roof, he finally let out a relieved breath. He then turned around to look at where Ren Tian had been sitting and took a step forward.

He just took one step forward and he could see everything, from the blue sky above, to a group of people swarming around on the ground like ants. He didn’t know when, but there was a bunch of blankets stacked at the bottom, as if they were scared that Ren Tian would actually jump and prepared in advance.

“Your arm is bleeding!”

Su Ke didn’t turn around at all because he knew it was Li Fei Fei.


Actually, Li Fei Fei had long followed the group of people up the stairs.

However, she was always in the way back. She was able to see Su Ke’s every movement as he acted like a chivalrous knight who always fought against injustice.

She immediately decided that he would make a great boyfriend.

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