Chapter 163: Look Quickly! It’s a Flying Saucer!

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character hurriedly shouted, not only shocking the group behind him, but also grabbing the attention of the girl who was about to jump. She immediately turned to look at Su Ke.

Even though Su Ke had already walked out of the crowd, there was still a distance of about ten meters between them. However, as he got closer, he could see her appearance more clearly; fluttering black hair and slender eyebrows.

Even though she had single eyelids, her eye shape was very pretty.

Her eyes were dim and her face was pale.

He didn’t know why, but Su Ke thought of the character Lin Dai Yu from “A Dream of the Red Chamber”(1).

He then saw Ren Tian’s eyebrows tick up as she paused before saying, “You’re Su Ke!”

His words were actually very casual in order to stall for time.

Su Ke was shocked because he didn’t expect this girl to actually know him.

Inwardly, he thought that since she knew him, it would be easier to speak.

However, before Su Ke could speak, he heard Ren Tian say, “You’re that three-timing skirt-chaser, I don’t want to talk to you!”


“Pu!” Su Ke nearly spit up some blood once he heard that.

Originally, a girl recognizing him was a good thing, but who knew that he had this reputation; he felt extremely gloomy as he thought about it.

After Ren Tian spoke, she turned around as if she really couldn’t bear to spare Su Ke another glance.

“Ren Tian, you recognized the wrong person! I AM Su Ke, but I have never really three-timed anyone!” After Su Ke finished speaking, he suddenly heard laughter behind him.

“Hahaha! People call me crazy! I can’t see them, I don’t see Wuling Hao Jie’s tomb; there are no flowers, no wine, but instead used as a field!(2)

Su Ke then walked forward after reciting the poem, the distance between them a lot shorter now.

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Ren Tian’s frown tightened as she shouted at Su Ke, “Don’t come over here! Take one more step and I’ll jump!” She watched him like a maniac, laughing and shouting, like Tang Bo Hu’s poem; it was inexplicable.


“Looks like I was wrong about you, Ren Tian! I thought you and I had arranged to jump at the same time and the same place! I didn’t expect you to be like those other people that have a prejudice against me!”

Su Ke’s voice went even deeper as he spoke, sounding very ambiguous as he shook his head before heaving a sigh.

Su Ke’s eyes were very lonely. His gaze shot past Ren Tian and towards the horizon.

The color of his face was even more intense, like a passenger walking alone in the dark.

Maybe it was Su Ke’s current performance or his previous words, but Ren Tian started to relate,

“You want to jump?”  This was the first time she took the initiative to talk to him.

Su Ke’s eyes didn’t move as he casually acknowledged her, “That’s right!”

It was if he had become indifferent to everything.

“What happiness is there in life? What grief is there in death? Since the heart is already dead, why not free oneself earlier!?”


Su Ke knew that if he tried to persuade her out of committing suicide, she would have jumped before he could say more than a few words. Instead, he used a roundabout method; first, enter the enemy camp and win her trust and acknowledgment.

Secondly, grab the opportunity to seize her, eh, save her life in one fell swoop.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could clearly see that Ren Tian, after hearing his words, had basically nodded.

“Then why do you want to jump?” Ren Tian asked.

Su Ke only shifted his gaze back onto Ren Tian at this time as he responded, “I did very badly on my exams this time!”

Ren Tian nodded again as she realized Su Ke had the same problem as her.

As she looked at his sad face, she felt more sympathetic.

However, she furrowed her eyebrows as she said, “Your grades have always been at the bottom! Whether you flunked or not, it wouldn’t make a difference!”

Su Ke once again wanted to puke blood. He didn’t expect this lass to not only know about the rumors of him three-timing, but also his grades so thoroughly.

His face went red, but he quickly calmed down as he said, “Yes, you’re right! My grades are in the 600-700th place. I spent more time and effort in ten years on the exam this time! I told myself that if I couldn’t make it above 50th place, I would jump down from the school’s roof!” Su Ke’s words sounded authentic and sorrowful.

“50th place?” After Ren Tian heard Su Ke’s words, she was very surprised as she gave him a once-over before exclaiming, “Your expectations are very high!”

Indeed, it wasn’t hard to improve a student’s performance, but rising past a few hundred places was unimaginable.

Speaking of grades, Ren Tian’s eyes became resentful as she lightly sighed.

Su Ke saw that her mood was fluctuating and quickly said, “Ren Tian, why do you want to jump?”


“I didn’t do very well! I told my mother that I would get above 200th place, but this exam was too hard. There were so many questions I couldn’t do in Maths and English!”

“200th place? That’s easy!” Su Ke’s words were astonishing before he continued, “But it’s too late now!”

Hearing Su Ke’s sudden shift stunned Ren Tian as she anxiously asked, “Easy? You feel like it was easy?”

“Ai! Honestly speaking, do you know why I aimed for 50th place? It’s because I found the secret to studying. If I pass this secret to you and help tutor you for a bit, 200th place is easy!”

“Hmph! If it was so easy, how could you flunk?” Ren Tian wasn’t actually convinced by Su Ke’s words. It was as if she wanted to tear off his hypocritical mask.


However, before she could speak, she saw Su Ke inadvertently turn around and say, “Don’t come over here, I’ll jump if you take one more step!” Su Ke looked at the surrounding students and people as he recognized someone.

He didn’t expect even the principal, Liu Pei Hua, to arrive and anxiously look over.

However, after Su Ke shouted, he pointed at the empty air before waving his arms and retreating backwards, like a frightened rabbit.

If there was a slight change, they were afraid he might just jump.

Ren Tian had focused her attention on the group of students when he shouted.

She didn’t realize that Su Ke was inching closer and closer, so when there wasn’t even a meter between them, she finally figured out what was going on.

“Su Ke, go jump on the other side!”

“Oh!” Su Ke stopped with a dazed face, seeming like he nodded on instinct.

Just as he was about to walk over to the side, suddenly, Su Ke looked as if he saw something shocking.

His eyes widened like he had seen a ghost as he pointed to the sky and shouted, “Look quickly, there’s a flying saucer!”

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1. One of the four great novels in China. More info:

  1. Translating poems is always the worst, so sorry for the inaccuracies. What this line means is that even though heroes shine for a while, in the end, there will be no wine or flowers to celebrate, and even their tomb is gone, the land used having been made into a field for crops. Full poem and explanation over here:
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