Chapter 162: Jump Down the Building

“Eh!” Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was really surprised when he picked up Luo Fei Yan’s call.

He didn’t expect Wu Yi Ren to be so quick in asking for forgiveness. He waved a hand at Wang Xiao Gang, motioning him over to enter the classroom first while he himself rushed to the toilet.

“I didn’t do anything wrong! Through logic and emotions,  I told him the truth using facts!”

Su Ke would never mention that he had gotten a handle on Wu Yi Ren.

Even though telling Luo Fei Yan about the diary wouldn’t be a big deal, it was too strange.

This kind of thing, no matter who it was, would have been very, very, very carefully protected. How could it have fallen into Su Ke’s hands so easily?

Even if he was a thief from the Jiang Hu, he’s still rather powerless.

“Rubbish! Little brother Su, what do you take me for!? Am I so easily scared?”

Luo Fei Yan actually didn’t believe Su Ke’s words. The two are originally like fire and water, and she had even informed the staff about closing the store.

How could Wu Yi Ren take the initiative to apologize after just one night!?


“Tell me, did you use the honeypot method?” Luo Fei Yan seemed like she hadn’t completely woken up yet; her voice was very lazy, which made it even sexier and seductive.

Su Ke could imagine a vixen lying on the bed wearing silk pajamas, her collar wide open and her two legs stacked together.

“Pu!” Luo Fei Yan actually said that he used the honeypot method. Su Ke obviously knew she was joking, but he couldn’t help but grow a row of black lines on his forehead.

He helplessly said, “Sister Yan, you know me!”

“Alright, alright! If you don’t want to say anything, then I won’t ask. No matter what, I will remember this favor! Anyways, don’t you need to go to class right now?”

After Luo Fei Yan finished speaking, she hung up and started pouting, “I know you, my *ss! You say this small kid, but he’ll blush when you talk about him, he can play the piano, he can fight, and he’s very understanding!”


After he hung up, Su Ke suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to ask Luo Fei Yan if he had to go to Fang Fei Yi Ren1Fang Fei Yi RenThe beauty parlour Su Ke works at and the one Luo Fei Yan owns today to play the piano. However, when he saw that the morning self-study class was ending, he quickly headed back to class.

“Su Ke!”

Right as he entered, he heard Wei Lan shout his name, causing him to quiver.

Because of the forced kiss from Li Fei Fei yesterday, he felt a bit guilty towards Wei Lan.

His heartbeat sped up as he turned to face her.

However, Wei Lan’s face was also bright red as she paused.

After a while, she pointed at the bread and drink on the table and exclaimed, “Thanks for breakfast!”

“Eh, no problem!” With one glance, Su Ke knew that it was done by Wang Xiao Gang.

He then smiled at Wei Lan before his gaze quickly rested on Wang Xiao Gang’s side.


He only saw this person wink at him and give an ‘I will help you, so don’t worry’ expression, which made Su Ke want to kick him.

At this moment, he suddenly heard the notification bell from the system.

As Su Ke walked to his seat, he entered the system space, only to see the unfinished tasks being vividly displayed.

Right at the bottom was a new task.

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“Task: Save the Suicidal Girl. Reward: Jeet Kune Do (Expert).”

He looked at it and Su Ke felt a current of cold air from his feet; suicide? That means that someone wants to kill themselves! This task was about someone’s life! Even if there wasn’t a reward, if he had come across something like this, he couldn’t just stand aside.

However, he didn’t know exactly who the girl was or what her problem is.

He didn’t know anything about her situation at all.

His heart felt jittery and uneasy as he sat in his seat.

Judging by the system task rules, the mystery girl will appear by his side soon.

Was she his classmate?


Thinking until here, how could Su Ke still be in the mood to study?

His gaze kept sweeping the classroom as he looked for her.

Besides Wang Xiao Gang winking at him, every other student was acting naturally; they were focused when they should be focused, and doing their work when they should be doing their work.

Is it not the right time? Su Ke realized that he had no concrete clues, so he had to change his train of thought; maybe she wasn’t a classmate and maybe the cause for her suicide hasn’t happened yet. His mood was lightly alleviated as he calmed himself down.

Just as Su Ke finally relaxed, he heard someone suddenly yell,

“Someone wants to suicide!”

His body automatically reacted as he leaped out of his chair and out of the classroom.


As soon as he was in the hallway, he saw three-four people run towards a flight of stairs and stop, alarm oozing from their faces.

Su Ke suddenly, “What happened!?”, but there was no response.

Su Ke’s brain suddenly formed the words. “Jump down the building?”

After all, everyone rushed towards the stairs, so that had the highest possibility.

In seventeenth high school, each building has four levels, and Su Ke’s classroom was on the 2nd floor. Quite a number of people had already rushed upstairs, so Su Ke silently mixed in with them. They climbed each level until they finally reached the roof.

The roof was surrounded by a concrete wall about one meter high. There were actually about 10 people standing anxiously at one side, and in the direction they were facing was a girl. Her figure was very thin and her back was facing the people as she sat atop the wall, her legs dangling over it.

A girl’s voice then suddenly called out from the crowd, “Ren Tian, come down quickly!”

Like she had undergone excessive shock, her voice pierced everyone’s ears. Su Ke glanced in the direction of the sound and saw a rather short plump girl anxiously staring at the other girl called Ren Tian.

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At this moment, the guy next to Su Ke also shouted, “Ren Tian, quickly come down!”

He couldn’t recall any of their names, but they seemed to be all third years.

Su Ke then whispered to the guy next to him to figure out what was going on, “What happened to her?”

“She bombed the exams because she can’t think clearly in the heat of the moment!”

This guy didn’t even glance at Su Ke, he was too busy worrying about the other girl.

At this moment, the girl sitting on the wall slowly turned around and said, “Thank you, everyone! You guys let me know that you still worry about me!”

She was smiling slightly, but her eyes had no vigor and were extremely dejected. It seemed like she had no nourishment for a long time. Her face was pale and her delicate and pretty face made people’s heart hurt.


This girl called Ren Tian smiled her last smile as she placed her hands on the edge of the wall, preparing to jump as she exclaimed, “Goodbye!”

Seeing how everything was playing out, Su Ke suddenly walked out from where he was standing and asked, “Ren Tian, do you know who I am?”.

The situation suddenly changed, so he had to intervene,

He didn’t care how embarrassing or awkward it was.

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1. The rough translation is “To know through logic and to move using feelings”.

  1. This is usually referring to the martial arts world, typically featuring qing gong that allows people to fly.
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