Chapter 161: Is to be Expressed

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character leaned against the headboard and got into a comfortable position as he said, “What do I want? Hei hei, I wanted to ask you that, Chief Wu.” He could practically see Wu Yi Ren’s sorry figure as he bombarded him.

“You!” Wu Yi Ren’s mind went blank. Every word that Su Ke said was like a bomb that exploded in his mind. But this diary, wasn’t it in a safety box?

“Alright, I won’t bother Chief Wu anymore! Let’s talk when there’s time!”

Su Ke simply hung up the phone after saying that and spread out on his bed.

His mood became refreshed; this feeling felt even better than beating up Wu Yi Ren.

In the western restaurant they were currently eating in, the woman saw Wu Yi Ren holding his phone with a completely pale face, so she asked, “Chief Wu? What’s wrong?”

“Chief Wu?”

Only until the second call did Wu Yi Ren finally recover.

“En! What is it?” Wu Yi Ren squeezed out a smile and tried to put his phone back into his pocket, but failed twice.


“Chief Wu, I’m a bit tired! Why don’t we rest for a bit?”

Between her eyes was a dirty flirtatiousness as she stretched out her arms, showing off her impressive peaks.

“He he!” Wu Yi Ren forced a laugh. Naturally, he knew what she was hinting at.

However, with what happened just now, his initial panic was suppressed, but the diary was a big event related to the life of his family.

Even if he had guts, he could only hurry home and confirm where the diary was.

“Xiao Zhang, I have something going on today. I’ll have to leave first!”

Wu Yi ren then stood up right after he finished speaking.

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“Chief Wu, what’s so urgent? It’s so late already, it’ll be lonely at home!”


The woman named Xiao Zhang pouted, acting coquettishly as she stood up.

Her body was impressive; she had a full chest, a slim willow waist, and a tight bubble butt.

Wu Yi Ren struggled to remove his gaze from the beauty before him.

He gritted his teeth, but still decided to give up on having a passionate night.

“I really have something going on. Next time, okay?”

Seeing Wu Yi Ren turn around and leave without even looking at her again, her smile disappeared and her charming appearance changed to indifference. She softly muttered, “Tch! With your bear-like appearance, did you think this lady would be happy to let you ride!?”

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Whilst Su Ke was confused, the phone next to his bed suddenly started ringing.

He was immediately scared out of his wits before shaking his head and picking up the phone.

The name on the screen was ‘Wu Yi Ren’.

Su Ke spoke as he rubbed his eyes and woke himself up, “Wei, Wu Yi Ren, you’re too rude! Waking me up from my dreams!”

“He he, sorry! I’m very sorry!” From the phone, it sounded as if Wu Yi Ren was talking to his father. Even though it was through the phone, he was bowing and scraping.

“What is it?” Su Ke rocked his neck. The moonlight shone through the window and landed directly upon the diary.


“It’s nothing, I just wanted to treat you to a meal! Do you have time tomorrow?”

Wu Yi Ren’s voice was very flattering, but his face looked like he just swallowed a live human whole. When he rushed home, the door was locked and the safe was fine.

Not a single dollar was missing, but his diary wasn’t there.

He sat at home, tossing and turning, thinking about how to get through this situation.

Wu Yi Ren paced around his house, unable to sit still.

In the end, he couldn’t help but give Su Ke a call.

Su Ke directly hung up the phone as he exclaimed, “No time!”

However, before he could put his phone away, it rang again.

Su Ke’s voice suddenly exploded out, “Wu Yi Ren! If you call me again, your death will come soon!”In a fit of rage, he didn’t care for the consequences as he directly threw his phone away.

“Brother Su Ke!”

“Brother Su Ke!”

As Su Ke was about to reach school, a certain number of students had come by to greet him.

As someone who was always low-key, almost like air, he was unable to adapt and felt super awkward.

It was probably because of yesterday afternoon at the school gates. He had managed to face off against thirty odd people alone and had a gangster come over to help him of his own volition.

On the road, he kept nodding in reply.

When he finally reached his classroom, he saw the son of the director, Li Da Xing standing at the door like a door god.

“Brother Su Ke, you’re here!”

After Li Da Xing saw Su Ke, he quickly went over; in his hands was a large plastic bag of snacks.

“En!” Su Ke nodded and continued on his way. However, Li Da Xing dogged his footsteps as he said,“Brother Su Ke, have you eaten? I bought some things for you to eat!”

Su Ke suddenly stopped as he eyed the plastic bag, “No need!”

It was a supermarket plastic bag with the words “Hua Lian Supermarket” printed on it.

“Brother Su, this is just a bit of my regards; you helped me out a lot yesterday! From today onwards; I, Li Da Xing, acknowledge you as a brother. Those scoundrels before can all go die!” As Li Da Xing spoke, his mood was obviously excited, but he couldn’t be blamed.


Originally, he had invited a few friends for the fight yesterday. Who knew that each of them would flee even faster than rabbits? Before, all of them patted their chests at the lunch table and made solemn vows, speaking as if they were as righteous as Guan Yu, but when the time came, all of them dropped the ball.

If Su Ke didn’t help, Li Da Xing would have been lying in the hospital, silently crying. Additionally, seventeenth high wouldn’t have the face to go any further.

Su Ke felt that Li Da Xing’s words were sincere and his impression of him was slightly improved. Before Su Ke could speak though, he saw Wang Xiao Gang suddenly appear and grab Li Da Xing’s shopping bag.

“Boy, you taking Su Ke as an older brother is fine! He’s the 18th disciple of a top martial expert, Su Qi Er, the heir to the Beggar Gang. If you join the gang now, you might be able to learn the authentic Da Gou Bang Fa and Shui Meng Luo Han Quan!


Wang Xiao Gang spoke as he rummaged through the bag and dug out a bread, passing that to Li Da Xing.

“Take that, it’s your benefit for joining, quickly go back to class!”

Su Ke watched Wang Xiao Gang’s performance and was speechless. He didn’t expect this brat to not only have the dream to be a director, but also the potential to be an actor.

He could only helplessly shake his head and say, “You go back, I accept the items!”

He watched Li Da Xing hold the bread as he ran heavily down the stairs. Su Ke hadn’t even continued on before his phone started to vibrate.

He glanced at it and saw that it was actually Luo Fei Yan.

“Wei! Sister Yan!”

“Su Ke, what exactly did you do to Wu Yi Ren? Why did this b*st*rd suddenly become an apologizing lackey!?”

Luo Fei Yan’s curiosity was erupting as she thought about what was going on.

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1. The Chinese believe in gods that guard the doors, called door gods.

  1. Some general from the warring era
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