Chapter 160: Diary

The speed of his heartbeat had exceeded its limit as he stared at the screen.

The words “RMB 100 million” had already been typed next to the wish column.

He then pressed the implement button.

Right after Su Ke2Su KeMain Character clicked the button, the entire screen brightened and gave out a “ying ying’ sound, filling the entire space.

He tightly clenched both of his hands as he felt a soft light that condensed into a substance that felt like a cold breeze on his skin.

RMB 100 million! How many people yearned for it; how many have fought their entire lives for it?

“Eh?” Su Ke saw the fluorescence of the screen fade away, but the banknotes which should have filled his house did not appear.

He was stunned and quickly went to take a look at the ‘implement’ dialogue box.


“F*ck, the wish is not in line with the system’s definition, please re-enter?”

Su Ke nearly puked up blood. He decided on this kind of money to help Fang Fei Yi Ren1Fang Fei Yi RenThe beauty parlour Su Ke works at and the one Luo Fei Yan owns expand their business and become the country’s most popular beauty parlor.

That way, not to mention Wu Yi Ren, even if the bureau chief came, he would have to think thrice.

Now it was telling him that the wish wasn’t in line with the system’s definition?

F*ck, don’t play around with people!

After being angry for a bit, Su Ke entered 90 million and hit implement again.

“D*mn! I can’t take it!” The Su Ke right now felt like flying into a rage.

It was reasonable to say that this flower plucking system was really incredible.

Why did it not fulfill his wish? Did he ask for too much money?

“50 million.”

“10 million.”

“5 million”


Su Ke stared at the screen in a daze. It was continuously saying that it wasn’t in line with the system’s definition. He wanted to cry, but there were no tears. This was too deceptive!

After going through the fear and trepidation, the Su Ke right now was just numb.

“Dismiss Wu Yi Ren.”

Did he drill into the sharp point of the bull’s horn regarding money?

Su Ke could only helplessly change his way of thinking as he thought about another wish.

What awaited him was the same result.

Su Ke was furious as he cursed, “F*ck you, mom!”

What use was this ‘wish’ reward!?


Su Ke entered his wish, “Evidence of Wu Yi Ren violating the law!”  The only thing on his mind was hoping one of his wishes gets accepted. After clicking the implement button and waiting for the light on the screen to flash, a “Wish Implemented” appeared.

“D*mn, there’s finally a response!”

Su Ke then left the system and noticed that a very high-end diary appeared in his hand.

“Black! It’s really black!” Su Ke flipped through the book as he shook his head.

He wasn’t expecting that a small assistant bureau chief of the Trade and Industry Bureau would manage to embezzle so much money.

The diary had recorded exactly when, where, and who had sent how much money.

Written on it was also how much money he had embezzled from the industry as a whole.

He flipped through a few more pages and saw over 1 million RMB in total.

Su Ke was wondering if he should pass it to the Public Security Bureau or to Hong Chen in order to expose it.


“I want to enforce justice on behalf of heaven; rob the rich to help the poor!”

Su Ke got fired up before calling Luo Fei Yan to find Wu Yi Ren’s number.

No matter how Luo Fei Yan asked him, Su Ke kept it a secret.

“Wei, Chief Wu?”

There was a long pause before a man’s voice came through the other end.

“Hello, may I ask who this is?”

“He he, it’s Su Ke! The one who helped you leave Fang Fei Yi Ren the other day!”

When Su Ke spoke, the corner of his mouth unconsciously curled up into a smile, giving off a sense of conspiracy.


“You!” Wu Yi Ren didn’t think that Su Ke would call him, so he was obviously stunned. However, he quickly recovered as he said, “Brat, people need to take responsibility for their actions! I will definitely thoroughly investigate Fang Fei Yi Ren with all of our resources.”

Wu Yi Ren was sitting in a western restaurant at this moment.

The melodious light music echoed off the walls, the environment was elegant, and his face was full of smiles. As he was using his phone, he glanced at the lady sitting across from him.

Even though this woman wasn’t as charming as Luo Fei Yan, she was still beautiful. Her long black hair was glossy, and under her curved eyebrows were smiling eyes.

Her lips that were covered in gloss seemed particularly sexy.

She was resting her arms on the table and leaning forward, her two peaks being lifted up by her arms. Her neckline was very low, so large areas of snow white skin was on display.

The deep cleavage drew Wu Yi Ren’s eyes.


Based on his power, if he wanted to hook up with a woman, it was but a small matter.

Only allowed on

After being humiliated in Fang Fei Yi Ren that afternoon, how could Wu Yi Ren’s mood be good?

He would just casually make a call and there would be a woman begging him for favors.

If you want to beg me to do something, then let me do you first. That’s Wu Yi Ren’s habit.

The woman immediately noticed that Wu Yi Ren’s eyes were stuck to her cleavage, but not only did she not feel awkward, she also extended her left hand and lightly touched the exposed skin. Following her finger, her chest continued to move and bounce, like it was calling something.

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After Wu Yi Ren picked up Su Ke’s call, he leaned back in his chair and was even more flushed with success. After speaking, he winked at her, causing his domineering side to come out.


Su Ke very quickly understood what Wu Yi Ren was thinking, so he decided to pour cold water on him.


“Sorry, Chief Wu! It’s like this!” Su Ke spoke slowly and unhurriedly. “Today, I picked up a diary; it seems like it’s connected to you.”

“On May 16th of this year, it seems like there is a boss named Niu Shuang Jun who sent you 200,000 RMB from the project funds!”

“Oh, also, on June 1st, or better known as Children’s Day, you cut 100,000 RMB even if I have no idea what for.”

“You’re really busy with the Jian Hua company and getting sponsored travel expenses, huh? F*ck, this is in USD! Did you leave the country? $50,000?”

Su Ke continued to speak as he flipped through the diary and read each new piece of information.

Through the phone in his hands, Wu Yi Ren could hear the rustling of the pages.

He didn’t know when it started, but his entire body went stiff and his face was deathly pale; his eyes behind the gold glasses were panicked.

A heart slowly fell into the bottomless abyss as he gulped and responded, “You! What do you want?” His voice contained a slight tremor; even the hand holding the phone was obviously shaking.

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1. Usually meaning like evil or dirty acts. For example, money laundering. A direct translation of the mafia in Mandarin is “Black Organisation”.

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