Chapter 159: Starting to Seek the Wish

“Wu!” Su Ke2Su KeMain Character whimpered as his body stiffened, unable to move even half a step forward.

His eyes were wide open as he stared at Li Fei Fei’s nearing face before feeling the sudden kiss.

His mind suddenly went blank as he felt the soft situation on his lips.

It felt like an electric shock, the taste carrying a hint of sweetness.

Many things are self-taught, not to mention that Su Ke had experienced kissing Qin Zheng before. Unknowingly, it was all unconscious as Su Ke slowly explored using his tongue.

His hands had pulled Li Fei Fei into his embrace and he could feel her delicate skin on his palms. Even though it was through a layer of cloth, it didn’t affect the nice feeling. The two soft mounds were pressed against his chest, transmitting Li Fei Fei’s pounding heartbeat.


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The tip of his tongue knocked onto her teeth and a door finally opened.

Li Fei Fei panicked at first, but slowly began to respond to Su Ke’s movements as she tightly gripped his waist with her hands.

Time slowly passed as the two of them embraced at the side of the field.

It was unknown how much time had passed before Li Fei Fei suddenly pushed Su Ke away with a “Wu!”

Her entire face was bright red as she took in deep breaths, her chest continuously undulating.

She was feeling very suffocated as she stood there.

Su Ke was even more uncomfortable as he stood at one side and panted like a cow.

He had no idea what to do as he thought about how such a method could actually be so useful.


“You should be satisfied now!” Li Fei Fei stared self-righteously at Su Ke, but her heart had long turned upside-down. She didn’t know why she was so impulsive just now.

“Eh!” Su Ke was at a complete loss for words.

As Li Fei Fei stared at his blank face, she sternly said, “You’re my boyfriend now!”

“Ah?” Su Ke was stunned.

Li Fei Fei was very lively as she responded, “Ah!? What, ah? From now on, you are my, Li Fei Fei’s, boyfriend!” If her mood wasn’t so lively, then when Su Ke first molested her butt, she wouldn’t have immediately run to the school’s forum and rally the people to find the molester.

Also, since she had already understood Su Ke’s feelings and knew about the other two women, she used this opportunity to strike first.


Li Fei Fei was very rapid-fire as she spoke, “From today onwards, you can only treat me well! You need to spoil me and you cannot trick me! You must fulfill this promise and treat me genuinely! You cannot scold or bully me, and if I’m ever in trouble, you must immediately come to my aid. When I’m happy, you have to be happy with me. If I’m unhappy, you have to make me happy. You have to forever feel that I’m the prettiest; you can only see me in your dreams and you can only have me in your heart!”

With every word Li Fei Fei said, Su Ke’s face paled by one degree.

He didn’t know when, but a layer of sweat covered his forehead as he stared at Li Fei Fei.

“Did you hear me!?” At Li Fei Fei’s final question, Su Ke nodded like a lamb, causing her heart to suddenly feel happy. The previous gloom at the school gates had been swept away as she waved her hand at Su Ke and excused him, “You can go now! I want to go night study!”


After Li Fei Fei finished speaking, she turned around and left.

Feeling the residual warmth on his lips, Su Ke was in a daze as he watched Li Fei Fei leave.

Her ponytail swayed with each step; under the light of the streetlamp, a shadow appeared behind that youthful figure.

“Did I really become her boyfriend?”

It was only after he really thought about was he really dumbfounded. He only wanted to kiss her.

Although Zhou Yu Hui teased Li Fei Fei yesterday about how she liked someone, she didn’t think too deeply about it; she just felt immeasurably self-satisfied.

After all, for a man, being favoured by the opposite sex was something that would make them happy.

However, Su Ke had always thought of Wei Lan as his girlfriend, so what was he supposed to do? Did he really have to step on two boats?


“That idiot!” Li Fei Fei muttered as she walked to the classroom. She had assumed that Su Ke would catch up with her. Who knew that even though her steps had slowed a lot, there was still no movements. However, because she was acting so spoiled, she definitely wouldn’t look back, rather, she walked faster.

“Task: Get Li Fei Fei’s First Kiss (Complete). Reward: One Wish!”

“Please accept!”

Su Ke didn’t catch up with Li Fei Fei; one reason was that he was kissed stupid and couldn’t figure out the situation. The other reason is the prompt from the system that was refreshed.


When Su Ke wanted to find Li Fei Fei, not a shadow could be seen.

He simply put things aside and rode his bicycle home.

While sitting on his bed, Su Ke once again entered the system’s space.

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The tasks on the screen were still there, and the reward could be extracted.

Right after he extracted his wish, the screen suddenly changed as a strange dialogue box opened up with two parts written on it.

On the left and right respectively were ‘Wish’ and ‘Implement’ buttons.

There was an obvious gap beside the word ‘wish’, which he assumed all the wishes he gathered would appear.


Su Ke let out a “Hu!” as he tried to rack his brain around what he wanted to wish for.

Did he have to make Wu Yi Ren disappear from the world? Wasn’t that a little too cruel?

However, when he thought about what happened in Fang Fei Yi Ren1Fang Fei Yi RenThe beauty parlour Su Ke works at and the one Luo Fei Yan owns during the afternoon, this Wu Yi Ren was really abhorrent. Holding some power in his hand, he would run amok.

He was still clamoring for Fang Fei Yi Ren to close down as he left.

Was he able to make him step down?

If Wu Yi Ren was removed from the assistant bureau chief position, he would then be a tiger without teeth. Even if he wanted to find trouble, he wouldn’t have the ability.

Suddenly, Su Ke thought about whether there would still be such an award. What if this was his only chance? If he just pulled Wu Yi Ren down, wouldn’t it be overkill?

He would be wasting a perfect opportunity!


That would be wasting his wish!

Su Ke frowned as he thought about how if he had money he could do anything.

He could kill Wu Yi Ren with money, right?

“RMB 100 million?”

When those three words appeared in Su Ke’s mind, he couldn’t help but be shocked.

Before, when he saw those lucky few who struck it big in a lottery, he would be very envious.  Was he not able to get a windfall as well?

RMB 100 million, how much was that? If it was RMB 100 per bank note, how many pieces would that be?

Su Ke couldn’t help but survey his small bedroom;it should probably be able to fit!

When he thought of it, he could only see the blank space behind “wish”.

Like typing, the words “RMB 100 million” made Su Ke impatient as he pressed the implement button.

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1. If you recall, stepping on two boats means dating two girls at the same time, so three boats would be three girls.

  1. The actual translation would be “Killing a chicken using a cow’s knife” which basically means overkill.
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