Chapter 158: A Good Method of Getting One’s Wish

Li Fei Fei whispered under her breath as she emerged from school, “Hey! D*mn Su Ke2Su KeMain Character, you pissed me off!”

Su Ke had cut a sorry figure as he fled ignominiously in front of the other two girls.

Li Fei Fei used her chopsticks to eat her food listlessly before exclaiming, “Ai! I didn’t expect to have a rival, and two of them to boot!”

Yesterday, Zhou Yu Hui, her best friend, made a lot of jokes about her. She said that her gaze towards Su Ke was different and that she would blush whenever she saw him.

Actually, Li Fei Fei already knew all of these.

It’s just that Li Fei Fei felt that she should have a good impression of Su Ke, or it could be said that she didn’t hate him! It was very relaxing to speak to him and she liked that kind of mood.

Of course, the premise was that Su Ke wasn’t playing.


However, it was only until this afternoon when she saw Wei Lan and Liu Qing Qing did she realize their situation.

Even though she appeared really calm, but the vinegar jar in her stomach had already spilled.

It is said that women are naturally sensitive, regardless of age. When the three girls met, they could clearly feel the hostility between each other.

As such, after Su Ke left, the three of them didn’t speak to each other and immediately left.

“Troublesome!” Li Fei Fei felt more upset the more she thought about it.

She didn’t eat a bite of her food as she pushed her plate away before standing up and leaving.

The sun was setting and there was very little light left, so the streetlights slowly lit up.

A few students have taken their books out to study, but Li Fei Fei wasn’t in the mood; she didn’t even want to go to self-study classes.


She just walked around the school aimlessly before unknowingly arriving at the field.

She walked along the track to alleviate her bad mood and wondered when exactly her feelings towards Su Ke became so strong.

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Her phone then suddenly rang, so she pulled it out of her pocket and read the caller ID.

She had a stunned look on her face as she answered it.


Su Ke’s voice traveled from the phone, “Fei Fei, have you eaten?”

“Do I need you to care!?” Li Fei Fei was currently angry, so naturally, she didn’t have a good tone. She felt kind of happy inside her heart, thinking that Su Ke should be calling to apologize.


After a short pause, Su Ke continued speaking, “Wei! I want to talk to you!”

Li Fei Fei had an annoyed tone of voice as she responded, “Then come over! I’ll wait for you in the field!”

After she finished speaking, she felt a bit regretful.

Why was her anger so easily appeased; she should have scolded him.

“Hmph! Just wait until he gets here, I have to give him two kicks!”

Finally, because she had so easily agreed with Su Ke, she found an excuse and hung up.

She then continued to aimlessly wander around.


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Su Ke quickly arrived and headed directly to the field to find Li Fei Fei. However, when he saw her, his heart suddenly started pounding very obviously. His breathing had also sped up.

“What did you find me for?” Li Fei Fei stood under a poplar tree beside the field.

Under the light of the setting sun, it looked like there was a layer of gold dusting her face, making her shine brightly. She looked rather aggrieved though; her little mouth seemed like it could place a bottle of oil on top.


Seeing Su Ke standing in front of her, she snorted and turned away.

“Eh! Fei Fei, I, I!” Su Ke stammered as he desired to speak but no words came out.

Once he saw Li Fei Fei, the conviction in his heart instantly disappeared without a trace.

He felt more anxious and more nervous, causing his legs to shake and staining his delicate cheeks red.

“I! What I was…”

Li Fei Fei looked at Su Ke’s panicked appearance and yelled,  “Just say what you want to say!” He kept dodging her gaze and kept trying to think about what to do.

It couldn’t be that he wanted to confess to her, right?

‘Could it be that the situation in the afternoon had stimulated him?’

This sudden realization made her feel like he liked her the most.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that this was the truth.

Her heart started beating faster and faster, making her feel like a restless rabbit.


Su Ke took a deep breath, wanting to calm his pounding heart. His motive for finding Li Fei Fei today was very simple; he wanted to complete the mission and get the ‘wish’ reward to deal with Wu Yi Ren.

However, when he saw Li Fei Fei, his heart became anxious.

His eyes unconsciously fell upon Li Fei Fei’s slightly pouted lips that looked to be as tender as jelly.

‘But how do I take the initiative to get her to kiss me?” Su Ke started to rack his brains around what to do. For this task, he had already started preparing early. The previous time, he bragged to chase Zuo Ming Ming away.

At that time, he wanted to make the kiss as the prize of the bet, but Li Fei Fei didn’t cooperate!

“Don’t tell me that I have to force it?”

Suddenly, Su Ke imagined himself as a hungry tiger pouncing towards food. He would push Li Fei Fei to the floor and clothes would fly into the sky.

‘Eh! This picture was a bit inappropriate.’


“What if Li Fei Fei is not willing?” Su Ke turned it over in his mind a few times.

After all, this was not like touching someone’s butt or chest.

This was her first kiss; the first kiss of her life!

“Hey! What exactly do you want?” Li Fei Fei’s heart felt like there was a deer running about.

Su Ke was like a wooden puppet. He was completely dazed as she prepared herself to hear his confession, but he didn’t move.

“Eh!” Su Ke unconsciously shivered, his two fists were clenched and his palms were sweaty. When he opened his mouth, his voice trembled a bit as he finally thought about what to say, “Fei Fei, I will call you, can you agree?”

“Do you want to die!? What exactly do you want to say?”

Li Fei Fei felt that his words were very familiar. Suddenly, she remembered that it was a line from Journey to the West. She was both angry and happy. When fighting, he charged straight ahead, but when he wanted to confess, he became like this.

Just a little bit, she hated iron for not becoming steel.


“Then, then, do you dare to kiss me?” After Su Ke finished speaking, he stared daringly at Li Fei Fei, scared that this girl would walk away.

However, Li Fei Fei was stunned as she looked at Su Ke, “What did you say?”

“I said, do you dare to kiss me!?” Su Ke finally let go.

Anyways, a dead pig didn’t fear boiling water. Whether he lived or died, he would just go with it.

Su Ke felt Li Fei Fei’s breathing speed up, like a gunpowder barrel ready to explode.

Her face was red as she gritted her teeth and asked Su Ke, “Are you sure?”

“Sure!” Su Ke had no way to retreat. If he could peacefully finish this task and get the ‘wish’ reward, it would become his trump card against Wu Yi Ren.

Li Fei Fei clenched her fists tightly and pounced forward as she exclaimed, “Good!”

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1. This is a line from Journey to the West. More details over here:  

  1. Hating something for not living up to expectations
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