Chapter 20 – We Play With Fire, Give Some Face

[Ding. You consumed 5 MP, failed to acquire the complete information of the monster. You have obtained the following basic information] [Monster Name: Fire-Wielding Butcher Steve]

(He was a chef when he was alive and turned into a resentful spirit after Captain Bill died. His abilities have been strengthened, especially Health)

[Species: Undead] [Level: 33 (Commander Boss)] [Health: 26800] [Attack: 358] [Defense: ???] [Speed: 10] [Trait: ???] [Weakness: ???] [Skills: Chopping Veggies, Berserk, Flame Jet, Fire-Wielding (Incomplete)]

When Lin Xiao Bei shared the Boss information, Bai Yiyi jumped in shock.

“Damn Money Lover, let us retreat! He is too strong!”

[Fire-Wielding Butcher Steve] has terrifying attributes. Especially its health that was over 20 thousand, it was likely anyone person would choose to run away, let alone a rookie like Bai Yiyi.

Frankly speaking, Fire-Wielding Butcher’s attributes have also given Lin Xiao Bei a fright.

However, retreat? If the Fire-Wielding Butcher was below lv.30, Lin Xiao Bei would immediately turn around and leave. He will come back the next time and use his Awesome Bragging when it refreshes, solving the problem easily.

Yet, it was lv.33.

“I will not retreat.”

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“Damn Money Lover, are you tired of living? Just the Resentment Aggregation Body was nearly enough to end you, and you want to fight this fella?”

Lin Xiao Bei’s reply had startled Bai Yiyi.

“As the saying goes, each object had their own unique weakness. In my eyes, the Fire-Wielding Butcher is not stronger than the Resentment Aggregation Body.” Lin Xiao Bei said

The Resentment Aggregation Body belongs to a high-speed attacker, it prevented Lin Xiao Bei from displaying his martial arts advantage, thus causing him to be suppressed.

However, that would not be the case for the Fire-Wielding Butcher, Lin Xiao Bei has fire immunity against his fire attacks.

In addition, it possessed a classic human form while its speed was extremely slow.  Lin Xiao Bei was able to completely display his Wing Chun Grandmaster skills, would he be afraid of a chef that has only 10 speed?

Currently, Lin Xiao Bei already has a plan in mind.

With Dark Flame Hell plus full output of Lv.3 Flame Explosion, it would be possible for him to kill the chef.

However, the premise was, he would not receive any damage. Or else, he would be insta-killed from one attack.

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“You don’t want your life, but I still want mine! Go, we need to go!”

Bai Yiyi did not know about Lin Xiao Bei’s background and tried her best to drag him away.

“Boss. You can leave first. I need to kill it!” Lin Xiao Bei’s resolute eyes contain madness.

Without a Rank 2 Job Token, he will not be able to obtain experience. The first batch of Internal Players were all very high leveled, along with the threat of the mysterious Third Apostle, Lin Xiao Bei was unwilling to delay even for a moment. He wants to make a gamble.

See Lin Xiao Bei’s firm expression, Bai Yiyi expressions changed multiple times.  In the end, she also made a decision.

“Okay. If you are leaving, I will not leave as well. “

After getting along for some time, Bai Yiyi had developed a strange sense of reliance on Lim Xiao Bei. If Lin Xiao Bei dies, she would not be able to face this dangerous game, let alone completing the Apostle Mission. Since death was only a matter of time, she rather stays and sees if she could provide any assistance.

At that moment.

‘Bang’, a 2-meter Tower Shield suddenly appeared in front of her.

“Then obediently stay behind this shield, don’t get injured by mistake!”

Along with Lin Xiao Bei’s words, the Tower Shield’s information was shared within the team.

[Thorn Tower Shield], Lv.55, no level restriction.

“Sssss…” Bai Yiyi sucked in a cold breath.

From her understanding, Lin Xiao Bei only experience one more Apostle Trial than her, how did he acquire such high-level equipment? It also did not have a level restriction?

Just as she gathered herself and wanted to ask. Lin Xiao Bei had already disappeared from her vision.

Currently, Lin Xiao Bei had already formulated an initial plan to attack the enemy.

He charged into the center of the Great Hall, using his Agility advantage to initiate an attack on the Fire-Wielding Butcher.

[Ding. You kicked at your opponent’s asshole. Unable to breakthrough its defense, opponent’s health forcefully -1] [Ding. You evaded the opponent’s attack and dealt a counterattack on the opponent’s asshole. Unable to breakthrough its defense, opponent’s health forcefully -1] [Ding. You have attacked the same spot twice, detected the opponent’s defense to be 20]

After a series of testing, the Fire-Wielding Butcher’s defense was confirmed. 20, it was not high.

‘Swoosh swoosh swoosh’ instinctively, several calculations ran through Lin Xiao Bei’s mind.

(One Lv.3 Flame Explosion every 12 seconds)

(Damage: 252 – 20 = 232)

(Dark Flame Hell: Deals 29 True Damage + 1 Forced Magic Damage = 30 Damage per second)

(Full Power Output: 592 Damage every 12 seconds)

(Fire-Wielding Butcher Health: 26800)

(Total time needed to kill him using Full Power Output: Around 9 Minutes)

(Current Magic Power is 1250, it can sustain a Full Power Output for 11 Minutes and 35 Seconds)

After detailed calculations, Lin Xiao Bei was confident that he could kill the Fire-Wielding Butcher.

Then what’s next was to observe and find out about the two skills that were not related to fire, [Chopping Veggies] and [Berserk].

He must make sure to achieve a 100% evasion from these two skills. Or else, it would be game over with one attack.

After arranging his thoughts, Lin Xiao Bei fiercely kick the butcher’s asshole another time.

[Ding. You have kicked the Fire-Wielding Butcher’s asshole three times. It has developed a powerful grudge towards you]

Along with the notification, was the furious roar of the Fire-Wielding Butcher.

“All who betrayed me will die gruesomely! The traitor that closed the door, all of you must die!  Activate Berserk, Activate Chopping Veggies!”

Two skills were consecutively activated. The Fire-Wielding Butcher seemed to have received divine aid.

Its entire greyish body started to inflate and turn red while it wielded the big chopper its hand. Its attack speed had increased by more than one times, while his skill with the blade had an obvious increase.

At that moment, the Fire-Wielding Butcher started moving the Huge Half-Moon Chopper up and down, as though it was chopping and preparing food!

The blade wind cries.

Straight Chop, Pull Chop, Sawing Chop, Rolling Chop, all sorts of familiar culinary cutting styles.

“Good timing! I am waiting for this!”

Lin Xiao Bei constantly avoided the attacks while observing the attacking styles of the chopper.

If he could completely capture all the physical attacking style of the Fire-Wielding Butcher, this battle would be a 100% win.

At that time, seeing that its chopper was easily evaded by Lin Xiao Bei, the Fire-Wielding Butcher was completely enraged.

It increased the speed and complexity of his strikes.

‘Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh’, Lin Xiao Bei’s figure was like a shadow, always being able to avoid it at the last moment without being injured.

Just like that, 3 minutes went by. Every detail of each style was slowly formed within Lin Xiao Bei’s mind.

Time to counterattack.

Just as Lin Xiao Bei was preparing to use Dark Flame Hell, Bai Yiyi who was observing from the corner screaming.

“Damn Money Lover, be careful! It is releasing a big move!”

“What big move? There are only 4 skills, it has used all that was non-Fire”

Lin Xiao Bei was startled.

When he regained focus, Lin Xiao Bei saw a flame like the Great Fireball skill used in Naruto coming towards his face.

‘Boom…’ the flame instantly expanded, swallowing Lim Xiao Bei within it.

“Damn Money Lover!”

Bai Yiyi cried out as she watched Lin Xiao Bei being engulfed and died within the sea of fire.

A grievous howl came from the sea of fire, causing Bai Yiyi to be filled with self-reproach and regrets.

“If I knew this would happen, I would be more forceful when I told him to run with me! If I knew… eh? Something’s wrong. Is this the sound that the Fire-Wielding Butcher makes when his asshole was attacked?”

Bai Yiyi lifted her head in shock.

She saw the originally Bright Red Flames being wrapped by some strange Dark Green Flames.

[Fire-Wielding Butcher Steve] released a heart-wrenching howl within the flames. On his head were rows of clear numbers.






[Ding. Your teammate has used Dark Flame Hell and is dealing 30 flame damage per second to the Flame Wielding Butcher] [Ding. Your teammate……]

“It’s the Damn Money Lover? He’s still alive?” Bai Yiyi stared at the flames and tried to search.

he saw a burning figure suddenly appearing behind the Fire-Wielding Butcher.

“Dammit. We both play fire, yet you did not know how to give face to a person of the same profession and attacked the face! F***!”

As he spoke, the figure kicked the injured asshole again.

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