Chapter 21 – Physical Fire Control

[Ding, you successfully avoided the opponent’s attack. Your Dark Flame Hell has reduced enemy Health by 30.] [Ding. You used Flame Explosion and dealt 232 Fire Damage]



Dark Flames spread out, within the flames was constant shrills coming from the [Fire-Wielding Butcher].

30 Fire Damage per second plus damage from Lv.3 Flame Explosion.
Even with over 20 thousand health, the Fire-Wielding Butcher was not likely to last over 10 minutes.

At this moment, Lin Xiao Bei was casually traveling within the Dark Flames. However, he knew that of the Fire-Wielding Butcher manages to land a hit once on him, it would be able to turn around the situation. Therefore, he did not dare to be complacent.

Time went by as Lin Xiao Bei cautiously moved through the battle.
As time went by, the health of Fire-Wielding Butcher has been reduced to [2680/26800].

The boss only left with ten percent health remaining, the Boss health bar turned red.

Red, meant that the Boss would become agitated.

This was something programmed within every game to act as an evil joke to trap others. It might be nothing new, but it did not prevent batch after batch of Players from spending money to buy Revival Coins to revive themselves.

However, Revival Coins has yet to appear within <Age of Worldwide Monsters> so far.

That was why Lin Xiao Bei was closely monitoring the health bar of the Fire-Wielding Butcher.

As expected.

[Ding. The resentful spirit of Steve is about to dissipate, he will perform a last of madness before he dies. Please take note of his words, it will provide crucial information that will be very helpful in the 2nd Connecting Mission]

When he heard the notification, Lim Xiao Bei retreated by nine meters and waited. These were the times that one needs to be even more cautious.

At the same time, Steve’s eyes turned crimson red.

“Bill, Farmar also peeked at your Fire Control Secret Technique, why did you not suspect him? After the traitor closed the doors, I heard someone talking in the Tidal Language!”

Steve howled in despair, it seemed like it was reenacting the last moment before he was killed by Captain Bill.

Steve’s aura turned more and more violent, this caused Lin Xiao Bei to feel a sense of danger, he kept retreating back.

“Die if you do not believe me! Use that Fire Control Secret Art of yours!”
At that time, Steve suddenly opened his mouth, a blue flame started to gather within.

“There something wrong with that flame’s color!” Lin Xiao Bei said in alarm.

Just as he felt alarmed.

‘Zoom’ a flame shot out and turned into a thin long line. It was also very fast, so fast that before Lin Xiao Bei could react, it appeared at his face.
“Dammit, so what if it is a Blue Fire? I have Fire Immunity, there’s nothing to be afraid about!”

Since he could not escape, Lin Xiao Bei decided to go all out. He turned his hand into a claw form and strike at the incoming attack.
Ding. Due to your Fire Immunity, you did not receive any fire-type damage

Hearing the notification, Lin Xiao Bei sighed in relieve. Fortunately, this thing did not affect him.

However, why was he starting to feel the pain coming from his hand?
Lin Xiao Bei looked at palm in wonder, it looked at though it had been just shot by a laser beam.

Dammit, isn’t this similar to the type of flames used in Windproof Lighters?

[Ding. You discovered Fire-Wielding Information Shard (2): Physical Fire Control] [Physical Fire Control Explanation: Using the Bernoulli Theory to increase the speed of atmospheric jetting power and gather fire heat energy into a line. The high-temperature flames could burn things more easily and create more damage] [Ding. You have obtained two Fire-Wielding Information Shard. If you gather Information Shards, you will be able to learn the skill: (Fire Control Secret Technique)]

“What? There is still such a method?” Lin Xiao Bei was surprised.

The instant he was out of his surprise, nightmare descended.

[Ding. As you have been in contact with high-density flames for a long period of time, the high temperature has broken through the capacity limit of your Fire Immunity. Your palm is now in a Burnt Condition, you receive 1 damage per second, the effect lasts for 5 seconds (The duration may refresh, but it will not be increased)] [Ding. As your burns are under high temperature, the burns are expanded. You receive 2 damage per second, the effect lasts for 5 seconds]

“F***!” Lin Xiao Bei was shocked and quickly retreated.

The Fire Control Secret Technique was truly powerful, it could even breakthrough his Fire Immunity!

Lin Xiao Bei retreated, yet this did not mean that Steve would let him.
‘Zoom Zoom Zoom’, several Icy-Blue Fire Pillars shot towards him like lightning.

[Ding. Your burns have once again expanded. You receive 3 damage per second, the effect lasts for 5 seconds] [Ding. Your burns have once again expanded. You receive 4 damage per second, the effect lasts for 5 seconds]


[Ding. Your burns have once again expanded. You receive 8 damage per second, the effect lasts for 5 seconds]

The speed of the Blue Flames was extremely quick, Lin Xiao Bei was shot several times even after he tried to evade them.

Since he was unable to evade, he would just try to fight it out!

“Eat this!”

Lin Xiao Bei stopped evading and flicked his hand, a Flame Explosion hit Steve’s mouth.








Only allowed on



The two fire playing fellas, Steve and Lin Xiao Bei, started to exchange damage.

After a round of 12 seconds, the remaining Health of [Fire-Wielding Butcher (Steve)] was 356.

This meant that it would die in another one round of 12 seconds.

What about Lin Xiao Bei?

He has been shot by the Blue Fire Beam 3 times, his Health was now: 200

[Ding. Your burns have once again expanded. You receive 11 damage per second, the effect lasts for 5 seconds]

At this rate, Lin Xiao Bei would only last about 15 seconds, he was deighted.

Flame Explosion had just finished its cooldown, Lin Xiao Bei quickly cast it at Fire-Wielding Butcher.


[Ding. Your MP is not enough. Casting Flame Explosion failed]

“What?” Lin Xiao Bei widened his eyes.

He suddenly remembered that when the Fire-Wielding Blood Butcher has a red health bar, he moved away and caused it to be outside the range of his Dark Flame Hell, wasting quite some MP then.

Crap, I am unable to kill him!

Since the situation has turned out like that, he must be decisive.
When this thought flashed through his mind, Lin Xiao Bei kicked the asshole of the butcher and used the power to quickly leave the battle zone.

“I am dying! I am dying! Boss, prepare to retreat! A swift retreat!”

Lin Xiao Bei started to run frantically with dear life.

“Oh, oh, okay!” Bai Yiyi happily agreed.

The battle between Lin Xiao Bei and Fire-Wielding Butcher was extremely fierce, Bai Yiyi’s heart near paused for multiple times. She had long wanted to persuade Lin Xiao Bei to give up the fight.

As she spoke, Bai Yiyi dragged the [Thorn Tower Shield] and ran towards the tunnel lighted by Glowing Pearls.

As she ran, she did not forget to observe Lin Xiao Bei’s situation.




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Lin Xiao Bei’s Health was heading straight down.

Bai Yiyi jumped in shock.

At that time, she saw another Blue Fire Beam shooting towards Lin Xiao Bei, Bai Yiyi was anxious.

“Tidal Shield!”

‘Bang’, the pale blue shield instantly shattered, but it helped Lin Xiao Bei block that attack.

Bai Yiyi sighed in relieved, but quickly she turned excited.

“Damn Money Lover, quickly get over here. I have enough MP and can protect you!”

As she spoke, she kept casting Heal on Lin Xiao Bei.

“Protect my ass! Quickly lie down! The Boss Aggro has shifted!”

Seeing the next condensing Blue Fire Beam was pointing at Bai Yiyi, Lin Xiao Bei quickly shouted.

However, before the Blue Light could reach her, Bai Yiyi did not lie down as instructed. Instead, she stood there with dazed eyes, as though she had been shocked into a daze.

“F***! Stake it! Activate [I Am Omnipotent], convert all Perception into Agility!”

Bai Yiyi attracted the Aggro because she was trying to save him, how could Lin Xiao Bei watch her die.

[Ding. You have activated I Am Omnipotent. Your Perception -29, your Agility is now 58]

Skill activated, Agility has doubled. Lin Xiao Bei quickly charge forward and manage to block the beam from hitting Bai Yiyi at the last moment.

[Ding. Your burns have once again expanded. You receive 14 damage per second, the effect lasts for 5 seconds]

The burning pain did not stop Lin Xiao Bei from his movements, he continued moving after carrying Bai Yiyi and ran towards the tunnel.

Yet how could the Fire-Wielding Butcher allow its prey to escape when he was on the verge of killing them. With a loud shout, a water barrel thick Blue Fire Beam was shot towards the tunnel.

‘Zoom’, the huge Blue Beam nearly filled the entire tunnel.

During the moment of life and death, Lin Xiao Bei quickly grabbed the shield and blocked.

[Ding. You successfully equipped Shield of Thorns, the Flame Jet has been successfully been blocked] [Ding. The high temperature has turned the Tower Shield red, your burns have once again expanded. You receive 15 damage per second, the effect lasts for 5 seconds]

“Boss, quickly run! I will bring up the rear!” Lin Xiao Bei’s voice was urgent.

As long as Bai Yiyi remained in the tunnel, he would need to hold on to the shield. If Bai Yiyi escapes, he would be able to run away as well, since he would not be burnt to death within a short period of time.

“Damn Money Lover! We are running away together!”


The burns continue to spread.

I have medicine, I will be able to escape once you have escaped. Consider as I am begging you, faster go! I will not be able to hold on any longer.”

Lin Xiao Bei took out a bottle of [HP Potion (Large)] and drank it.

Then, then I shall go first!” Bai Yiyi was partially convinced.

“Go, go now.”

Bai Yiyi quickly moved away, Lin Xiao Bei sighed.

Suddenly, his eyes suddenly widened.

“I have the bloody potions! I have the red bottles, and also the blue ones!”

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