Chapter 22 – Fire-Wielding First Mate

Lin Xiao Bei had obtained several bottles of red and blue potions from killing the Bone Dragon Lord.

These were all alchemic potions that are precious tactical resources to be used during fights.

Lin Xiao Bei’s eyes shined as he quickly gulped down several bottles.

[Ding. You used HP Potion (Large), restore 20 HP per second. The effect will last for 50 seconds] [Ding. You used HP Potion (Large), restore 20 HP per second. The effect will last for 50 seconds]


[Ding. You used MP Potion (Large), restore 20 MP per second. The effect will last for 50 seconds]


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His Health rises quickly, while his magic power that was about to empty also slowly recovered.

Lin Xiao Bei’s confidence was greatly restored, within his eyes was filled with bad ideas.

“Hehehe. Good boy, Daddy’s Health is restored, your asshole is no longer safe!”

After he spoke, Lin Xiao Bei carried the huge shield and charged through the tunnel.

“Come out, come out now. I am going to hit your asshole another ten times! Ahhhhh!”


[Ding. The resentful spirit of the Fire-Wielding Butcher has obtained redemption and ascended. Please do not disturb his asshole]

What was called falling before acting? This would be it.

This situation that only appeared in TV dramas had fallen onto Lin Xiao Bei, he falls down and nearly could not make himself stand up.

“I have even taken off my pants, why did you tell me there is no asshole?”

Lin Xiao Bei climbed up after clearing his mind and ran to the corpse to check.

The damage log explained the reason clearly.

[Thorn Tower Shield’s 20% Reflect Damage is in effect. The Fire-Wielding Butcher died from the fire damage reflected on it]

Reflect Damage?

“It can be done like this? If he knew, he would not have wasted so many potions!”

The most important part was the pain from wasting, the corner of Lin Xiao Bei’s mouth twitched.

However, he was only feeling the pain for a couple of seconds before it turned into excitement. With the Fire-Wielding Butcher dead, he will obtain the Rank 2 Job Token.

Time to collect the drops.

“Heh heh, let’s see what we have here.”

[Ding. You picked up 12 Silver Coins]

“What a poor ass, how did you even manage to grow to a 150 Kilos fatty!”

As he mumbled, Lin Xiao Bei continued.

[Ding. Collect HP Potions (Intermediate) x 7 and MP Potions (Intermediate) x5 (Expired. Effects reduced by half)]

“Dammit. Expired ones again.”

[Ding. You picked up a Moon Slashing Chopper]

“Lv.25 Blue. 35 Attack. Used for chopping vegetables. F***!”

Lin Xiao Bei was lazy to read the rest and tossed it inside his bag.

[Ding. You picked up a Diamond Ring] [Equipment Name: Constantine Life Contract]

(The Life Contract is a Soul Treasure the Divine Church gave to Constantine Family)

[Equipment Type: Ring] [Equipment Grade: Pink] [Level Requirement: 1] [Magic Attack: 5] [Attribute 1: No skill cooldown when using healing skills] [Attribute 2: Boost healing by 100%] [Attribute 3: Double the casting range of healing skills] [Attribute 4: When a healing skill is cast on another, the wearer will restore the same amount of Health] [Equipping Requirement: Magician Job (Healing Related)]

“Lv.1? Pink? The 4 attributes are specially tailored for Nannies!”

Lin Xiao Bei toss the ring into his bag and continued searching.

[Ding. You picked up a Rare Secondary Job Token: Life Chef]

“A Secondary Job Token?”

This was the first time Lin Xiao Bei has heard of it, he checked the attributes.

[Secondary Job Token: Life Chef] [Function: Obtain the Chef Secondary Job] [Special Trait: With good materials, the Life Chef could create exquisite dishes that increases the Health upper limit of the person who consumes it]

Grade 1 Exquisite Dish: Increase Health Upper Limit by 1 – 200

Grade 2 Exquisite Dish: Increase Health Upper Limit by 201 – 500

Grade 3 Exquisite Dish: Increase Health Upper Limit by 501 – 1000

Grade 4 Exquisite Dish: Increase Health Upper Limit by 1001 – 2000

Grade 5 Exquisite Dish: Increase Health Upper Limit by 2001 – 4000

(Note: Each type of dish could only be consumed by a person for a repeat of 3 times. Effects will reduce by half for each repeated consumption)

“I am wondering how come that fella has 20 thousand Health when he is only Lv.33. So this is the reason!”

Without hesitation, Lin Xiao Bei immediately used it.

[Ding. You have successfully used the Job Token and become a Chef. Please enrich your recipes]

“Enrich my ass, I want the Rank 2 Job Token.”

Lin Xiao Bei continue to search.

[Ding. You picked up Grade 1 Recipe: Fried Eggs and Tomatoes] [Ding. You picked up Grade 1 Recipe: Fried Eggs and Chives]


After picking up here and there, the corpse of the Fire-Wielding Butcher dissipated.

In the end, he obtained a load of Fried Eggs recipes and no Job Token.

“Isn’t there supposed to be a Job Token?”

Lin Xiao Bei was feeling anxious.

[Ding. You have completed the First Connected Mission of Redemption of the Resentful Spirits. Reward: Special Job Token: Fire-Wielding First Mate (Special) x 1. Please confirm]

“So that’s the case.”

Looking at the Job Token that appeared in his hands, Lin Xiao Bei touched his head. He has forgotten about the mission.

[Special Job Token: Fire-Wielding First Mate]

(Explanation: Every sailor wishes for a good chef to be on their ship. The Fire-Wielding First Mate is a title created to meet the demands of the sailors)

[Grade: 2] [Function: After using, your maximum level would be expanded to Lv.20] [Leveling Growth: Spirit +10, Free Attributes +1, Skill Point +1] [Special Skill: Flame Jet (Active)]

Skill Explanation: A good chef must possess a close affinity with fire. Especially chefs on the sea.

Skill Effect: Shoots a jet of flames in a straight line. Deals (Magic Attack) * (Level) of Fire Damage

Cooldown: 3 Seconds

Consumes: 5 MP

[Job Change Requirement: A Chef Job and 50 Spirit]

A growth of 10 Attribute Points all into Spirit!

Lin Xiao Bei was shocked.

He quickly added 21 Free Attribute Points into his Spirit.

[Ding. You have successfully become a Fire-Wielding First Mate. After a Rank 2 Job Change, your level will be increased by 1. You are now Lv.11]

‘Swoosh’ a ray of white light appeared. Lin Xiao Bei felt his entire body brimming with energy.

“Open Status Panel!”

[Name: Lin Xiao Bei] [Age: 23 (Male)] [Title: <Eternal Nightmare>] [Reputation: 100 (Fishman)] [Level: Lv.11/Lv.20] [Experience: 0/12000] [Rank: Corporal] [Talent: Awesome Bragging] [Talent Level: Lv.1] [Free Attribute Points: 1 + 3 (Attribute Potion)] [Skill Points: 19]

Experience, Level, Rank had all undergone a transformation. Lin Xiao Bei flipped to the Attribute Page.

 [Physique: 31] – Health: 310/310

[Strength: 31] – Physical Attack: 31+20 (Weapon Physical Attack)

[Agility: 31] – Speed: 31

[Spirit: 62] – Magic Attack: 62+55 (Weapon Magic Attack), Magic Power: 620+1000 (Boosted from cloak)

[Perception: 31] – Probe: 31

[Defense: 30] (Boosted from robes)

Spirit has increased by 12 while the other stats all increased by 2 as well.

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The Job Token Attribute Growth has added together.

Lin Xiao Bei was startled, he finally understood why Dreamy says that level means everything on Alderman Continent.

If the Attribute Growth was added with each rank, then the attribute increased with each level would be astounding.

Lin Xiao Bei felt excited.

Rank 2, with a 12 Spirit Attribute Growth. It was much higher than ordinary Job Token that has a total of 5 Attribute Growth.

This has also solved Lin Xiao Bei’s flaw of having Water Barrel Attributes.

At this moment, Lin Xiao Bei has confirmed his path. A Burst Damage Magician!

Next would be to complete the Blazing Pirates Instance and level up.

Based on the records within <Charlie’s Handbook>, the Blazing Pirate Crew mostly consists of Fire Magicians, especially Captain Bill!

Fire Control Technique! Equipment! All sorts of Job Tokens!

By the time he completely cleaned up the treasures of the Blazing Pirates, his ability and forces would also greatly increase.

His future was filled with promise.

Would there still be a large gap between the First Batch of Internal Players and him? Let alone the Third Apostle who was still in the Novice Area.

[Ding. Second Connecting Mission of Epic Mission: Redemption of the Resentful Spirits has been created. Please take note]

When he heard the notification, Lin Xiao Bei’s mouth curled up.

“Babies, here I… eh? What is this Second Connecting Mission?”

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