Chapter 23 – Deciphering Mission

[Redemption of Resentful Spirits] [Mission Explanation: A traitor appeared within the Blazing Pirates and could be very proficient in Soul Magic. After shutting the doors of the base, he caused all the pirates to die in resentment, turning them into resentful spirits that were unable to be pass on]

Main Mission: Save the souls of the Blazing Pirate Crew and let them rest in peace by finding the traitor.

(Note: <Charlie’s Handbook> might possess crucial information, you need to be familiar with its contents to locate the killer)

The main mission did not change, the crucial part was Lin Xiao Bei was confused about the Second Connecting Mission.

[Second Connecting Mission: ? ? ? ? ?] [Phase 1: Free Deciphering]

(Phase 1 Explanation: Based on the information within [Charlie’s Handbook], guess the mastermind who closed the base doors)

Condition: You can only guess once.

Success: Immediately complete the Second Connecting Mission and enter the Third Connecting Mission.

Failure: The difficulty of the Second Connecting Mission increases.

(Please make the guess within 10 minutes)

“What mission is this? Boss, do you know who is the mastermind? What are your views? “

Currently, they have already left the Instance and Lin Xiao Bei was discussing with Bai Yiyi.

When she heard the explanation, a shine flashed through Bai Yiyi’s eyes.

“Damn Money Lover, the mission reminded us that [Charlie’s Handbook] can help us make the guess? How many people were mentioned within the handbook?”

“Charlie’s Dearest Miss Hannah, Blazing Pirate Captain Bill, Fire-Wielding First Mate Steve, Fire Playing Lich Farmar. A total of 4 people, so we need to choose from 1 of the 4!”

Lim Xiao Bei’s eyes shined for a moment, he already caught on to Bai Yiyi’s train of thoughts. The traitor is likely one of the 4 people mentioned.

“It is not choosing 1 from the 4 but from 3. Steve has turned into a resentful spirit, so he is out. Only Captain Bill, Miss Hannah, and the Lich Farmar, choose from one of the 3.”

Bai Yiyi corrected.

“Since its 1 of 3, let us use the elimination method. First, Bill. He created the Blazing Pirates; would he destroy all these years of effort? From an ordinary person’s point of view, the chances of him doing that is too small.”

Lin Xiao Bei started to analyze, this was something that he often did during his Criminal Psychology classes.

With Lin Xiao Bei leading, Bai Yiyi also started thinking.

“Bill is indeed not likely, so to the next one, Hannah. It was mentioned that Captain Bill did not allow Hannah to board the ship, so entering the base is even more impossible. Since she could not even enter the base, the odds of her being the mastermind was also low. Then the remaining one…”

“Fire Playing Lich Farmar!”

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“Fire Playing Lich Farmar!”

Lin Xiao Bei and Bai Yiyi both spoke at the same time.

“I recalled Steve mentioning something about Farmar peeking at Bill’s Fire Control Technique. Bill killed Steve due to the technique, then it is absolutely possible that Farmar has developed the motive to ensure his safety!”

Lin Xiao Bei seemed to have found his direction.

“Correct. [Charlie’s Handbook] mentioned that Farmar had a close relationship with the Tidal Race as well. Damn Money Lover, Steve also mentioned that he had heard people conversing in the Tidal Language outside after the door was closed!”

Bai Yiyi added.

“In addition, the main mission has mentioned that the traitor was likely someone who is proficient in Soul Magic. This point matches with Farmar who’s Lich as well!”

“The mastermind is Farmar!” Lin Xiao Bei said.


“Damn Money Lover, will an Orange Epic Mission be so easy? Isn’t that too easy? “

After speaking, Bai Yiyi’s eyes looked hesitant. The sixth sense of a woman was telling her that there might be something wrong if it was too easy.

“Things were indeed running slightly too smoothly. Boss, who do you think is the mastermind?”

Lin Ciao Bei remembered that Steve directly called out Farmar’s name, it would be too easy if he was really the mastermind.

Combining it with the traits of online games, those games would always like to lay an unsuspecting trap for players so that the developers would feel a sense of superiority.

Lin Xiao Bei was also shaking.

“I feel that it’s Hannah.Constantine. Damn Money Lover, Hannah is a proud noble lady, she initially was not attracted to Charlie. Yet she suddenly chose to elope with Carlie when he became a pirate? Something’s fishy here, but I have no other proof.”

Bi Yiyi was conflicted.


When her fill name was brought up, Lin Xiao Bei was startled. Constantine? Constantine!? He seemed to have recalled something.

That Pink Diamond Ring!

“Boss look at this! “

Lin Xiao Bei took out [Constantine Life Contact]

“What a beautiful ring!”

An exquisite and beautiful ring is a lethal thing to women, Bai Yiyi was shocked when she saw the attributes of the ring. However, what she was even more affected about was how it looks, she noticed that she was on the verge of being enamored by it.

Fortunately, she has been exposed to many experiences due to her social status and managed to suppress her desires.

“Damn, Damn Money Lover, what about this ring?”

“It’s called a Life Contact, a Soul Treasure of the Constantine Family, yet I got it from Steve’s body. Hannah’s item has appeared within the Pirate Base, what do you think this represents?”

Lin Xiao Bei’s tone turned dark.

“It meant that Hannah had been inside the base!” Bai Yiyi’s eyes shined.

“[Charlie’s Handbook] did not mention about Hannah entering the base. From this, Hannah is the most suspicious now. Damn Money Lover, it’s her, it must be her!”

Bai Yiyi gave her answer.

“This Instance is very important to me. Are you sure about this Boss?” Lin Xiao Bei was hesitant.

The Blazing Pirates Instance was very important to Lin Xiao Bei for both his personal development and the development of his future forces. If he was unable to complete the Second Connecting Mission, the consequences would be dire, he could not help but treat this cautiously.

“I am sure. This young lady’s sixth sense had never been wrong!” Bai Yiyi confirmed.

A noble like Hannah had fallen for a small pirate, this made her suspect that Hannah did it for some unspeakable reasons.

When she saw the hesitating Lin Xiao Bei, she pouted.

“The time to submit the answer is almost up, what are you hesitating for? If you dare not do it, then let me do it for you!”

“Hey Boss, don’t be rash. Hannah is only suspicious, we do not have real evidence yet.”

“What evidence when we are playing a game. Listen to me, I am correct.”

Bai Yiyi entered Hannah’s name with a confidence that came from nowhere and pressed confirm.

[Ding. The mastermind is not Hannah.Constantine. The answer is wrong]

Wrong. Bai Yiyi’s attempt to act awesome has failed.

Yet, it was only a slap in the face and nothing much.

However, the next notification that followed shattered her heart.

[Ding. The difficulty of the Second Connecting Mission has increased. The mission has been created, please check it] [Second Connecting Mission: Bring the real mastermind into the Great Hall of the Blazing Pirates. The center stone door will open]

(Mission Explanation: Due to the increase in difficulty, no further hints will be provided)

Without any hints, it was basically searching a needle in a haystack. This mission was likely difficult to proceed any longer.

Looking at Lin Xiao Bei’s face that was darkening by the second, noticing that her arrogance had landed her in trouble, tears started to form on Bai Yiyi’s eyes.

“Sorry, sorry…… Ying…Ying Ying! Are you angry with me? Then just scold me. Ying Ying Ying……”

Hearing Bai Yiyi’s cries, Lin Xiao Bei felt vexed.

Currently, he really has the urge to kill Bai Yiyi with one strike.

‘Fu…’ In the end, Lin Xiao Bei released a deep breath.

“Never mind Boss, we are also not completely clueless. Since Farmar is the only one left, we just need to find him.”

Lin Xiao Bei consoled, he knew that Bai Yiyi was not completely at fault. If he was to make the choice, he very likely selects Hannah in the end as well.

“…… Ying…… in such a large land, how are we going to look for Farmar? Ying Ying… although you said never mind, you are certainly still angry with me!”

“I am not angry, I already have a lead. Farmar has a close relationship with the Tidal Race, from how Steve had heard the Tidal Language outside the door, it is likely that the Tidal Race knew the whereabouts of Farmar. Right, Boss, your Job is the [Tidal Healer] right? It was from the Lobster Leader, maybe we can obtain some clues about the whereabouts of the Tidal Race from there.”

After stroking Bai Yiyi’s head, Lin Xiao Bei continued consoling.

However, the intelligence of those Lobster Men was not high, it is likely that they will not be able to acquire much. He will need to check with Dreamy after he goes offline.

When the lead about the Tidal Race was brought up, some color was finally restored onto Bai Yiyi’s face.

She meekly said, “Are you really not angry with me?”

“I have never been angry with you. Ok, Boss look at how beautiful is this ring. Before I entered the game, I saw many decorations on the streets, it seemed like today was a special day. I did not prepare any gifts, so I will give this to you instead. Don’t be sad.”

He must say, when Bai Yiyi was in this state, she looked cute. It caused Lin Xiao Bei to feel compassionate.

“A gift for me?”

‘Whoosh’ Bai Yiyi’s face instantly turned red like an apple.

Being a jobless person, Lin Xiao Bei did not keep track of the calendar dates much, so not knowing what day is today was normal. However, Bai Yiyi knew it clearly, it is February 14.

When a guy gave a gift during Valentine’s Day, didn’t it meant that he was confessing?

What’s more, it is a ring. Isn’t this a proposal!

We only knew each other for a few hours, do I accept this or not?

However, the ring is truly beautiful. Wearing it would surely cause her BFF to be very envious. 

What should I do? What to do?

While Bai Yiyi was still feeling flustered.

[Ding. East’s Storm Domain Announcement] [The game time has ended; All Players please head down to a Safe Zone within 60 seconds to go offline. Those who are unable to locate a Safe Zone, please find a secluded location and go offline or else you might die from unnatural circumstances] [Ding. Stage-wide Announcement] [The game will undergo an update after it ends. The next entry time will be on February 17th, 18:00 to 00:00. All Player, please enter the game on time] [Ding. The offline countdown begins: 59…]

The game was ending, just nice he could use this opportunity to ask Dreamy about the Tidal Race and get some information about this update.

“Okay. That’s it for now. Boss, I have your number, I will contact you again.”

Lin Xiao Bei did not notice that Bai Yiyi’s face had turned red, just as he was packing up and prepared to leave.

“Hold… hold on, there is a need for a return gift for this festival. I, I do not have anything good right now, just a limited-edition lip balm that came with me when I entered the game, men could use it too. If, if you don’t accept it, then I will be unable to accept your gift as well.”

Bai Yiyi has a very favorable impression of Lin Xiao Bei, she passed the box of lip balm to him, considering it as an acceptance to the loving pursuit she was imagining in her mind.

“Eh…… o, ok then. Then I go offline now.”

Lin Xiao Bei hesitantly accepted the lip balms.

The time to go offline is close, he also could not be bothered to wasting time rejecting.

“Damn Money Lover, wa, wait!” Bai Yiyi suddenly called out.

“My Big Boss, why are you suddenly shouting? I am in a hurry to go offline.”

Lin Xiao Bei rolled his eyes.

“I, I cannot be calling you Damn Money Lover all the way. Since we have exchanged gifts, tell me your name, I will add you as a friend.” Bai Yiyi finally asked the question she had been wanting to ask.

Lin Xiao Bei was too mysterious, even within the guild name list, his name was also hidden. She was unable to add him as friends due to that, but now that they have confirmed their relationship, she should at least know his name.

“It’s Skr! Anyone of Earth’s Apostle will know of this name. I am going off first!”

Adding friends requires accuracy, Player names within <Age of Worldwide Monsters> could be separated into Chinese and English names.

If they are face to face, they would just require one of the names to add the person as a friend.

If it is a long-range friend request, the person will need to enter both names for confirmation.

Lin Xiao Bei’s real identity was something he would never leak to the outside world.

But Skr, that was enough to add Bai Yiyi as a friend.

Lin Xiao Bei prepares to go offline again.


“Damn Money Lover hold right there! Don’t think about leaving till you tell me your real name!”

Skr? What’s more, all Apostles will know? Such a nonsensical name. Even if it’s true, their relationship has been confirmed, would she accept only this as his name?

Bai Yiyi got angry and instantly turned into savage girlfriend mode within a second, she pinched Lin Xiao Bei’s ear.

“F***. My dear big master, it’s painful! Quickly let go!”

However, no matter how many times Lin Xiao Bei asked her to let go, she was still unwilling to do so. He could not just beat her up just because she didn’t let go, right?

Without any other way, Lin Xiao Bei could only continue to act foolishly until the countdown ends.

To be or not to be. Boss, a name is a terrifying thing, so it is best that you do not know. The countdown is complete, heh, see ya!”

Only allowed on

After his short delay technique, Lin Xiao Bei went offline.

The vision turned black for an instant before Bai Yiyi returned to the restaurant she was in before she entered the game.

At that moment, she picked up the fork on the table and angrily stabbed it into the blue lobster’s head on the table.

“We had even exchanged gifts, so how could you be so irresponsible! Damn Money Lover that idiot!”

Bai Yiyi pouted and grumbled.

Suddenly, a sound rang within her mind.

[Ding. A Player added you as a friend]

Humph, at least you still have some conscience.”

Bai Yiyi smiled charmingly, she quickly opened the notification. The friend name was displayed clearly.

“(⊙_⊙)?? Romeo and pig spent the night, Skr???” Bai Yiyi was surprised for a moment.


(Cuppa: The ‘Romeo and pig spent the night’ part is a short message tagged along with his friend request.)

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