Chapter 735 – Cliff Goat

Even with the Phoenix Feather Bell, he was unable to find her in this damn place.

He was also unable to fly as this place limits the flight of spirit treasures and magic tools, you can only rely on your feet to travel.

Others would have to tread carefully within the Wood Layer due to its dangers, but Ji Mo Ya as a Mystic Spirit Master and one that possessed higher capabilities then other Mystic Spirit Masters of the same level, was casually walking in there as though he was strolling about in his garden.


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Bai Cheng Feng was covered in dirt as he ran out of a dense forest, behind him were over a dozen bees the size of chicken eggs, following closely behind.

After running a while, Bai Cheng Feng suddenly stopped and turned around, releasing a powerful roar towards the large bees behind.

These bees instantly started to fly unsteadily, as though they were drunk.

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Bai Cheng Feng used this opportunity to clap his hands, ‘Pa Pa Pa’ killing several of them like mosquitoes.

These large bees were very agile while their stings were extremely painful, Bai Cheng Feng was already covered in fiery pain throughout his body.

However, the methods he had tried were largely ineffective against these large bees, only the Lion Roar has an obvious effectiveness.

Every roar allowed him to kill several bees each time.

Just that with his current cultivation, he was unable to use the Lion Roar consecutively; rest was needed in between each roar.

Due to that, his throat also nearly gone mute due to the skill.

When Bai Cheng Feng finally killed the last large bee with much difficulty, he was already very tired and was heavily panting

However, when he thought about the huge amount of bee honey waiting for him in the forest and that enticing fragrance, he felt that all the suffering was worth it. His spirits immediately perked up as he quickly retraced his steps and ran back into the forest.


Bai Li Zi Xi was also alone, the gracefulness she had earlier on was long gone, she seemed to be cursing and grumbling as she travelled.

After a while, she stopped at the side of a cliff and looked at it, there was seemed to be something that looked like an edible tree fungus growing on it.

Within her memories, this edible tree fungus looked like the Earth Lotus Fungus or the Turbidite Tree Fungus.

However, the two species possessed completely different effects. The former was a very nutritious item while the latter would cause symptoms ranging from dizziness to the body entering a state of shock.

She was unable to determine what was the exact species in front of her.

Bai Li Zi Xi pondered for a moment before she called out her Luan, “Go, catch it!”

However, what she wanted to catch was not the tree fungus but a Cliff Goat nearby.

The Cliff Goats were very robust creatures; their hind legs were exceptionally powerful which allows them to jump over a dozen meters in a single leap!

However, its opponent was the Luan Bird. No matter how good its legs were, it was unable to escape the swift claws of the Luan Bird, so it  was eventually brought to Bai Li Zi Xi.

Bai Li Zi Xi flicked her hand and, in  a cold flash, striked the tree fungus on the cliff.

The tree fungus fell and was caught by Bai Li Zi Xi, she proceeded to stuff it into the Cliff Goat’s mouth.

At the same time, she lifted the goat’s head and watched as the Cliff Goat uncontrollably swallowed the tree fungus.

After that, Bai Li Zi Xi smiled and watched it.

After some time and having observed that there were no abnormal reaction, Bai Li Zi Xi made a satisfied expression before she started on harvesting all the remaining fungi growing on the cliff.

Just as she was about to leave, she turned and looked at the Cliff Goat before mumbling, “Lil’ Goat, since you have nothing to do, might as well follow me!”

With a wave of her hand, a long slender cloth flew out and wrapped around the Cliff Goat’s neck and she led it away.

She planned to learn from the ancient doctors; however instead of testing these plant on herself, the Cliff Goat would be the tester instead.


After leaving Nan Gong Bei Cheng, Huan Qing Yan continued to follow the ancient bowl’s notifications and went around harvesting spirit plants.

In front was a series of small trees and each had vibrant red little fruits growing on it

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