Chapter 281: Decision!

“Senior Sister, are we really going part ways with them? Isn’t following him good? If we journey on our own, what if we come across those demonic beasts?” After dinner, when they returned to their own camp, Ning Xue questioned Ning Yan’s choice.

“That’s right. We have our own mission to do. Now that we have arrived at the core of Death Forest, we need to leave in order to search for Death Shrine!” Ning Yan confirmed.

“But we can still follow that guy! Aren’t they also searching for Death Shrine? Furthermore, with him around, our safety wouldn’t be much of a concern,” Ning Wushuang voiced out her opinion.

“Their objective has coincided with ours. But if we have truly discovered Death Shrine, do you think they will split a portion of it with us?” Ning Yan spoke.

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“This…” Both of them hesitated. Cheng Yu seemed to be extremely magnanimous, but everyone had obviously come with the same objective in mind. Besides, there were actually three different factions in their current group. If they were to discover the treasury, it was very obvious that the treasures had to be split into three different portions. Most importantly, Cheng Yu’s side had the lowest amount of people and would be obtaining the most of the best treasures around. In addition, if Death Shrine was to be filled with a large amount of treasure, Huaxian Valley and Cangling Sect would most likely be receiving a bare minimum. After thinking it through, Ning Xue and Ning Wushuang knew that parting ways was a must.

“But Senior Sister, if we are to part ways, what if they discover the treasury before us? Wouldn’t we not be able to receive even a portion of it then?” Ning Wushuang still harbored some feelings of unwillingness.

“You think there’s only our group within Death Forest? Because that strange forest has become normal, I believe lots of other groups have also made it here. Who dares to be so sure that they would definitely locate the treasures? All in all, it boils down to luck,” Ning Yan’s thoughts were a lot more focused than the other two.

“But if we were to part ways, wouldn’t it be more dangerous for us since we have so few people?” Ning Wushuang questioned.

“That’s why we have to search for big and second senior sisters to converge with them. This way our opportunities will increase,” Ning Yan explained.

“Converge? Senior Sister, the core area is so big. How are we going to search for them? Besides, we can’t be sure that they made it to the core area as well. Isn’t this the same as searching for a needle in a haystack?” Ning Wushuang wasn’t confident in the separation idea.

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“Who says they aren’t in the core area?” Ning Yan smiled.

“Senior Sister? How come you know that they entered the core area? Could it be that you are in contact with them? How is that possible?” Ning Xue was shocked.

“Although I can’t contact them, I can sense their location. Therefore, this is also one of the reasons why we must part ways!” Ning Yan expression turned serious.

“Senior Sister, is this true? How did you do that?” Both of them were surprised. They had never knew that Ning Yan possessed such an ability.

“Take a look! This is the sensory pearl our teacher gave me. Both your big and second senior sisters have also received one. A portion of our spiritual soul is stored inside these pearls. By relying on it, the three of us can sense each other’s positions. Thus, we are able to locate each other,” Ning Yan took out a white pearl that had three different colored filaments.

“Sensory pearl? Why haven’t I heard from teacher before?” Ning Xue had never once thought that there was such a mysterious pearl.

“Wait until you are to lead a group of people on an important mission, then teacher will give one to you!” Ning Yan kept the pearl away as she spoke.

“So it’s like that!” Both of them seemed to have understood everything.

“Alright. Actually, I know what both of you are thinking. If fate allows it, you will surely meet him again,” Ning Yan commented.

“Senior Sister, what are you talking about? I’m just worried about our safety!” Ning Xue took a quick glance at Ning Wushuang as her face subconsciously turned red.

“Alright. I will not speak much about this. Go rest! We will leave tomorrow morning!” Ning Yan smiled.

“Senior Sister, you can’t bear to part ways with that scoundrel?” Leaving Ning Yan’s resting area, Ning Wushuang asked Ning Xue.

“Who says so!? I’m just worried about our Junior Sister’s safety. I think you are the one who can’t bear to! Otherwise, why are you so unwilling when Senior Sister mentioned about parting ways?” Ning Xue blushed once again.

“I’m not! Similar to you, I’m just worried about our junior sisters’ safety. Alright. It’s late. Let’s go and rest,” Ning Wushuang spoke perfunctorily before running away.

“Hmph! I knew you harbored some secret motives!” Looking at how Ning Wushuang ran away gloomily, Ning Xue muttered.

“Huh? It’s so late, why is that scoundrel sitting over there?” Ning Xue was about to search for a place to rest when she saw Cheng Yu sitting beside the lake.

“Oi! It’s so late, why aren’t you sleeping? Why are you acting suspiciously?” Ning Xue walked over to Cheng Yu and asked.

“You as well. It’s so late, so why aren’t you sleeping? Are you stealing stuff?” Cheng Yu did not turn around and continued staring at the moon. Now that the three month deadline had passed, Cheng Yu still had no idea how long it would take for him before he would return home. His heart was vexed. Thus, he sat there, looking at the moonlight, and reminiscing about his home. Looking at the bright moonlight, it reminded him of his date with Yang Ruoxue. With no idea of what those women were doing, he wondered if they had thought of him. They couldn’t have forgetten about him, right?!

He truly wished to just return home. Although he had made a great harvest this trip, because of strength, for himself, for his women, for his relatives and future, he needed to endure for another period of time. He needed to locate the Heavenly God Palace. Furthermore, he felt that these few palaces seemed to be connected to him. Especially after he experienced the Arts of Derivation from All Living Things in the Obsessed Palace. Now that he arrived at the last step, he must understand what kind of secrets were being concealed within these palaces.

“You are the one stealing stuff!” Ning Xue replied ill-manneredly. She then sat beside Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu didn’t speak as he continued to stare at the moon. Ning Xue saw that Cheng Yu did not have the intention to continue talking, so she raised her head to stare at him. She saw his perfect outline. Within his expression, there were hints of distress and desire, causing Ning Xue’s heart to tremble.

“You miss home?” Ning Xue enquired softly.

“A little! So many months have passed and this is the first!” Cheng Yu nodded. Thousands of years ago, he had always been alone. Who would have expect that the supposedly dead Cheng Yu would appear in this world. Furthermore, there were still his relatives, friends and family who cared for him.

“Can you tell me where your home is?” Although she knew that the many months Cheng Yu spoke of was utter b*******, she was still able to sense the distress within him.

“Very very far away!” Home? Even he had no idea which home he was missing. That weak mother that he had been dependent on during his immortal times? Or was it this strange and noble family? But regardless of which, both of them were very far away from him. However, he was still able to reach the latter, but as for the former, he would no longer be able to return.

“Then will you return home after leaving this place?” All along, the Cheng Yu Ning Xue saw was an optimistic, shameless and glib-tongued scoundrel. She never expected that he was someone so sentimental.

“Of course. I still have a group of wives waiting for me to go back!” Suddenly, Cheng Yu’s aura changed. He turned his face to Ning Xue and smiled.

“You…this…” Ning Xue was not able to keep up with the change in Cheng Yu. It was too quick, as if he was someone with a split personality. Ning Xue shook her head, looking at the mischievous smile from Cheng Yu. She convinced herself that the person she saw just now wasn’t Cheng Yu. Definitely an illusion.

“Alright, big steamed bun. It’s late. Rest early! I hope that you are all able to make it out alive. I hope to see you again!” Cheng Yu smiled before standing up.

“Oi! Then after I leave, how am I going to look for you in the future?” Ning Xue looked at Cheng Yu’s back, gushing out the words forcefully.

“If fate allows it, we will meet again. Or else, we might not meet again!” Cheng Yu waved his hand, disappearing under the moonlight.

“Hmph! This scoundrel, acting so mysterious. I will definitely locate you!” Ning Xue clenched her fist, and affirmed for herself. The next day, all of them gathered together. However, Huaxian Valley fairies all held an ugly expression, causing the men in Cangling Sect to feel puzzled.

“Brother Cheng Yu, thank you for the care you have shown us these past few days. If a chance arises, I will certainly report the grace you have given us to our sect. Senior Brother Ling Hai, we are parting ways. I hope to see you again. Everyone, take care!” Ning Yan expressed her gratitude to Cheng Yu once again. After that, she clasped her fist to the astonished Ling Hai before leading all her junior sisters away.

“You all be careful yourself. Take care!” Cheng Yu clasped his fist as well.

“Brother Cheng Yu, what’s going on?” Ling Hai saw the sudden changes in the situation, he was puzzled. Wasn’t the journey very peaceful? Why were they suddenly parting ways?

“Oh. Since they arrived at the core area, they wanted to search for their sect members as well. So, they chose to part ways. I wonder what plans Brother Ling Hai has?” Cheng Yu explained. At the same time, he also asked Ling Hai, but the meaning in Cheng Yu’s words were very obvious. Now that they had arrived at the core area, he had completed the promise he made to the two groups. Furthermore, now that Huaxian Valley’s people had left, it should be their turn.

“Er…this…” How could Ling Hai not understand what Cheng Yu meant? It’s just that the departure was too sudden. He didn’t have any time to make any preparations or consideration. With only a dozen disciples around, it was hard for him to guarantee everyone’s safety. He knew that several of his sect members had entered Death Forest, but who knows how many of them had actually made it to the core area? Besides, even if they had made it here, he had no way to locate them!

Ling Hai looked at the direction Ning Yan had left in. Searching for her sect members was definitely a misconception. The core area was so big. Who knew where they would be? But she also had around ten people? Where did she get the courage from to journey separately? Could it be that she had gotten news of her sect members?

Ling Hai’s expression was changing unceasingly. It was very obvious that he was considering what choice he should make at this very moment. However, regardless of which choice he made, Cheng Yu would certainly not allow them to continue following him. He was very sure that the reason why they could follow him was because Cheng Yu had given face to those Huaxian Valley ladies.

“Since it’s like that, we should also part ways here! I’m very grateful for your grace during this period of time. I hope to see you again!” Ultimately, Ling Hai decided to leave. So, he clasped his fist towards Cheng Yu.

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