Chapter 280: Depart!

Under Cheng Yu’s leadership, he allowed everyone to use a flying sword to continue their journey. Seven days later, all of them had finally managed to exit the illusion forest.

“Is this the core region of Death Forest? So magnificent!” A few ladies surveyed their surroundings and cried out in surprise. Actually, there was not much of a difference between the illusion forest and the core region. What caused the masses to be bewildered was that the environment at the core region was not what they imagined it to be. Therefore, even if none of them had been here before, they were still able to tell that they had managed to exit from the illusion forest and entered into the core area.

The trees before them were so tall to the point of penetrating the skies, and the vegetation was exuberant with flowers as well as crystal clear rivers. This was simply like a picturesque landscape. What made them even more surprised was that they were actually able to hear crickets around them. This was simply too inconceivable. It was commonly known that places that demonic beasts existed in wouldn’t give birth to any ordinary living beings. However, in this place that was filled with danger, they had actually heard crickets. How could they not be surprised?

“This is simply a land of idyllic beauty. Unbelievable! All along, the unfathomable Death Forest actually had such a magnificent landscape!” Ning Yan couldn’t help but sigh. At the side of the crystal clear river, a few deer had lowered their heads and were drinking water. As for the grassland, a few rabbits were hopping around. It was truly a hard to come by such tranquility and harmony.

“Usually, the more tranquil the place is, the more dangerous it is,” Although Cheng Yu had also been shocked by the landscape before him, he didn’t believe that this place would actually be as safe as it seemed. Although everything seemed very perfect, Cheng Yu was still able to sense something weird was going on. The illusion forest could be said to have joined itself with the core region. However, both areas had a totally different situation.

Within the illusion forest, the vegetation was very little. Other than dangerous demonic beasts, there was basically nothing else there. But after crossing the line that segregated both the areas, it was as if the illusion forest was a hell while the core region was a heaven. The disparity was simply too large! Therefore, looking at everything before him, Cheng Yu’s expression turned grave. In such a situation, it caused him to feel that everywhere was filled with danger.

“I heard that Nascent Soul cultivators wouldn’t be able to enter the core region of Death Forest? Do you know why?” Cheng Yu couldn’t understand why Nascent Soul cultivators couldn’t enter the core region. He couldn’t feel any cultivation restriction placed around here. Could it be because his cultivation was too low?

“I don’t understand as well. My teacher never told me the reason before!” Ning Yan was also very curious about the reason, but the elders seemed to be very reluctant in telling them the secret.

“What about you people?” Cheng Yu looked at Ling Hai and the others.

“We aren’t sure either. Regarding this issue, it seems like all the sects aren’t willing to tell the public the reason for that. It was as if they had come to an agreement!” Ling Hai commented.

“Everyone be careful once you enter. Try your best not to touch any seemingly ordinary objects. Don’t be confused by the looks. Perhaps, the danger lies behind what can’t be seen before you!” Cheng Yu warned everyone. He then took the initiative to walk into the picturesque landscape. Seeing how Cheng Yu acted, a majority of them felt that he was just being too superstitious. They felt that Cheng Yu was just too cautious, so much so that he seemed to be making a big fuss over a small issue. Tian Xue felt injustice for Cheng Yu when she saw their expressions. She felt that these people didn’t know how to appreciate his kindness. If it wasn’t for Cheng Yu, would it be so easy for them to reach this place?

Besides, Cheng Yu was being considerate towards them and they actually showed their contempt instead. She truly wished that karma would strike them hard. Naturally, Cheng Yu also saw their expressions. However, he never paid any heed to such things. If they believed him, they would listen. If they didn’t, so be it. In any case, the life is theirs. If they wish to seek death, he would never stop them. The moment he stepped into the core region, Cheng Yu utilized the four keys to sense his surroundings. Now that Cheng Yu had gathered all four shrine protector keys, his perception ability had grown wider. This caused Cheng Yu to feel very elated.

At least, the search had become a lot easier. But the core region was actually bigger than any of the regions that Cheng Yu had been to. Thus, the search wasn’t that easy after all,
“Brother Cheng Yu, now that we have entered the core region of Death Forest, I wish to bring my sisters along to search for our fellow sect sisters. We no longer wish to trouble you. I hope you can consent!” Having journeyed for a day without any danger, Ning Yan voiced out her opinion when they were setting up their camp.

For the past few days, Huaxian Valley disciples had gotten closer to Cheng Yu and his gang. Especially so when it was during the night, whenever they set up their camp, they would gather around Cheng Yu. Such a setting caused Cangling Sect disciples to drown in envy. Hearing Ning Yan’s words, Cheng Yu was not at the least surprised by it. As for Tian Xue, she couldn’t wait for it to happen. She felt that they should have left long ago. Now that she had mentioned it out of her own initiative, this was simply what she was waiting for. However, those junior sisters of Ning Yan were astonished. For this recent period of time, they had gotten along quite well with Cheng Yu. Not only would they not need to worry for danger, every night, there would be delicious roasted meat for them to eat.

The past few days were simply their most relaxing and leisure-filled days since they had entered into Death Forest. It was no longer a training to them, but more like an excursion. Hearing that they were about to be seperated from Cheng Yu, all of them were unwilling. It was especially so for Ning Wushuang and Ning Xue. Ever since they had been taken advantage of by Cheng Yu, they started to annoy Cheng Yu everyday, under their sisters’ instigation.

In the end, Cheng Yu could no longer tolerate anymore of their annoyances, so he took out the artifacts to do an exchange with their sect sisters. Under their pestering, Cheng Yu had to take out a few supreme-grade spiritual artifacts for Ning Yan and allowed her to choose. This caused the impression of Cheng Yu to rise in their hearts. Although Cheng Yu enjoyed such actions, such actions had actually caused Cangling sect’s disciples to fume in anger. Why couldn’t they be born as women?! As for Tian Xue, she was easily irritated for those days, scolding Cheng Yu as a gigolo everyday.

After these interactions, the impression of Cheng Yu had changed tremendously for Ning Wushuang and Ning Xue. They felt that although this man kept on addressing them as big steamed bun and small steamed bun, other than showing those perverted expression and occasionally taking advantage of them, Cheng Yu would never do much to them. In contrast, it could be said that he was actually accommodating to them. This caused them to develop the feel of being doted upon, and causing a drastic change in their hearts. However, just when the duo were looking forward to their upcoming days, Ning Yan had actually proposed to separate from Cheng Yu! At the bottom of their hearts, they were very unwilling to do so.

“Sure! However, be careful yourself. Furthermore, try your best not to take out those spiritual artifacts I have given you people, so as to avoid others finding trouble with you,” With regards to Ning Yan proposition to go their own way, this was exactly what he had been waiting for. According to Cheng Yu’s calculation, he should have already exceeded his three month deadline. He needed to put in all his effort to search for the Heavenly God Palace as well as that nuisance, Death Palace, before returning home. However, with Huaxian Valley and Cangling Sect people around, he had no choice but to delay the matters. It would be impolite of him to chase them away. Now that she had proposed it, how could Cheng Yu not be willing?

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“Thank you for your friendly reminder. With regards to the favor you have given to us, I will definitely report it to the sect, and convey the thanks we have for you,” Ning Yan spoke gratiously. Her impression of Cheng Yu had also changed tremendously. Although he would occasionally tease others, at the very least he was very generous and paid huge importance to comradery. But the current her was representing her sect. All her actions had to benefit the sect in some way.

Following Cheng Yu was indeed very relaxing and comfortable. But she had also accepted her teacher’s mission. She needed to obtain the upcoming treasure. If she were to be with Cheng Yu, if they were to really discover any treasure, she would never be able to obtain any benefits. Although Cheng Yu was generous, when facing an alluring treasure, she believed that no one would not be aroused by it and would be willing to gift it to others. Therefore, for the treasure, they needed to be separate and search for it themselves.

Of course, searching for their own sect sisters was also one of their objectives. After all, their big martial sister as well as second martial sister had also brought two other groups in. If they were to converge, it couldn’t be any better. The reason why Ning Yan didn’t propose this the moment they entered the core region was because she wanted to understand the situation inside the region first. If it was too dangerous, she would never propose the parting of their own ways. At the very least, it wouldn’t be so quickly. But after a day of observation and understanding, she realized there wasn’t much danger here. She felt that she had the ability to lead the group to search for treasure in this region.

Cheng Yu did not have any complex thoughts like Ning Yan. His objective was very simple. “If you wish to follow me, I can ensure your safety. Once you leave, I will never interfere.”

“Have a safe trip then, Beauty Ning Yan!” Cheng Yu laughed. For her to report it to the sect also signified that she was sending a signal, a friendly signal. To Cheng Yu, this was actually good. At the very least, they wouldn’t become enemies. Ning Yan was also very helpless. Previously, she was also very angry with how Cheng Yu had addressed her. However, it was useless correcting him as no matter how many times she corrected him, Cheng Yu would still address her that manner.

When they were roasting the meat together, none of them spoke. Everyone was silent. Previously, the noisiest time would be when they were roasting meat with Cheng Yu. However today, none of them had the mood to speak. Noticing the situation, Ning Yan was also very helpless. But what other choice did she have? For the sect’s benefits, they had to leave.

“What’s wrong with you people today? Could the meat that I roasted today not be to your liking?” Sensing how none of them had the intention to speak, Cheng Yu sprinkled the seasoning onto the meat as he spoke.

“Are you very happy?” Seeing how Cheng Yu seemed to not be affected by their upcoming departure, Ning Wushuang was very unhappy.

“Shouldn’t I be happy?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“You are heartless!” Ning Xue spoke.

“For you to have said such a sentence, it shows that you are even more heartless. Whatever you ate everyday was mine and you still needed me to safeguard you. Furthermore, all of you got a spiritual artifact from me. You tell me, where is your conscience?” Cheng Yu replied ill-manneredly.

“You…I…you’re a man. How can you be so calculative?!” Ning Xue’s face reddened.

“Wrong! I am a handsome, confident and domineering man. It is because I’m such a man that I have never said anything about it. This is something you have pointed out yourself.”

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“…Shameless,” Ning Xue rolled her eyes.

“Here here here. Everyone have your dinner! In the future, you will no longer be able to enjoy such a moment,” Cheng Yu ignored her and divided the roasted meat to everyone else.

“Senior Sister, are we really parting ways? Isn’t following him good? If we part ways and come across any demonic beasts, we will be in big trouble,” Finishing her dinner, while returning to their tents, Ning Xue asked Ning Yan.

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