Chapter 231: You Are Not As Good As Ye Jian (4)

Stubbornly, she forcefully pushed on, “Even so, my Ying Ying could have still participated. Its all because of that darned girl Ye Jian’s scheming, causing my Ying Ying such injustice…”

“Get… OUT!” She hadn’t finished speaking when Ye Zifan—who could not put up with her any longer—stormed towards her from the back and pointed towards the classroom door, his eyes shooting daggers at her. “How longer do you intend to shame us father and daughter?! Take a look at yourself. Even these middle school kids look down upon you, and yet you still have the guts to utter nonsense here?!”

Ye Ying let out a tiny smile, “Dad, I’ve already done the preparations for a school transfer. With Mum causing so much chaos, I can no longer remain here in this school.”

“No you won’t, if anyone has to leave it should be that darned…ah!”

A piercing screech reverberated across the classroom. What was more shocking was that… the Mayor had actually sent a tight slap across his wife’s face, and that to in front of all the students and teachers.

The slap was so hard that a red outline of the mayor’s hand could be seen plastered across his wife’s cheek.

“You asked for it, one slap probably isn’t enough either.”

“No wonder he’s fit to be Mayor, suppressing his anger until now, it’s no easy feat.”

“Not bad, he’s proven to be worthy of the title of Mayor by displaying his superiority over his wife.”

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These fifteen and sixteen-year-old children weren’t ignorant, but neither was their thinking completely mature. As a result, their casual remarks that were based on their vague understanding of the situation was troubling.

Sun Dongqing’s eyes met those of her husband’s, his rage seemed to bare an immense amount of killing intent. Not daring to retaliate back with a slap of her own, her hand covered her cheek as chills crept up her spine. “Y-y-you h-hit me?!”

“Sun Dongqing, take a look at yourself! Have you any more shame?!” At this point Ye Zifan even thought about divorce… if he could, he would have done so a long time ago! Such a stupid wife, if he doesn’t do anything about it, sooner or later, he would be terribly screwed over by her!

That slap robbed Sun Dongqing of her arrogance, crushing her boastful expression to bits. But it also brought about elation amongst the entire class of students.

Though it is wrong to hit others, slapping someone who truly deserved it… everyone pretended not to notice. Even Secretary Wu chose to ignore it.

He cleared his throat, and continued his speech with regards to Ye Jian, “Now that we’re done talking about the award, let’s talk about something else important. I trust that after hearing this, all of you will definitely thank Ye Jian even more.”

Was it possible not to thank her? All of the students in Fu Jun Middle School who were ranked in the top ten of their cohort would obtain a scholarship worth 1000 dollars. The remaining students would attain a scholarship worth 600 dollars!

The whole classroom, no, the whole school, erupted in a flurry of excitement.

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They had always believed that scholarships were only available in university. Who knew that even junior high school students could obtain them as well, and it was all thanks to the effort of Ye Jian from Year 2 Class 2!

Forget the student, even the teachers had scholarships!

Gao Yiyang, who had yet to leave the class, knew about this earlier than anyone else. He gazed at the humble smile across the Ye Jian’s face: who was surrounded by the applause of her peers and still remained calm, a faint smile resembling that of raindrops appeared on his cold face.

“Oh my, look at that smile on Gao Yiyang’s face. He’s so dashing.” An Jiaxin, whose palms were almost numb from looking at the gentle smile of a guy, turned to Ye Jian and teased her, “He especially defended you just now. Do you think he’s into you?”

Laughing more intensely now, she continued, “Ah, how blissful this is! Ye Ying is going to be so pissed again to the point that she’ll puke blood.”

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