Chapter 230: You Are Not As Good As Ye Jian (3)

“Mayoress, your defamation of Ye Jian is baseless; I don’t see how you can badmouth Ye Jian so confidently.  Is it because you think that as the mayor’s wife, you can do anything you please and falsely accuse anyone you dislike?”

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Every word that he uttered was like a slap across Ye Zifan’s face, causing someone as dignified as him to be so embarrassed in front of a group of students that his face turned red.

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Sun Dongqing was only confident because her husband was present. After being verbally attacked by a middle school student, she knitted her brows and yelled back, “You aren’t any better! Anyone can tell that this is fake with just a glance! Would I not be aware of Ye Jian’s whereabouts? In this video, she’s speaking in a foreign language; it’s obvious that it’s fake!”


“What kind of an older sister are you, always looking to get into disputes with your younger sister?” Sun Dongqing glared at Ye Jian, who took no initiative to respond.


“Oh my! Auntie, Ye Ying doesn’t have the ability to contest with Ye Jian! Is she able to answer the above questions? Had she been able to, she wouldn’t have gotten eliminated during the national competition!”

“One’s dignity is very important! Auntie Sun, have you no shame? How can you be so shameless?”

“Fortunately, my family moved to the city this year. If not, with such a woman as the Mayoress, I would be ashamed to even leave my house!”

More and more students were no longer able to stand Sun Dongqing’s overly haughty behavior. As teens in their rebellious stage, they don’t overthink like adults do and worry about the consequences their family would face if they offended the Mayor and his family. They were sure to express their dissatisfaction.

The mockery stupefied Ye Ying. With a mother so unprepared to deal with problems… wasn’t her life ruined? Right now, it was just her classmates who were mocking her. Before noon, it would be the whole school, and then after today, it would be the entire town.

There was also Ye Jian. She clearly had the opportunity to step in and to rectify this misunderstanding and prevent everything else from happening, but she didn’t! She intentionally wanted Ye Ying to embarrass herself and have no choice but to leave the school!

Ye Jian, Ye Jian! Even if I leave this school today, you won’t be spared!! I swear that I’ll make sure the rest of your life a living hell!

Ye Ying with her head lowered, had a bitter expression—similar to that of an evil witch—plastered across her face. Her eyes held poison that, like fog, refused to dissipate. They were cold, merciless, and filled with hate. She didn’t raise her head in order to look at Ye Jian, fearing that she would loose control and lunge at Ye Jian, ripping Ye Jian’s face apart!

“Well, please allow me to say a few words as well. Student Gao Yiyang, I’m sure you must be tired from standing so long. Have a seat and listen.” It was impossible for Secretary Wu to not notice the suppressed anger on Ye Zifan’s face. But after observing for quite a while, surely he could understand what was going on. Now, it was time for him to say a few words. This issue was something that Mayor Ye had to settle at home with his family.

Walking to the podium, he first introduced himself while paying special attention to the seated Sun Dongqing before smiling, “With regards to Ye Jian winning the Olympiad gold medal, I can attest that it is true and has not been falsified. I’m sure Mayor Ye is clear of this as well.”

“Is that f-f-for real? It’s t-t-true then? This can’t be, didn’t Ying Ying say it was impossible just now?” Although she already understood what was going on, Sun Dongqing still remained in denial.

She would never believe that her daughter was less accomplished than that d*mned lass! She could not accept it since that d*mned lass was just a good for nothing!

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