Chapter 229: You Are Not As Good As Ye Jian! (2)

When one of the Chinese participants wrongly reported one of the steps to solving the question, Ye Jian immediately took over and accurately explained the student’s answer. Her answer was correct in the end and the whole class was able to hear the applause coming from the TV.

“GOOD! Very good!” Sounds of praises could be heard. At that moment, the screen was focused entirely on Ye Jian. Everyone could see the cold sweat seeping out of the other students, but Ye Jian didn’t have any sweat whatsoever. She was absolutely calm and had maintained her composure the whole time!

Her calmness was unmatched and her self-confidence was ever-glowing. From her eyes and her demeanor, it was clear that it wasn’t the Ye Jian who was sitting in their classroom right now… It was like seeing a completely different person.

Especially with the fact that she was also speaking fluent English. Her classmates usually didn’t even hear her speak in class. Who knew that she could speak English fluently? No one!

All of the students were anxiously staring at the TV. Even when the competition was over, they could still feel the tension from the TV. One or two of them were even clenching their fists in secret, waiting for the final result.

Sun Dongqing was dumbfounded. That girl who spoke English like a foreigner in the TV was the d*mned lass Ye Jian? She… she even participated in a competition overseas? Why did all of this seem unreal?

How much more about that lass did she not know?

“Ying Ying, this is… fake, right?” She suspiciously raised her head and gently patted Ye Ying who wasn’t crying anymore. “Why does it seem so fake? You should be the one standing there.”

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Ye Ying did not reply. She was completely stunned and repeatedly murmured, “How is this possible, how is this possible, how could she… No, no, no, impossible, surely this is impossible.”

She didn’t seem alright; it was as if she was in the midst of a nightmare.

The video finally came to an end. When the Chinese group was announced as the winner, thunderous applause resounded throughout the classroom.

However, Sun Dongqing, who hadn’t received a response after calling Ying Ying a few times, was scared to the point that her hands and feet started trembling. She stood up and shouted to the back, “ZiFan, ZiFan, come over and have a look at our daughter! Something’s wrong, something’s seriously wrong!”

She only had one daughter, not a single thing could happen to her!

Ye Ying was definitely not a person who could be defeated easily. After her mother’s shout, she jerked back to her senses.

Staring at the TV, it showed the end of the competition. All the Chinese students and Ye Jian were hugging each other with smiles on their faces… their laughter deeply stung her eyes.

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The sound of applause was much louder than Sun Dongqing’s voice. Her screams only shocked Ye Ying back to reality.

“Mom, I’m fine, just don’t talk anymore.” Ye Ying had a cold expression on her face. Amidst the applause, she said numbly, “You can return with Dad and try to find a way for me to transfer to a different school. I can’t stay in this school any longer…”

Sun Dongqing, whose soul had already flown out from her body in fright, finally heard her daughter speak normally. But after listening to those words, she frowned, “What are you talking about? Transfer to another school? To where? Just study here! Everything in that video is fake, why would you even believe it?! Do you think I don’t know what that lass is capable of?”

She hadn’t realised that Ye Zifan had coldly  glanced at her several times already.

Such a useless woman. It was pointless to ask her to stop and listen; she even barged into the school this time… I don’t even know what trouble she’s caused!

Soon after the video ended, Gao Yiyang was responsible for switching off the power supply. In a low voice, he spoke, “This is why Ye Jian wasn’t in town during the summer vacation. She went to study. After passing the municipal, provincial and national examinations, she went to Sydney, Australia.”

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