Chapter 228: You Are Not As Good As Ye Jian! (1)

“Did Ye Jian spend her whole summer vacation fooling around as the Mayoress described, or whatever it was that she did… it’s all in this video tape. Dear students, all you wish to seek the truth. Let’s all give a round of applause to Mayor Ye and welcome him to the class in order to find out the truth here and now.”

Applause? Is this an applause? This was a slap to the face… The louder the applause, the more slaps he was receiving on his face.

In the end, Ye Zifan—who had never been so embarrassed before in his life—had to pretend that he hadn’t noticed anything, he even shamelessly said “Thank you” before taking a seat next to Secretary Wu at the back of the classroom.

Sitting down, he heard Secretary Wu proclaim profoundly, “Mayor Ye, your wife is a real master. I, Wu Mou, admire her.”

Compared with the unhidden disdain emitting from the children, Secretary Wu was more like the real master, he made Ye Zhifan feel so bitter to the point that he was unable to express his true feelings.

Taking the initiative to shake hands with Secretary Wu, he bitterly said, “I also have a headache; I’ve let you see such an embarrassing scene in front of you again.” He once more shook hands with Principal Chen and repeatedly apologized, “I’m really sorry that my wife has troubled the school again.”

“It’s not the first time, I’m used to it. Mayor Ye, please have a seat.” Principal Chen smiled. Hearing his words, Ye Zhifan felt so awkward that he was unable to maintain his calm and composed demeanour.

Sun Dongqing was happy at first when she saw her husband enter. She believed that he would surely side with her and her daughter.

However, no matter how many times she glanced at him, he didn’t even bother to look in her direction. She felt guilty, and at the same time fear started slowly creeping over her… I didn’t do anything wrong this time. I clearly saw that lass on a date, that’s why I came to the school!

No one spoke in the silent classroom. When the videotape started, the first image that appeared was the blue skies and white clouds of Australia. A plane flew past and then the familiar University of Sydney appeared.

About a minute later, the camera lens turned towards the buses that drove into the campus. Students got off the bus. Under the guidance of a teacher, the students, with only a pencil case in hand, walked past a spacious and bright classroom in an orderly manner.

The camera lens fell onto a horizontal cloth with English words on it that read “Australian Olympiad”. Then, the Chinese translation also appeared on the screen.

During this whole process, there wasn’t any explanation nor any broadcaster. The camera lens only focused on the Chinese students, with most of the close-ups centering on Ye Jian’s figure.

“This was the first day of our participation in the Australian Olympiad. The time given to answer the questions was five hours, but Ye Jian only spent four hours to answer all the questions, earn that day’s high score, and even obtain a high score for the team.”

Gao Yiyang’s hoarse voice slowly explained the scene. There wasn’t much of an introduction, but the students were inexplicably excited.

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Applause suddenly sounded all over the classroom. It grew even louder, when the national anthem was played in the video. They didn’t stop even when their palms turned red.

“The heck! Ye Jian, you’re too smart! Too smart!”

“Look at those nerds, the heck, they’re about to cry! They couldn’t compete with our Ye Jian. Just cry, there’s nothing to be embarrassed of!”

The video was already showing the third day’s speed answering competition. Ye Jian was seen standing alone in front of the examination table, the time difference between the questions being asked and her answering them was just fifteen seconds. At the same time, the video showed how the nervous the players from all over the world were about Ye Jian’s answering speed.

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Till the end, Ye Jian and another boy were pressured to fiercely compete with each other and answer the questions, all of their answers were completely accurate.

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