Chapter 232: You Are Not As Good As Ye Jian (5)

Ye Yiing wasn’t furious to the point that she would puked blood, but she was definitely feeling extremely displeased at this point. The corners of Ye Jian’s lips curved upwards as she chuckled, “You’re overthinking it. From what I know, Gao Yiyang will most likely move to Australia after he graduates from junior high, he may never come back here.”

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“Nah, his grandmother’s still around.”

“I don’t know about that.” Ye Jian waved her hand, showing that there were limits to what she knew. The reason as to why she knew that Gao Yiyang would be moving to Australia after graduating from junior high was because Gao Yiyang’s father had spoken to her during their return trip to China, requesting her help in convincing Gao Yiyang.

Naturally, she didn’t accept requests related to other’s family matters and would immediately reject them, but even so, she knew that with Gao Yiyang’s father’s powerful nature, whatever he had decided wouldn’t change easily.

Besides, Gao Yiyang had to take his entrance exams this year, but he still hadn’t taken them and remained in school to retake his Year 3 lessons…who knew what was going on in his head.

“…The Provincial Education Committee has decided that the title of “Excellent Youth Award” will be awarded to Ye Jian, on the 1st of October, she will receive the certificate and medal at the Provincial People’s Hall.”

On the podium, Secretary Wu’s words resounded through the room, followed by thunderous applause. This meant that Ye Jian was going to have to make a trip to the province on the 1st of October.

Secretary Wu, who finally finished dealing with all of his matters, exchanged a firm handshake with Principal Chen, who had already made his way to the podium.  He smiled, “Principal Chen, Ye Jian has really achieved glory for both the province and the country this time. Thank you so much for nurturing such a bright student. On that day, you must accompany Ye Jian to the province as well.”

“It’s been tough on you, Secretary Wu. When the time comes, I will definitely accompany her.” Principal Chen smiled as he led Secretary Wu out of the classroom. But after a while, he felt uneasy about something and stepped back into the classroom, speaking to Ye Zifan who hadn’t left, “Mayor Ye, I’ll have to request you to take your leave with your wife. A school is a school, and not Mayor Ye’s home.”

Ye Zifan, who remained where he was due to Secretary Wu’s words, immediately replied upon hearing him speak, “A proper explanation has to be given to Ye Jian regarding this matter. My family has brought nothing but trouble to your school today. But my daughter had nothing to do with this, and was only implicated by her mother.”

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Switching back to his originally cold expression, he barked at Sun Dongqing, who was being pulled on by her daughter, “Go apologise, apologise to Ye Jian NOW!”

Ye Zifan had already figured out how to deal with the matter. His daughter would have nothing to do with this. Secretary Wu was a member of the Municipal Education Committee. No matter what, he had to protect the interests of his daughter!

Head lowered, he shot Ye Ying a glance that only a father and daughter would understand, it was as if they had held some sort of a discussion together.

Sun Dongqing’s facial expression changed drastically. She raised her hand and pointed to where Ye Jian was sitting, and screeched, “Let me apologise to this darned girl. Seriously, I really want to kill her now! Ying Ying has already said that she wants a school transfer! She doesn’t want to study in this school anymore!”

“What more do you want, Mum? If you continue to cause a ruckus, do you want to kill me as well?” In an instant, Ye Ying let out a loud shriek, tears running down from from her eyes, red from crying. “Will you only be satisfied when you’ve killed me? Is that it?!”

It was though she had gone mad. She stormed out while speaking, acting as if she had been forced by her mother to commit suicide.


With Ye Ying’s sudden exit from the classroom, the students did not know how to react. Ye Jian, on the other hand, scanned the interior of the classroom, until her cold gaze fixed itself upon Ye Zifan’s face.

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