Chapter 279: Successfully Cheated!

“Wa! Five supreme-grade spiritual artifacts!” Huaxian Valley disciples were all shocked by Cheng Yu’s generosity.

“What’s going on? Didn’t they started quarreling? Why would he take out five supreme-grade spiritual artifacts?” Cangling sect disciples were also taken aback.

“That’s right! Who exactly is this Cheng Yu? Not only is he abnormally strong and possesses a soul artifact, he could still take out so many supreme-grade spiritual artifacts so casually. This is too shocking!”

“Don’t tell me he’s gonna gift these supreme-grade spiritual artifacts to those two Huaxian Valley ladies! I’m so jealous!”

“Aish! If only I was a woman. Perhaps, I can also get one from him. Supreme-grade spiritual artifact is second after the existence of a soul artifact!” Cangling sect’s disciples were glaring with envy. How they wished they could charge over to snatch the five supreme-grade spiritual artifacts.

“Senior Sister, look! Cheng Yu actually took out five supreme-grade spiritual artifacts! Could Senior Sister Ning Xue have gotten their compensation?” One of Huaxian Valley disciples questioned.

“I’m drowning in envy! Senior Sister Ning Xue’s sword was only a supreme-grade treasured artifact and she is being compensated with a supreme-grade spiritual artifact! Truly admirable!”

“I think it’s because of Senior Sister Wushuang. Seems like Cheng Yu has fallen in love with Senior Sister Wushuang. The moment she went over, he took out supreme-grade spiritual artifacts for them without much hesitation.”

“Seems like we should also go over to ask Senior Sister Wushuang for help and get Cheng Yu to ‘upgrade’ our weapon. We don’t need supreme-grade spiritual artifacts, a low-grade spiritual artifact would do.”

“Right! Since he has five supreme-grade spiritual artifacts, I’m pretty sure he should have a bunch of ordinary spiritual artifacts as well,” All the Huaxian Valley disciples were drowning in envy. Ning Yan was also shocked. Supreme-grade spiritual artifacts weren’t something that could be obtained so easily. She herself was only using a low-grade spiritual artifact. At that time, when Wu Ming took out his middle-grade spiritual artifact, it had already caused them to be extremely envious, much less those five supreme-grade spiritual artifact. This Cheng Yu was way too mysterious. Possessing such an abnormal strength, and he also possessed such a substantial amount of treasure. Could he possibly be any of the young sect masters from one of the secluded sects?

“Unfortunately, his character is way too frivolous. Otherwise, for Wushuang to be with him could be considered a blessing in disguise,” Ning Xue pondered.

“You aren’t going to back out, right? Men should always honor their words!” Ning Wushuang couldn’t understand why Cheng Yu would possess so many supreme-grade spiritual artifacts, but when she saw how he seemed to be hesitating, she hastily added-on.

“Haha! How’s that possible? I already said that I would let her pick. Naturally I will let her pick the one she likes,” Cheng Yu laughed. However, in his heart, he was scolding himself. “Karma struck too early!”

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“I want this!” Ning Xue pointed to a jade-colored sword in excitement. That jade sword flew towards Ning Xue the moment Cheng Yu flicked it out.

“Wait! I want that!” Cheng Yu was about to store the other four spiritual artifacts away when Ning Wushuang pulled Cheng Yu, pointing at the white-colored Jade Soul sword.

“Why should I give it to you? I don’t owe you anything,” Cheng Yu replied ill-manneredly. This woman was too shameless. Simply inexplicable!

“You dare to say you don’t owe me? Previously at the river side…” Ning Wushuang cried out in anger. In the past, she could have forgetten about it. But now that there were supreme-grade spiritual artifacts in front of her, the situation was no longer the same. Regardless of how shameless she had to act, she must obtain one.

“I will let you touch me back then!” Cheng Yu lifted up his chest, walking towards Ning Wushuang.

“Shameless. Who wants to touch you! I want that sword. Otherwise, I will marry myself to you!” Ning Wushuang threatened. Previously, she also thought that Ning Xue had really planned to marry herself off to Cheng Yu. However, the sudden change in the situation with Ning Xue’s expression caused her to understand what was going on. Since the start, this scoundrel never had the intention to marry Ning Xue at all. After clearing up the questions she had, Ning Wushuang also used the same tactic.

“Sure! This is what you said yourself. Just now, I was just joking with her. But for you, I had already coveted you for a long time,” Cheng Yu laughed. How could he possibly fall to the same tricks after being duped once? As the saying goes,”Once bitten, twice shy.”

“Ah? This…” Ning Wushuang turned speechless momentarily.

“Let’s have our wedding ritual tonight then!” Cheng Yu said and was about to pull onto Ning Wushuang’s hand.

“I don’t want!” Ning Wushuang flung Cheng Yu’s hand away.

“Since you aren’t willing, forget it then,” Cheng Yu replied and was about to store away the remaining four spiritual artifacts.

“You owe me a spiritual artifact!” Noticing Cheng Yu’s actions, Ning Wushuang yelled and was about to pounce over.

“Evidence?” Cheng Yu blocked Ning Wushuang.

“I don’t care. You ought to be clear what I mean.”

“Then there’s nothing to be discussed,” Cheng Yu held onto the spiritual artifacts.

“I want a spiritual artifact!” Ning Wushuang hastily bit Cheng Yu’s hand, not allowing him to store the spiritual artifacts away.

“Oi! Are you a dog?!” Cheng Yu yelled out in pain. He was afraid of hurting her, thus he didn’t circulate his Qi.

“I want a spiritual artifact!” Ning Wushuang bit Cheng Yu’s arm and did not let it go.

“Ok ok ok. Let go of me first!” Cheng Yu voiced out his helplessness.

“Give it to me first!” Ning Wushuang still didn’t let go, putting her hand in front of Cheng Yu.

“Here! Can you let go now?!” Cheng Yu placed the Jade Soul Sword into Ning Wushuang’s hand.

“Pei! Pei! Pei! So smelly. How long have you not showered?” Obtaining the spiritual artifact, Ning Wushuang let go of his hand, spitting out several mouthfuls of saliva.

“Smelly yet you still bite so hard!” Cheng Yu rolled his eyes, looking at the bite mark on his hand. There were traces of blood. This lass was truly vicious.

“Hmph! Who asked you not to give it to me?” Ning Wushuang hugged the Jade Soul sword, giggling.

“Fine fine. Can you two get lost now? I have already been exploited by the two of you. I have truly suffered a loss today,” Cheng Yu placed out his hands and gestured his helplessness.

“Heh heh! You deserve it!” Ning Wushuang and Ning Xue laughed as they walked out holding hands.

“Senior Brother, you are too generous! Gifting them two supreme-grade spiritual artifacts just like that,” Tian Xing walked to Cheng Yu, giving him a thumbs up. Although Tian Xing had charged into the underground palaces with Cheng Yu and obtained two soul artifacts as well as some spiritual artifacts, the amount of supreme-grade spiritual artifacts he had was only a few. If Tian Xing needed to gift it to others, he would truly be unwilling to. But seeing how Cheng Yu had just gifted two supreme-grade spiritual artifacts, his heart was filled with envy and admiration.

Hearing Tian Xing’s words, Cheng Yu’s face twitched while his heart bled. Yet on the surface, he patted Tian Xing’s shoulder and commented, ”One of the skills to pick up girls is to not be so calculative of the losses that happen in the present. When you obtain her, everything she possesses will be yours. Let alone those two spiritual artifacts. This is called planning long-term for major returns. Go and study the demonstration I displayed just now. I believe you will certainly be in joy once you master it.”

“Pro! Truly a pro! Senior Brother, the admiration I have for you is like a high mountain waterfall, longlasting forever. Truly admirable!” Tian Xing bootlicked. “Pow!”

“Aiya!” Tian Xing cried out as Tian Xue slapped Tian Xing’s head.

“Don’t you ever dare to learn these nonsensical actions from this glib-tongued pervert. Once I return, I am going to tell all of it to Xiao Moli. I want to see if she will ignore you or not!” Tian Xue reprimanded.

“Senior Sister, don’t! You misunderstood me. Although I admire Senior Brother’s acute foresight, I don’t actually approve of such frivolous behavior. I have always been faithful towards Xiao Moli!” Tian Xing immediately sold Cheng Yu away.

“As expected from an unloyal brat. You deserve to be a henpecked male!” Cheng Yu widened his eyes. This shameless bastard, he actually changed sides so quickly. After countless experiences, Tian Xing had come to the conclusion that he would rather offend Cheng Yu than Tian Xue. Offending Tian Xue was like standing at the tip of an active volcano, unsure of when it would erupt. Therefore, during crucial points, Tian Xing would change sides without any hesitation!

“Senior Sister, you have really obtained the supreme-grade spiritual artifact?! Let us take a look at it!” Seeing Ning Xue and Ning Wushuang returning with victory, Ning Zi looked at them in envy.

“Wa! It’s really a supreme-grade spiritual artifact! This is too awesome, I also want one!” Ning Xue and Ning Wushuang took out their spiritual artifacts and the others were voicing out their envy.

“Senior Sister Wushuang, it turns out that you really have an affair with Cheng Yu! Why bother keeping it a secret from us? How about helping all of us get a spiritual artifact from him? A low-grade one and I will be satisfied,” At this moment, Ning Zi ran over to hug Ning Wushuang’s hand and acted coquettishly.

“That’s right! Wushuang, you should help all of us get one as well!” All her senior and junior sisters surrounded Ning Wushuang.

“Er…there’s really nothing going on between us. Senior Sister Ning Xue can testify this. I didn’t demand this spiritual artifact, but obtained it through duping him like Senior Sister Ning Xue,” Ning Wushuang narrated awkwardly.

“Wushuang, what are you talking about? What dupe? He gave it to us willingly,” Ning Xue corrected.

“Ah? Senior Sister Ning Xue demanded this? What’s going on?” Ning Zi asked curiously. The other senior and junior sisters of theirs were also very curious, including Ning Yan. Ning Wushuang narrated the ‘marriage scam’ Ning Xue had come up with while Ning Xue narrated Ning Wushuang’s wild dog act, causing both of them to turn red with embarrassment. All of their senior and junior sisters were shocked. This works as well? This is truly too inconceivable.

“Senior Sister, you were like this and he agreed to give both of you a supreme-grade spiritual artifact?” Everyone was shocked. This supreme-grade spiritual artifact came at such a cheap price? Wasn’t this the same as gifting it? Should they go and try out the tactics themselves?

“Heh heh, who cares. In any case, I have gotten what I wanted,” Ning Wushuang hugged the Jade Soul Sword, voicing out her satisfaction.

“Senior Sister, this is a supreme-grade spiritual artifact. Regardless of how wealthy he is, it’s impossible for him to have reached the degree of him gifting supreme-grade spiritual artifacts so casually! Could this Cheng Yu had truly fallen for you both?” Ning Zi felt that all of this was too inconceivable. Thus, she speculated.

“…” Hearing Ning Zi’s words, Ning Wushuang and Ning Xue were both taken aback. They also felt that obtaining two supreme-grade spiritual artifacts so easily was simply too inconceivable. Could he really have fallen in love with both of them? Both of them looked over at Cheng Yu. Just as they did, he was waving his hand towards them. When their glances met with his smile, their faces immediately turned red.

“Two Senior Sisters, I think that it’s either Cheng Yu has fallen in love with you two or that both of you have fallen in love with him. Look at how bashful both of you have become!” One of the female disciples looked at the duo and teased them.

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“Little lass, what are you saying?! See how I’m going to tear your mouth open!” Ning Xue and Ning Wushuang turned embarrassed.

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