Chapter 278: Duped?

“You can also tell? Don’t you feel that she’s very interesting?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Hmph. Not even a bit!” Tian Xue’s heart was boiling with fury. He actually teased another woman in front of her, making it seem as if she was worse than the other woman. This point caused Tian Xue to feel truly angry. Cheng Yu laughed, but didn’t continue to explain himself. In fact, it was impossible for him to fall in love with Ning Xue. He was just someone who had always liked to tease beauties.

In addition, he wanted to let Tian Xue know the real him. He was such a person. The more she hated him, the faster the feelings she had for him would disappear. Not only could this avoid the feelings that were continuing to develop, it could also help her abandon the idea of being with him.

“Senior Sister, did you not get your compensation?” Witnessing Tian Xue stomping her feet back, Ning Zi inquired caringly.

“That person is too infuriating! He’s unmoved even by force or persuasion! Junior Sister Wushuang, why do you not help me ask for it?” Ning Xue looked at Ning Wushuang and said.

“Me? How am I going to ask for it?” Ning Wushuang was flabbergasted.

“You see, he even bothered to roast meat for you. It shows that he’s interested in you. If you go, you will certainly be able to get my compensation,” Ning Xue hadn’t eaten anything for the night. When she saw the roasted meat in front of her, she quickly took a piece and started eating.

“Senior Sister, my relation with that scoundrel is exactly the same as yours. I’m not going to talk to him!” Ning Wushuang spoke. She had already been taken advantage of by Cheng Yu. Naturally, she knew that she wasn’t his opponent. Now that even Ning Xue had also been taken advantage of, she didn’t want to be like Ning Xue, and be embarrassed in front of so many people.

“Junior Sister, you are not going to help me? I often treated you so well. Now that Senior Sister is encountering a problem, how can you say such words?!” Ning Xue gobbled the meat as she spoke sorrowfully.

“This…I know Senior Sister always treated me very well. But that scoundrel is too hateful. We basically can’t do anything to him!” Ning Wushuang spoke in distress.

“It’s fine. Senior Sister believes in you. Once you go to him, he will definitely give you face!” Ning Xue finished eating the roasted meat in her hand as she started pulling Ning Wushuang with her.

“Senior Sister, can they really win against that guy?” Ning Zi looked at the duo as she asked Ning Yan.

“Aish! Let them go,” Ning Yan also voiced out her helplessness. She had to be blamed for being too nice to them. Now that there were so many people around, she believed Cheng Yu wouldn’t do anything too excessive.

“Yo! Big steamed bun and small steamed bun. Why are both of you here? Is it because the roasted meat I cooked is very nice, so you are here to thank me?” Cheng Yu leaned his back on a tree as he smiled towards Ning Xue and Ning Wushuang.

“Please show some respect to us!” Previously she had not known. But now that she knew the meaning behind steamed bun, Ning Xue would certainly not allow him to address them as that. If others knew what it meant, how was she going to face others in the future?

“Sure, big steamed bun!” Cheng Yu replied seriously.

“You…hmph! I’m magnanimous and I’m not going to lower myself to your level!” Ning Xue was unable to debate against Cheng Yu, so she didn’t want to bicker with him too much. She gently poked Ning Wushuang.

“Then why are the two of you here for?” Cheng Yu glanced at the duo.

“Cheng Yu, you destroyed my Senior Sister’s sword. I hope you can compensate with another one to my Senior Sister!” The one who had been addressed as small steamed bun still had yet to understand the meaning behind it. Since she couldn’t understand it, she was not really bothered by it.

“On what basis?” Cheng Yu sized up the duo.

“On the basis of you destroying my Senior Sister’s sword,” Ning Wushuang spoke truthfully.

“Big steamed bun, is this the savior you brought? Let me tell you, I will not yield under the two of your tyrannical attitudes!” Cheng Yu ignored them before closing his eyes.

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“Oi! Are you gonna compensate me or not? If you aren’t, I will no longer be polite,” Ning Wushuang saw how arrogant Cheng Yu was acting, so she got furious. Cheng Yu actually started to snore!

“Truly too much! Watch my move!” With the two of them being ignored. Ning Xue could no longer hold herself back. Once again, she initiated a move towards Cheng Yu. Just when Ning Xue’s fist was about to hit Cheng Yu’s face, Cheng Yu grabbed her fist. After that, with a push, she was forced back. At this moment, Ning Wushuang’s leg had also kicked towards Cheng Yu’s head and her leg was also grabbed by Cheng Yu. Similarly, she was pushed back.

“You relied on your abnormal strength to bully us. What kind of heroic act is this!” Ning Xue and Ning Wushuang yelled out in unison.

“Then your strength is so weak. Who are you to step on my head?” These two women were truly very interesting. It was obviously them who came seeking troubles with him. Why did it become him bullying them?

“We did not step on your head! We just wanted you to compensate what you had destroyed!” Ning Wushuang spoke furiously.

“Compensation? Haha! It’s really funny. You lifted up your sword with the intention to kill me, yet you come asking me for compensation after you are unable to do so? From which part of the events do you think it’s right for me to compensate you?”

“It’s your wrong because you started roasting meat first! My Senior Sister had come over to dissuade you. Not only did you not listen to her, you also destroyed her weapon. In addition, in the midst of doing so, you even spoiled my Senior Sister’s reputation. How is that not your fault?” Ning Wushuang spoke justifyingly.

“En. Seems justifiable. However, what does it have to do with you when I’m roasting meat?”

“We are now in the same group. You roasting meat can possibly attract demonic beasts here, and bring harm to our safety. How does this have nothing to do with us?” Ning Wushuang seemed prepared to win the debate.

“Fine! But you all had also eaten my roasted meat. We are even,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“You…hmph! I knew it. They always said to be beware of suspicious gifts, as they are sure to be filled with ill-intentions. So you were just waiting for this!” Ning Wushuang voiced out her fury. She wanted to say that she did not eat any. But all of her other senior and junior sisters had eaten it, including Ning Xue.

“Haha! You’re flattering me. I have really given the roasted meat to you guys to enjoy, but you have forced me to say such words!” Cheng Yu spoke complacently.

“Senior Sister, see! I knew Senior Brother wasn’t someone who would fall for female charms so easily,” Hearing Cheng Yu’s words, Tian Xing finally knew why Cheng Yu would give them a portion of their roasted meat as he whispered happily to Tian Xue. Tian Xue also felt a lot better after hearing what Cheng Yu said. At least this person wasn’t as hopeless as she thought him to be. If Cheng Yu were to hear what Tian Xing said, no one knew how he would feel because Cheng Yu had really gifted them the meat out of good will. Basically, he had never thought of such a thing until Ning Wushuang had said those words.

“Hmph! As if I would believe your words. Let’s not talk about you destroying my Senior Sister’s sword first. But you had spoiled my Senior Sister’s reputation. Regardless of how we see it, it’s your fault!” Ning Wushuang ignored how Ning Xue’s face had reddened as she continously pinched her.

“En. This is indeed my fault. Small steamed bun, I have truly underestimated you,” Cheng Yu nodded his head. Cheng Yu didn’t expect this small steamed bun to actually be so good in debating.

“Very good! Since you have admitted to it, then shouldn’t you compensate my Senior Sister?” Ning Wushuang saw Cheng Yu admitting to his mistake, so she interrogated him complacently. Ning Xue had also become very happy. Unexpectedly, this Junior Sister of her’s was actually so smart. She could actually make Cheng Yu admit his wrongs!

“Naturally. Since I spoiled big steamed bun’s reputation, then I shall marry her tonight!” Cheng Yu replied seriously.

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“WHAT!” Cheng Yu’s words caused Ning Wushuang and Tian Xue to be flabbergasted. Wasn’t it supposed to be a compensation with a sword? How did it become marriage? Tian Xue’s complexion had turned green due to anger as she tightly clenched her teeth.

“You hoodlum! What nonsense are you sprouting? Who wants to marry you? I just wanted you to compensate me,” Ning Xue reacted as she quickly hid her embarrassment.

“Since I spoiled your reputation, I can only marry you home. This is the compensation I have for you. If you aren’t willing, then it’s not my problem anymore. It’s you who aren’t willing to accept this compensation,” Although Ning Wushuang was good in bickering, Cheng Yu wouldn’t concede to her so easily. Worst come to worst, he will at most have another wife. Although the current him did not have such an intention, in the end, he was still a man. Who wouldn’t want an extra beauty beside him?

“How can you be so shameless? Want to marry my Senior Sister? Dream on! We only wanted some physical compensation,” Ning Wushuang looked at Cheng Yu with disgust.

“Che! Speaking as if you were the one being taken advantage of. In any case, I only have my body. Take it if you want. Or else, forget it,” Cheng Yu spoke shamelessly.

“Why are you so unreasonable?!” Ning Wushuang voiced out her resentment. When she saw the hateful countenance of Cheng Yu’s, she really hoped to go forward and give him a bashing. Unfortunately, she wasn’t his match.

“I’m being very reasonable. It’s you two who are being unreasonable. Marrying her after spoiling her reputation is very justifiable. Since you two aren’t willing, then dream on about getting other stuff.”

“I’m willing!” Suddenly, Ning Xue shouted out.

“…” Instantly, everyone quieted down as they looked at Ning Xue.

“What did you say?!” Cheng Yu was also shocked. He didn’t mishear it, right?! She’s willing?!?!

“I said that I’m willing!” Ning Xue subconsciously turned red after being stared at by everyone. However, she still gave Cheng Yu a resolute reply.

“Senior Sister, what are you saying? Have you turned mad? How can you marry him?!” Ning Wushuang was alarmed.

“Cough cough! Big steamed bun…er, miss Ning Xue, I’m just spouting nonsense just now. Don’t take it for real. Compensate, I will compensate you a good sword,” Cheng Yu was stunned. He was just joking and she actually treated it for real. Especially that resolute reply he got from her. Cheng Yu took out five supreme-grade spiritual artifacts and placed it in front of Ning Xue, ”Miss Ning Xue, pick any one you like. Take it as my compensation to you.”

“Supreme-grade spiritual artifact? You are really going to let me pick any one?” Ning Xue voiced out her astonishment. On the other hand, Ning Wushuang was also shocked. Five supreme-grade spiritual artifacts were too alluring.

“Right right right. Pick any one you like!” Cheng Yu nodded.

“You said so yourself! I didn’t force it on you,” Ning Xue voiced out her excitement.

“Hmm…” Cheng Yu saw how quick Ning Xue had changed her expression. He felt that he had been duped! But now that words had already been put forth, it would be unreasonable for him to take it back, right?

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