Chapter 273: Everyone is a Coward in Love (09)

Huh?  Zhuang Nai Nai looks at him, stunned.

Now that she thinks about it, Si Zheng Ting seemed to have carried something on the day that they fought.  He seemed to have thrown the object to the wall in anger as well.

She was too angry and too hurt to pay it any attention back then.

Was he planning to give her the notebook back then? 

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Zhuang Nai Nai’s heart blooms happily.  She excitedly hugs the notebook, forgetting to thank the housekeeper as she runs to her room.

She throws herself to the bed and turns on the notebook.  When she sees the background picture of the desktop, she becomes even more excited.  She likes the artwork so much.  If she had been thankful earlier on, she now wants to kowtow in front of him.

He still remembers her preference!

Although she does not dare to harbour hope that he designs this himself, the fact that he has bothered to order people to design it to suit her taste is already very kind on his part.

She jumps up from the bed happily and twirls about the room.

The notebook already has all the necessary softwares, even the ones that she needs in order to design.


Si Zheng Ting walks out of his study after a very busy morning.  He looks at the housekeeper, “Where is Madam?”

The housekeeper laughs, “Madam is inside your room.”

Si Zheng Ting simply says, “En.”  He turns around to go upstairs, but is stopped by the housekeeper’s words, “I already gave her that notebook that you prepared for her.  She seemed very happy.”

Si Zheng Ting stops in his steps as he raises his eyebrows.  He gave it to her?

His cheeks inexplicably heats up.

He clears his throat, before coldly says, “Busybody.”  There is not a trace of malice or anger in his voice.

He walks upstairs and stops in front of their room.  He pushes the door slightly open.

Zhuang Nai Nai is happily twirling inside the room, the sun from the window illuminating her body, casting her a surreal glow.  She is smiling very happily.

Si Zheng Ting stands there for a long time, unconsciously smiling.

Seeing her so happy, he does not have the heart to enter the room and ruin the atmosphere for her.

She runs back to the bed and plays with the notebook again, excitedly saying, “I love you to death, Si Zheng Ting!”

She loves him to death?

His head turns blank.

She loves him to death…..?

Even though he knows that it is only to signify her gratitude, his heart unwittingly melts.

That sentence is the most pleasant thing he has ever heard.

His ears turn red as warmth fills his heart.  He feels as though he is standing on thin air, everything feels lightweight and surreal.

His smile gradually turns bigger.

She loves him to death.

How could he bear to let her die, though?

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Si Zheng Ting’s usually cold eyes are filled with warmth and joy.

The housekeeper and the other staffs who have just gotten upstairs to clean, are shocked to see that smile on his face.

They look at each other in disbelief: is Mr. Si really smiling right now?

Si Zheng Ting stands outside for a very long time, before finally returning to his study, not wanting to disturb her.

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