Chapter 272: Everyone is a Coward in Love (08)

The room descends into silence.  Her faint breathing invokes sympathy from Si Zheng Ting. 

He closes his laptop and sits there, quietly listening to the sound of her breathing.  At this moment, he feels as though they are really together.

He is willing to pay any price if it means that he can grow old with her.

The corners of his lips rise as he gets up, walking towards the bed.  He fixes the blanket on her properly before going downstairs.

The family doctor has arrived to clean his wound.  His wound has been hidden the entire time by his fringe.

The housekeeper sighs on the sideline.  Madam finally forgives Sir after he got hurt for her.


Ji Chen has requested a couple of days of leaves for Zhuang Nai Nai.  By the third day, she has almost turned crazy from boredom.  Si Zheng Ting has been accompanying her at home, but since he is really busy, he stays in the study room most of the time.

They have barely talked to each other, these past few days.  Their interaction is limited to Si Zheng Ting putting some dishes on her bowl during mealtimes and Zhuang Nai Nai thanking him.

Even at night, he does not return to their room to rest.

Despite everything, what makes Zhuang Nai Nai really happy is that Si Zheng Ting no longer treats her like an enemy.  Although they are no longer how they used to be, at least they treat each other with respect now.

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Zhuang Nai Nai is already very happy with their current situation. 

She walks around in the garden, intending to take fresh air.  Her good mood is ruined by a phone call from Gu De Shou.

She forgot about the draft designs!

She does not answer the call and sends him a message afterwards; ‘Di Hao’s draft designs are not ready yet.  Give me a couple more days.’

The scenery in the garden is no longer as appealing as it had been 5 minutes prior.  She hastily makes her way back to her room.

She stumbles upon the housekeeper who is giving instruction to the rest of the staffs on where to clean.  The housekeeper nods at her in acknowledgement.

She looks at the direction of Si Zheng Ting’s office.  Will he finds her troublesome if she asks to borrow his laptop?

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As she contemplates over her choices, she hears the housekeeper asking her, “Do you need any help with anything, Madam?”

Her eyes light up as she looks at him.

Si Zheng Ting is not the only person here who has laptop!  The housekeeper ought to have one as well!

She grabs him by the arm, “Do you have any laptop or computer that is not being used, Uncle Li?  Can I borrow it for a moment?”

The housekeeper looks upstairs, as though deep in thought, before saying, “Please wait for a moment, Madam.”

The housekeeper goes to his own room and walks out moments later, carrying a notebook.

The notebook is pink and very very beautiful, just the type that a girl would like.

The way she looks at him changes before she bursts into laughter, “Hahaha, no wonder you are not married, Uncle Li….. You have a different taste!”

The housekeeper: …………….

Uncle Li’s hand trembles.  He really wants to throw the newly fixed notebook to the ground.

He clears his throat, “Madam, I think you misunderstood something.  Sir threw this to the wall and broke it the other day.  I sent it to be repaired afterwards.  I believe, Sir had planned to gift this to you.”

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