Chapter 277: In Love with Her?

“It was obviously you who made a move first. Now you want to dishonor my reputation, and defame my heroic image? I had yet to ask you for the damage you caused me and you came asking me for compensation?” Cheng Yu laughed.

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“Shameless! What reputation do you have? Even if there is one, it’s certainly a bad one. Is there a need for me to defame you? But you broke my sword and everyone saw it. You have to compensate me,” Ning Xue looked at Cheng Yu in disdain.

“Are you hungry?” Cheng Yu did not reply to her question, but changed to another topic.

“Huh…not hungry!” Ning Xue was startled. She was talking about compensation but why was he asking her another question? His line of thoughts had changed too fast, right?

“Hmm! Here!” Cheng Yu hummed before throwing a piece of roasted meat over to Ning Xue.

“…” Black lines immediately appeared on Ning Xue’s forehead. Didn’t this person understand her? She had clearly stated that she wasn’t hungry. However, when the roasted meat’s aroma assailed her nose, her stomach grumbled. Still, she spoke out firmly, ”I said I wasn’t hungry!”

“Stop being overly sensitive. I didn’t say it’s for you. I’m asking you to pass it over to small steamed bun,” Cheng Yu replied.

“You…hmph! If you want to give it to her, give it to her yourself. I’m not gonna do it for you,” Ning Xue blushed. She felt that Cheng Yu was purposely playing tricks on her.

“If you aren’t gonna do it, forget it. Since you aren’t going to help me, forget about your compensation,” Cheng Yu replied unconcernedly.

“You…then if I pass it over to her, will you compensate me for my sword?” Ning Xue was furious. This person was too shameless. He was clearly threatening her, yet he made it sound as if he was doing something out of goodwill.

“Maybe,” Cheng Yu replied nonchalantly.

“No. You must compensate me,” Ning Xue retorted firmly.

“Alright. I will consider it. But you have to deliver it first!” Cheng Yu did not raise any objection to her request, and instead stuffed the roasted meat into Ning Xue’s hand.

“Hmph! You better keep your promise. Otherwise, I will certainly not let you off!” Ning Xue looked at the roasted meat in her hand before walking off.

“Senior Brother, why did you give them roasted meat? Don’t tell me you have really taken a fancy to that girl!” Tian Xing enquired curiously.

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“If I don’t give it out, can you finish all of it yourself? Besides, look at Huaxian Valley disciples. Each and everyone of them looked so exquisite and refined. Why would I not befriend them? In the future, if you wish to look for a wife, at least I can be a matchmaker for you,” Cheng Yu chuckled.

“Ah? I don’t need it. Thank you, Senior Brother, for your goodwill,” Sensing Tian Xue’s sharp glare, Tian Xing quivered as he replied hastily.

“Coward,” Cheng Yu replied disappointingly.

“Senior Brother, why are you calling that woman small steamed bun? Could it be that’s her childhood name? But why would Senior Brother know her childhood name?” At that time when Cheng Yu address Ning Xue as big steamed bun, his voice wasn’t very loud. So, they didn’t manage to hear it. Thus, Tian Xing still had yet to figure out the meaning behind it. Besides, childhood names were something very secretive. Especially for ladies, they wouldn’t randomly tell anyone their childhood name unless their relationship was very close. However, Cheng Yu had declared that the two of them did not even have any relationship. Wasn’t this a contradiction? Could it be that there was a secretive relationship between them?

“*Cough cough cough!* You are still young, so stop asking about it,” Cheng Yu choked when he heard Tian Xing’s words. Following that, he took a glance at Tian Xue’s chest, unsure if her’s were small or big steamed buns.

“Acting so mysterious. Just a look and I can tell it isn’t anything good!” Tian Xue commented icily.

“Heh heh. Women would never understand what men think of,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Senior Sister, didn’t you get him to compensate your sword? Why did you bring a roasted meat back? Don’t tell me that’s the compensation for your sword?” Seeing Ning Xue had brought such a big piece of roasted meat back, Ning Zi inquired curiously.

“Hmph! This is for Junior Sister Wushuang,” Ning Xue voiced out her resentment.

“Wah! Senior Sister Wushuang, you still dare to say that there’s nothing going on between the two of you? See how caring he is for you,” Ning Zi cried out.

“Junior Sister, what nonsense are you talking about? Senior Sister, what’s going on?” Ning Wushuang was taken aback. She couldn’t understand what Cheng Yu was trying to do.

“How would I know? Alright, once I pass this to you, I have accomplished my mission. I’m going back to get my compensation,” Ning Xue replied ill-manneredly as she walked off.

“What’s wrong with Senior Sister Ning Xue?” Ning Wushuang held onto the roasted meat as she voiced out her puzzlement.

“Who knows? Perhaps, she’s still angry with that scoundrel. Senior Sister, it’s been a long time since I have tasted meat. Let me have some please!” Ning Zi stared at the aromatic roasted meat gluttonously.

“Look at your salivating mouth. Take it. Share it with all your senior sisters,” Ning Wushuang stuffed the roasted meat into Ning Zi’s hand.

“Senior Sister, why aren’t you eating? Furthermore, this roasted meat is so fragrant,” Ning Zi held onto the meat as she questioned joyfully.

“I don’t want it. Just share it among yourselves!” Ning Wushuang had yet to understand what Cheng Yu was trying to do. She didn’t want to become a topic for gossip again.

“Well, I have already delivered your meat. You can compensate my sword now, right?” Ning Xue arrived before Cheng Yu as she yelled.

“Why are you so loud? I’m not deaf. Of course I will compensate. But I still have a question that I couldn’t understand, so I’m not sure if you can analyze it for me?” Cheng Yu used his pinky to dig at his ears as he spoke unconcernedly.

“Speak!” Ning Xue replied coldly. She had no idea what kind of tricks this scoundrel was playing again.

“If a person were to come murdering you for no reason, but was instead killed by you. Do you think you owe him a life? And you should repay him with your life?” Cheng Yu commented nonchalantly.

“Of course not…you…you are trying to renounce your agreement!” Ning Xue didn’t even ponder about the question as she gave her reply. However, when she was halfway through the sentence, she realized she was tricked as she immediately stopped her speech.

“Haha. Whether I’m being true to my words or not, you know it better. Don’t you think so?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“I…I…I didn’t want to kill you. I just wanted you to let go of my leg. This is all a misunderstanding. Thus, you still have to compensate me,” Ning Xue also started to feel that she was in the wrong, but she only had that sword of hers. Although it was just a supreme-grade treasured artifact, it was still hard to come by for her. Furthermore, it had accompanied her for several years. Now that it had been broken, regardless of the reason, she wanted to redeem her loss.

“Since it’s a misunderstanding, then all the more I shouldn’t compensate you. First of all, you are the one who made a move first, then only did I grab your leg. Secondly, it was also you who unshealthed the sword first and I can only choose to break your sword for self-defense. Thus, it should be you paying me for my psychological trauma, right? Yet, you came looking for me to ask for compensation. Don’t you feel that it’s very unreasonable?”

“You…you…I don’t care. Not only have you grabbed my leg, you…you have also touched my chest! Regardless, you have to compensate me!” It was impossible for Ning Xue to beat Cheng Yu in an argument. Without a choice, she could only act shamelessly.

“Cough cough cough! That was an accident. You should also know that men love to touch things that are soft. That was an instinctive behavior of mine. It was purely instinct. Therefore, it doesn’t count,” Noticing Tian Xue and Tian Xing were staring at him, especially that disdainful expression from Tian Xue, Cheng Yu blushed.

“You vulgar hooligan! In any case, it’s your wrong. If you do not compensate me, I will bother you everyday,” Hearing how shameless Cheng Yu was, Ning Xue couldn’t help but grew bashful as she threatened.

“That’s even better. I love beautiful women coming to bother me. In this wilderness, loneliness is the hardest to endure. If you come bother me everyday, I will definitely look forward to it! Originally, I wanted to give you a sword but with that sentence of yours, I immediately changed my mind!” Cheng Yu lead back to the tree behind him and spoke shamelessly.

“You…you…good! We shall wait and see!” Ning Xue was angered to the point that her face had turned white. Until today, she had never met such a shameless man. It was completely unscrupulous! When men were in front of a beauty, they would try their best to curry favor to that beauty and maintain their favorable impression. Only Cheng Yu, this weirdo, would show off his vulgarity. He didn’t even bother to conceal any part of it. Truly too infuriating.

“Senior Brother, you have so many weapons. Why aren’t you giving one to her? Why would you want to get tangled with her?” Such a simple matter, but Cheng Yu chose to make it so complicated. Tian Xing was unable to understand why Cheng Yu would do that.

“You don’t know about men’s world. Looking at your behavior, I’m truly grieving and lamenting. I truly have no idea how you are going to look for a wife in the future. Oh wait. You seem to have a close friend, called Xiao Laba (Small Trumpet), right?” Cheng Yu was suspecting if Tian Xing had any EQ.

“Senior Brother, it’s Xiao Moli!” Tian Xing corrected bitterly.

“Oh. Right. It’s Xiao Moli. I’m very curious. With your EQ, how did you manage to get together with that Xiao Moli of yours?” Cheng Yu questioned.

“Heh heh. Senior Brother, I’m actually quite attractive inside the sect,” Tian Xing laughed complacently.

“Puchi! Haha! Tian Xue, is this true? Tian Xing can be counted as an attractive male in your sect?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Of course! My Junior Brother is very well-liked by a lot of junior sisters of mine! Not like some hooligans who only know how to bully females,” Tian Xue harrumphed coldly. When Tian Xing heard it, his eyes were brimming with excitement. His good days were finally here! This was the first time he had heard his Senior Sister praising him in front of Senior Brother. This was so touching.

“Alright!” Cheng Yu closed his eyes as he spoke. Meanwhile inside his heart, ”This Tianshan Sect is truly lacking of talent. Tian Xing can actually become an attractive man there? Those females’ standards in looking for men are truly too low. If I were to go there, wouldn’t my underwear be stripped off?”

“Oi, don’t tell me you have really taken a fancy towards her?” Tian Xue saw how unconcerned Cheng Yu was when they were bad mouthing him, so she was extremely dissatisfied with his reaction.

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