Chapter 575: Historical remains

Long Yi felt startled in his heart. Didn’t he tell them not to run around? How come no one was here? But, very quickly, he calmed down. Because of their contractual relationships, he could feel that both Liuli and Li Qing weren’t in danger; moreover, there were no traces of fighting around this cave. With the strength of these three, no one could capture them without giving them any chance to counterattack.

“Where did they go?” Midi’er asked, feeling uncertain.

Long Yi didn’t reply. He scanned the cave: even if they had left because of an urgent matter, they would probably have left a trace.

At that time, a white light burst out from the ground, and Barbarian Bull carrying the Greenstone Rule appeared in front of Long Yi.

“Boss, you’ve finally returned,” Barbarian Bull happily said, seeing Long Yi.

“What is going on here?” Long Yi asked.

Barbarian Bull looked at the Midi’er siblings and pulled Long Yi to one side before whispering, “Boss, we found something good under this cave.”

“What good thing?” Long Yi curiously asked.

“You will know when you come with me. Li Qing told me to only tell Boss, but should we take along Midi’er and Leguxiya too?” Barbarian Bull asked.

Long Yi thought for a moment. Since Li Qing had instructed so, the thing they had discovered must not be a small matter.

“Hey, what are you two whispering about? Is there something that is not fit to reveal to us?” Midi’er said with dissatisfaction.

“It’s nothing like that. It seems Barbarian Bull and others have found something interesting. Let’s go to take a look,” Long Yi said with a smile. Now, the Midi’er siblings and he were on the same side; moreover, he considered them his good friends. It was fine to not conceal anything from them and share a few benefits.

Barbarian Bull ventured deeper inside the cave. Waving his Greenstone Rule, a green light shot towards the wall. A magic door sparkling with a milky white radiance appeared on the wall.

Long Yi and his group were surprised and entered the magic door in a single file. Immediately after that, a bright light shone in front of their eyes, and they arrived inside the huge grotto.

“Heavens……, Dragon God……, how could this be?” Midi’er and Leguxiya trembled, and their minds became chaotic.

Inside the cave, they saw a huge Dragon God’s skeleton whose bones emitted a sparkling radiance. At first glance, one might even mistakenly think that this skeleton was made from jade. However, this skeleton was not complete; it was broken into three pieces. Among them, the skull was cracked. Presumably, it had fought a tragic battle before its demise.

What surprised Long Yi was that there were humanoid skeletons scattered all around this huge grotto. Merely, these humanoid skeletons differed from ordinary mortals’ skeletons. They also had different colored radiant auras circulating around them; moreover, they each had a pair or two of bone wings sprouting off their spines.

At this moment, Midi’er and Leguxiya had already knelt in front of the Dragon God’s skeleton while trembling. Their expressions were solemn and respectful as they chanted a peculiar incantation.

After listening to the incantation of the Midi’er siblings, Long Yi learned that this broken skeleton of a Dragon God belonged to a Dragon God from unknown ages ago. The humanoid skeletons with bone wings on their backs were presumably superhumans. It was very likely that they came from the Divine World. This scene in front of them ought to be the skeletons left behind from some great battle of gods and demons.

At this time, Liuli and Li Qing returned from the depth of this grotto. They looked shocked.

“Young Master, you should go inside and take a look.” Li Qing’s tone fluctuated. This was very rare for him.

Long Yi and others quickly went to the depths of this grotto, and in the blink of an eye, they arrived at the bottom of this cave. Immediately upon arriving, an ice-cold evil aura blew against their faces, and they felt a chill down to their bone marrow.

Long Yi used his spirit power to create an isolation barrier around them. Everyone was shocked by the withered huge strange corpse at the bottom of this cave. This corpse still stood straight, roughly ten meters tall. Its entire body was pitch black like ink. Its two dried legs had black fur grown all over them and each leg had four toes that were deeply embedded in the solid ground. This corpse didn’t have hands: long tentacles grew from its back and chest. As for its head, it was triangular in shape and had a silverish white lance stuck in the middle. If this lance had chopped down a bit more, its head would have been cut in half. Its two huge eyes were still open, making people not dare to look straight at it. Looking straight at its eyes made them feel as if their souls would be pulled out of their bodies.

“What kind of monster is this?” Barbarian Bull exclaimed in shock. Clearly, this was also his first time arriving here.

“Young Master, look over there too.” Li Qing pointed beside this corpse.

Long Yi looked over and saw a humanoid skeleton with three pairs of bone wings hanging off a cliff face. Three of the the monster’s tentacles had pierced through his chest and nailed him onto this cliff.

Now, Long Yi could imagine the circumstances of a fierce fight. This monster alone had fought against the Dragon God and hundreds of birdmen led by this six-winged birdman. They had finally all perished together here on Divine Dragon Archipelago. Such a terrifying strength made him feel a chill in his heart.

No need to speak about the strength of Dragon God. This six-winged birdman should also not be a mediocre person from the Divine World. One should know that the Light God was merely an eight-winged birdman, and he was one of the seven main gods. Thus, this six-winged birdman should have been powerful and just a step below the Light God, so he should have been comparable to first-tier gods.

Nevertheless, this monster was able to kill him along with the Dragon God. Was this monster the legendary Demon King?

All sorts of thoughts flashed through Long Yi’s mind. Looking at the lance emitting a dense light aura from the head of this monster, his heart was perturbed. Even from first sight, he knew this lance was a good thing. In any case, since this lance no longer had an owner, how could he let it go?

Long Yi flew up, and covering his hands with spirit power, he grabbed the lance on the monster’s head.

“Don’t.” At that time, a voice resounded in Long Yi’s ears.

But, it was already too late. The big hands of Long Yi had already grabbed the lance. Long Yi immediately felt an ice cold aura directly enter his body via his hands. Then the surroundings around him changed. He only felt as if he were thrown into a sea of blood. Blood waves slammed against him again and again. In addition, a ruthless, sinister, cold, and tyrannical aura enveloped him, making him want to kill everyone and destroy everything.

Below, Liuli, Barbarian Bull and Li Qing saw a black mist burst out from the monster the instant that Long Yi grabbed the lance, completely enveloping Long Yi. They wanted to rush over, but an invisible energy barrier had blocked them off, so they could only watch in worry.

The commotion within had alarmed the Midi’er siblings, and they rushed over, but they could also do nothing in this situation. They could only watch that black mist grow thicker and thicker.

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Long Yi, however, still felt as if he were floating on a blood sea. His killing intent increased more and more, and this ** overturned his bottom line beliefs. It was as if an evil seed had been sown, germinated, grown up and finally, become an evil tree that blotted out the sky and the sun, keeping out all sunlight and rain.

At this moment, the handsome face of Long Yi was twisted with pain, and when he opened his eyes, his pitch black pupils were instead blood red. Then, a warm aura came rushed from the bottom of his heart, and his pupils reverted to their normal black color. This happened repeatedly, and the warm aura from the bottom of his heart slowly contended against that black qi, pushing it back.

At this moment, in Long Yi’s space ring, the Light God statue emitted a lustrous white light, and an indistinct shadow appeared. The wispy shadows coalesced into a strange symbol.

Suddenly, that Light God statue flashed with brilliant radiance and connected to Long Yi’s sea of consciousness. The Light Spirit Tablet spun rapidly, and that warm aura at the bottom of his heart strengthened, gaining an advantage over that black qi.

At this moment, the blood red pupils of Long Yi had already reverted back to black and no longer turned blood red.

In the eyes of Barbarian Bull and others, that black mist shrunk. As if it had encountered a magnet, it streamed into Long Yi’s body. In the blink of an eye, there was no more black mist around Long Yi. Now, they could see Long Yi once more and sighed in relief. At this moment, he held a lance in his hand, and his black hair fluttered in the air. His pitch-black pupils were clear like black glass pearls, but there were no fluctuations of recognition within them.

Long Yi slowly floated down, and the energy around him also dispersed. Liuli and others immediately rushed to his side.

“Young Master, are you alright?” Liuli held Long Yi’s arm and anxiously asked.

Only after a long time, did the pitch-black pupils of Long Yi flash and could familiar emotions be seen within his eyes. Merely, those eyes seemed to have become even darker, and it appeared as if they hid mysterious and ancient tales, making people deeply attracted to them.

“Why are you all looking at me like this? I just picked up this lance. Do you all also want it?” Long Yi asked with a smile. He still felt a lingering fear of that illusion, but he maintained his composure.

His familiar tone made everyone relax, and at that moment, Liuli suddenly exclaimed, “Young Master, that monster disappeared!”

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Sure enough, that terrifying monster seemed to have disappeared into thin air without leaving behind any residues.

“Boss, that monster seemed to have transformed into black mist and entered your body,” Barbarian Bull said.

“Is that so? That was a nice feeling. No wonder I am in such great spirits now. Maybe I ate it,” Long Yi smiled and spoke, stretching his body.

“Young Master, are you truly feeling fine?” Liuli worriedly asked. Just a moment ago, she felt as if Long Yi had truly been in danger.

“Of course, I am fine. By the way, look at these bones, they contain dense elemental energy. Shouldn’t we make the best use of them? These are much better than energy stones,” Long Yi examined the skeleton of the six-winged birdman and said. If he let his little sister Ximen Wuhen and Si Bi absorb this elemental energy, they would definitely make great progress.

“Long Yi, these are the remains of the Divine World’s angels. How can you disrespect them like this?” Midi’er angrily said.

“How do you know that I am disrespecting them? You know I’m someone in high standing with the Light God. According to the dedication of the Light God, they would definitely be very happy being able to benefit others even after their death. ” Long Yi rolled his eyes and said.

“You…” Midi’er was speechless. They were already dead, so no one knew what they wanted. However, Long Yi mischievously misinterpreted the doctrine of Light God, making her unable to refute.

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