Chapter 729 – What A Beautiful Lady!

“Aren’t you talking rubbish, the Saintess is a God Chosen, all God Chosens are people who have entered the Blood Moon Hidden Realm.”

“Quick look, there are also people selected amongst the Four Great Academies.”

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Huan Qing Yan felt as though something has invaded her and felt nervous.

Ji Mo Ya placated, “Don’t reject it, these are the red mist…”


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Huan Qing Yan relaxed her resistance and saw that her hand was covered in a red mist that looked like fur, starting from her right fingertip it slowly spread and covered her entire body…

The feeling was very delicate, as though it was probing deep into her blood vessels and nervous system.

When she looked up at Ji Mo Ya, he was also covered in the red mist.

Due to the arrival of Ji Mo Ya, the light bulb called Le Guo’er had automatically moved a few meters away and it seemed like a layer of red mist was also slowly covering her body.

Not only that, Huan Qing Yan swept a look and saw that students of the Four Great Academies, members of the Eight Great Clans and the elites of the Five Great Empires etc. have all started to be covered by the red mist.

The combined students of the Four Great Academies were close to two thousand people, yet only three hundred plus of them have a reaction with the red mist.

Far from the 50% reaction rate of the Holy Academia.

The combined members of the Eight Great Clans amounted to roughly five hundred people; with nearly two hundred of them having a red mist reaction, as expected of people who have the long heritage of Great Clans.

As for the remaining Five Great Empires, every several dozen individuals, there would only be three to four being selected.

As for those wandering cultivators and small clans who had odds which were even lesser, the occasional individual who got a red mist reaction would react as though they have struck lottery and cry out in joy.

These red mists also seemed to be easily startled, one of the wandering cultivators made a shouted in joy after getting a reaction but his actions caused the red mist to immediately disperse.

That bro instantly cried his eyes out on the spot.

Huan Qing Yan felt the red mist moving upwards, then upwards again. Finally, it started to condense into a little flower as well.

She was unable to look at the top of her own head, but she could see Ji Mo Ya’s head, there was also a red flower blooming. What was more, it was huge beyond reason, literally bigger than Ji Mo Ya’s head…

Huan Qing Yan wanted to laugh, however she suddenly discovered that the red flower on her head was also not small, as it was on the verge of shading her. When she looked up, it was as big as his!

Without a doubt, the two of them have once again became the center of everyone’s attention.

Huan Qing Yan rejoiced, fortunately she did not lose face. With Ji Mo Ya’s flower being so big, had her flower been a tiny one, people would start making snide remarks such as not being a match to Ji Mo Ya etc. again.

Good! Big red flower! Good job!

Heh heh.

The gaze Ji Mo Ya gave her, was also filled with satisfaction.

Huan Qing Yan looked at her surroundings, people who had big red flowers like them were not many. The Nine State Academia has one, Hanging Cloud Empire’s Bai Cheng Feng also has a relatively large one, while there were several large size red flowers at the Eight Great Clans area…

The most eye-catching one, was a super-size flower from Frozen Ice Academia, a girl that was wearing robes of snow white. Despite the blazing hot weather, snowflakes could be seen revolving around her, a very strong visual impact. While the big red flower on her head ,with the snowflakes around it, stood out like a crane amongst chickens.

Huan Qing Yan poked Ji Mo Ya, “Hey, who is that? Do you know? What a beautiful lady!”

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