Chapter 728 – Little Flower

Some of the youngsters who have guts shouted, “Lord Wine Sage, you have a great sense of humor, we like you…”

“Lord Wine Sage, it is said that there is a need to bring good wine if anyone wants to be your disciple, is that true? My family has a thousand-year-old aged wine, can I use it to become your disciple!”


Everyone started to chuckle.

At that time, a dull sound that sounded like something heavy has collided had suddenly appeared, it came from directly above their heads.

Huan Qing Yan was confused then she heard the cheers of others, “The Blood Moon Hidden Realm has opened!”

“We only waited eight days for the hidden realm to open this time, it can be considered the fastest opening in history.”


As everyone was cheering, the Blood Moon in the sky transformed into a mysterious red whirlpool. The whirlpool was constantly swirling and would look like a wheel, interchanging its state between a solid state and an illusion-like state.

When it was in an illusion-like state it would be the red whirlpool, when it was solid it would take the shape of a red wheel.

Looking extremely strange.

As the red wheel turned, it released numerous specks of red light that fell like mist rain…

In the center position was also where the concentration was thickest.

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The entire area instantly turned excited and chaotic, many people started to squeeze towards the center, deeply worried that they would be too slow. A riot was slowly brewing.

The Wine Sage used his voice to control the situation, “Everyone stop pushing! The range of the red mist rain is extremely wide, everyone within five miles would be in its range. Anyone who continues to cause chaos will immediately be disqualified of their chance!”

His voice was not loud but still resounded within everyone’s ears, causing the situation to be in control.

No one dared to push anymore.

Very quickly, the red mist rain has indeed covered the entire area, including Huan Qing Yan and Ji Mo Ya, their body was covered in a layer of red mist…

Huan Qing Yan was startled, “This does not look like mist, more like… some sort of feelers of a spirit plant?”

Ji Mo Ya gave her a praising look at her insight, “Yes that’s right, however this spirit plant doesn’t exist in our Spirit Treasure Continent.”

“Then what do I do to get selected?” Huan Qing Yan felt curious.

Ji Mo Ya replied, “You can witness it soon.”

The students from Holy Academia were directly below the red wheel and were to closest to the mist rain, the changes also started with that group.

For some of them, the moment the mist touched their bodies, it would immediately repel and move away.

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Some would be slowly be encased by the mist, becoming a red human figure.

The most eye-catching ones were those where the red mist gathered on their heads and form a red little flower!

The flower would cutely sway left and right after it was formed…

Huan Qing Yan was dumbstruck, “Don’t tell me that is the indication of being selected?”

“That’s right.”

Of the over hundred students of Holy Academia, only half of them have red flowers on their heads.

As for the other half, no matter how anxious they were, those red mist would completely avoid them.

The Wine Sage smiled as he drank wine, “Fifty people from the Holy Academia! Not bad, not bad, you did not letdown Plant Sage’s efforts…”

Huan Qing Yan also noticed that the flowers on everyone’s head varied in size as well.

Some were large while others were small, especially the one on the Saintess; it was the largest and swayed the most happily.

“The Saintess indeed, I heard that she has entered the Blood Moon Hidden Realm before!”

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