Chapter 276: You Scoundrel!

“You are truly angering me to death! I’m going to fight you!” Ning Xue wasn’t able to win the debate against Cheng Yu. So, she wanted to destroy the meat in Cheng Yu’s hand to get her revenge. With a shout, she charged over.

“Ah! Why is Senior Sister attacking him?” All of Ning Xue’s senior and junior sisters had been observing her actions. When they saw Ning Xue had made a move towards Cheng Yu, they cried out.

“All of you are not allowed to interfere!” Sensing the intentions of her junior sisters, Ning Yan rebuked.

“Senior Sister, we have to go over to help! Otherwise, Senior Sister Ning Xue will be at a disadvantage!” Ning Wushuang replied hastily. At that time, she had experienced Cheng Yu’s tactics first hand.

“Wait for a moment first,” Ning Yan said. She didn’t want to offend Cheng Yu. If only Ning Xue was there alone, she could still treat it as Ning Xue acting willfully. But if all of them were to head over to help, it would definitely provoke Cheng Yu. When that happens, they might even be left behind. If that were to happen, it would be difficult for them to exit out of this forest safely. Ning Xue sent a kick over to the grill, hoping to knock it over. However, Cheng Yu wasn’t any slower. In an instant, he grabbed Ning Xue’s ankle.

“You…let go!” Although the Cultivation World was full of slaughter, when it came to the intimate relationships, the women were still a little more conservative. Having her ankle grabbed by Cheng Yu, Ning Xue was angry as well as embarrassed.

“It’s you who made a move first. Why should I let go?” With a hand rotating the meat on the frame, the other hand was holding Ning Xue’s ankle tightly.

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“If you still don’t let go, I will not longer be polite,” Ning Xue cried out furiously.

“Sure! I wanna have a taste of how impolite you will get!” Cheng Yu paid no heed to Ning Xue’s threat. With Cheng Yu not compromising, Ning Xue let Cheng Yu continued to hold her ankle as she sent a kick to Cheng Yu’s head using the other leg. Tilting his head to the side, Cheng Yu evaded the incoming attack easily. Meanwhile, the hand that was grabbing onto Ning Xue’s ankle had yet to loosen. On the other hand, because of the kick, Ning Xue had been caught in an embarrassing posture.

“If you still don’t let go, I’m going to get angry!” Ning Xue roared.

“Che, you are making it sound as if the anger you are displaying now is fake,” Cheng Yu teased. Suddenly, a sword appeared in Ning Xue’s hand as she sliced at Cheng Yu.

“Stop!” Noticing that Ning Xue had unsheathed her sword, those senior and junior sisters cried out in alarm. Ning Yan shouted out as she charged over. If it was just kicks and punches, she could have turned a blind eye to it but once a weapon was used, the situation would no longer be the same. She wasn’t afraid of Ning Xue injuring Cheng Yu. With her own Golden Core Realm, regardless of how Ning Xue had slashed her sword at her, she wouldn’t get injured. So, how could Ning Xue probably injured Cheng Yu? What Ning Yan was worried about was that such actions would infuriate Cheng Yu. What if Cheng Yu was to injure Ning Xue in a moment of anger?

However, before Ning Yan was able to arrive before Ning Xue, Ning Xue’s sword had already sliced towards Cheng Yu. Without a choice, Cheng Yu had to let go of the roasted meat. He then used two of his fingers to stop the incoming sword of Ning Xue’s. However, Cheng Yu didn’t let her off. With a twist of his finger, the sword was broken into half.

“Ah!” As for Ning Xue, because her ankle was still being grabbed by Cheng Yu, she immediately lost her balance before falling towards Cheng Yu. Why would Cheng Yu let go of an opportunity of letting a beauty fall into his bosom? Thus, he hugged the falling Ning Xue.

“Heh, you asked for it. Unexpectedly, you are a lot more impressive than small steamed bun. In the future, I will call you big steamed bun!” Cheng Yu embraced Ning Xue while pinching her chest.

“You…shameless!” With her chest being attacked, Ning Xue felt ashamed. After a second of quivering, she stood back up and ran away in the other direction.

“You’re welcome to look for troubles again!” Cheng Yu teased.

“This…Cheng Yu, I’m truly sorry. My Junior Sister is too headstrong and infuriated you. I hope you will not haggle over it with her!” Ning Yan didn’t expect the situation would turn to this. This Cheng Yu was too shameless. He had deliberately taken advantage of Ning Xue.

“Haha, it’s fine. I have never once cared about it!” Cheng Yu laughed it off. Who would be angry when it came to teasing a beauty? After that, he picked up the meat on the roasting frame, ”Do you want some? Let your Junior Sister have some as well. Eating dry rations everyday is very unhealthy.”

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“Thank you for your good intention. However, we are used to eating dry rations! I shall take my leave first,” Although she admired Cheng Yu’s formidable strength, she was disappointed about Cheng Yu’s frivolous disposition. The favorable impression and the appreciation she had for him had instantly been obliterated. After a perfunctory speech, she returned.

“Senior Sister, are you alright!?” When Ning Xue returned back to their camp, all her sisters surrounded her.

“I’m fine. Just that the scoundrel is too infuriating. Furthermore, he’s very vulgar!” Ning Xue’s complexion was very red as she voiced out her shame.

“I already told you beforehand not to irritate him,” When Ning Wushuang saw Cheng Yu had also taken advantage of Ning Xue just like how he did to her, there was an obscure anger within her. This scoundrel was still the same! Bullying females everywhere he went. She truly wished to dismantle him into eight pieces. Ning Xue stared at Ning Wushuang’s chest before looking back at her’s. All of a sudden, she recalled Cheng Yu’s words, which caused her face to turn bashful.

“Senior Sister, what happened to you? Why has your face turned so red?” Ning Wushuang felt Ning Xue’s expression was very weird. Ning Xue used both her hands to touch her face. Sure enough, it was heating up. She finally understood why Cheng Yu was addressing Ning Wushuang as small steamed bun.

“What a jerk!” Meanwhile, Tian Xue glared at Cheng Yu. As for Tian Xing, he was feeling admiration, envy and resentment. He looked at Cheng Yu with his widened eyes. He had never thought that a person could actually take liberties of a woman in this manner. It had truly broadened his horizons.

“You are flattering me!” Cheng Yu had completely ignored Tian Xue’s oppressive glare.

“You always bully women in this manner?” Tian Xue spoke coldly.

“Oi! What bully women? It was her who made a move first, I just retaliated accordingly. You saw it first hand. Tian Xing, don’t you agree?” Cheng Yu targeted Tian Xing.

“Ah…? I was roasting meat just now. I saw nothing!” With countless experiences, Tian Xing knew how to escape from being targeted.

“So unloyal! There will be no share for you tomorrow in terms of roasted meat,” Cheng Yu spoke with disdain.

“I’m being wronged! Senior Brother, I really saw nothing!” Tian Xing voiced out his bitterness. His peaceful days were long gone. Regardless of which side he stood with, he would offend the other. Furthermore, he would suffer from intense attacks and punishment from the other side.

“Senior Sister!” Noticing that Cheng Yu had started to ignore him, Tian Xing’s gaze turned to Tian Xue.

“Don’t look at me. All men are not good. If you learn from him, I’m going to cut off that superfluous part of yours!” Tian Xue shouted.

“…” Tian Xing withdrew himself as his heart shuddered. Who had he provoked? All of this was not even related to him. Why were they always faulting him? Furthermore, every part of him was essential. None of it was superfluous. As for Ling Hai’s camp, they were all stunned. Their hearts were filled with envy! They had journeyed with Huaxian Valley disciples for almost a month, but they didn’t even get to touch their hands. What about Cheng Yu? How long had it been and he had already gotten to hug one of them. What kind of disparity was this?!

Ling Hai was also astonished so much so that he had even started to suspect if that unformidable person was this Cheng Yu he was seeing. In the Cultivation World, which experts wouldn’t care about their face when they were in front of beauty? But Cheng Yu? His performance just now had completely matched a lewd thief. The contrast between when they had met him and now was way too big. He was simply a weirdo in the Cultivation World. However, Cheng Yu was more vigorous than him. He had lingered around Ning Yan for a month, but didn’t even get to touch a hair of hers.

“Aish! This is truly so infuriating!” Ling Hai sighed grudgingly. Staring at Ning Yan’s pretty complexion and charming figure, Ling Hai suddenly thought that should he also acted like Cheng Yu and play like a hooligan himself? But he was someone reputable. How could he possibly act like that? Cultivation World experts had always paid extra attention to their reputation. When they were out training, they would try their best to make their names known. Simultaneously, they also had to display a favorable character. So, even if their reputation wasn’t that well-known, at least there weren’t any scandals about them. With a few years of engagement, Ling Hai could be counted as one of the younger elites within the Golden Core Realm.

To destroy his reputation just for a Ning Yan was truly not worth it. In such a short moment, Ling Hai had already analyzed countless possibilities within his head. Regardless of the method, he would never act so shamelessly like Cheng Yu. At that very moment, Cheng Yu had become everyone’s discussion topic. But as the culprit, Cheng Yu acted as if nothing had happened. He ate as he wished, and drank as he liked. On the contrary, lots of them admired the unrestrained, natural and calm behavior of Cheng Yu’s.

“You all are not to irritate him in the future!” Ning Yan ordered all of her junior sisters.

“Why? I must get revenge for the way he treated me!” Ning Xue was not reconciled with how Cheng Yu had played her in front of everyone.

“When I say no, it means no!” Ning Yan commanded. There were lots of females in Huaxian Valley, but everyone of them came from a reputable family. How could they develop an ambiguous relationship with Cheng Yu. If this were to be spread out, wouldn’t it become a joke of Huaxian Valley?

“I don’t care. He even broke my sword. I’m going to ask him compensate me!” Ning Xue voiced out her anger.

“You…” However, before Ning Yan had even manage to continue, Ning Xue had already ran over.

“Why are you here again? You couldn’t have gotten addicted, right?” Noticing that Ning Xue had appeared before him, Cheng Yu was flabbergasted.

“You scoundrel hooligan. Shameless and vulgar bastard! You destroyed my sword. I want you to return one to me!” Ning Xue shouted Cheng Yu.

“It was obviously you who made a move first. Now you want to dishonor my reputation, and defame my heroic image? I had yet to ask you for the damage you had caused to me and you came asking me for compensation?” Cheng Yu laughed.

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