Chapter 178: The Sect Elder Visits

Two weeks later, the sect sent someone to investigate.

It was an inner sect elder. Elder Cang.

Elder Cang came on the orders of the Grand Elder. Before he came here, he went through the information of Cloud Mist City’s lording clan, the Shen Tu Clan. He knew that this clan has been rather domineering these years, bullying both male and female. Receiving bribes and framing minor clans for their own sins. These were the things that they have be doing on a regular basis.

Under normal circumstances, the Azure Water Sect wouldn’t go meddling in their affairs. After all, no matter which clan it was, after becoming a city lord’s clan, they would sooner or later have a change in morality. As long as it wasn’t overly reckless or evil, the Azure Water Sect could close one eye and at most send a warning.

But not this time. As of now, it was a gold class direct disciple dismissing a city lord.

If even a gold class direct disciple couldn’t tolerate it, then the Azure Water Sect would have to take a serious look at the issue.

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One was Cloud Mist City’s lord, the other was a gold class direct disciple. It was obvious who would have the priority.

In the skies above the Cloud Mist City, Elder Cang’s voice echoed loud and clear throughout the entire city, “During this period when Shen Tu Jianhe took on the role of city lord, he has been biased to his own clansmen and allowed them to act tyrannically. To the point of even committing murders and robbery. From today onwards, he shall be stripped of his City Lord position. That position will be temporarily taken over by the Li Clan’s Patriarch, Li Tianhan. A new city lord will be appointed once ready.”

There were at least 8000 if not 10,000 Earth Realm martial artists in the Azure Water Sect. To find a suitable city lord was a fairly simple task.

“The days where the Shen Tu Clan rules over Cloud Mist City is finally over.”

“If I didn’t remember it wrongly, Shen Tu Jianhe has been in this position for about 18 years.”

“That’s right. Since Shen Tu Jianhe was promoted, the Shen Tu Clan was boosted from being one of the four major clans to being the leader of the four major clans. After 18 years, the Shen Tu Clan has been completely ripped off from the curtains. Success because he was a city lord, and failure because he was a city lord too.”

The 200 thousand plus residents of Cloud Mist City were having discussions as they all heard Elder Cang’s voice clearly.


Li Clan.

Elder Cang specially paid a visit to Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist.

“Elder Cang.” Li Fuchen was in his courtyard having a conversation with Elder Cang while seated on some stone chairs.

Elder Cang laughed, “Now, no one has the ability to challenge the Li Clan within Cloud Mist City anymore. Congratulations.”

Li Fuchen replied, “It must have been a joke for Elder Cang. All these are just small matters. After settling them, I will continue to wholeheartedly chase after the prime of the martial dao.”

Elder Cang nodded and said, “It is good that you can forgo all these worldly desires and disruptions. Many prodigies could have attained a higher level but had too many disruptions. They would then gradually lose their sincere heart for the martial dao. Those that can truly achieve their full potential are those who can resist the temptation and loneliness.”

Li Fuchen was much more calm than he imagined. So calm that he didn’t seem like a 19 year old youth. More like a veteran who had the wisdom to see through this world’s rules.

Taking a sip of tea, Elder Cang said, “Continue to work hard. The fact that you can become a gold class direct disciple means that you have a very high potential. But do not be complacent and arrogant. East Unicorn Continent is very vast and the four regions of the four sects is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more regions, like the other regions controlled by the other sects, the extremely chaotic Hundred Battles region, or even the ten Demon regions where demons run amok.”

“Average martial artists would only be able to traverse across 70% of the entire East Unicorn Continent. Some of the regions are forbidden. In relation to the East Unicorn Continent, our Azure Water region is just an ordinary region. In order to protect yourself, you have to continue progressing.”

“In the recorded history of the East Unicorn Continent, there were 3 sect wars. With every sect war, many sects would face eradication. Without any exceptions, they were always the weaker and smaller sects. Our Azure Water Sect has never experienced a sect war, but we need to make preparations for the fourth sect war.”

“I am not saying all this to put pressure on you. Right now you are still only an Earth Realm martial artist and the matters that are involved with the continent aren’t related to you yet. I just want you to know that the Earth Realm is just the bare minimum requirement for you to protect your own safety in the East Unicorn Continent. If you want to move without hindrances in the East Unicorn Continent, that still isn’t enough.”

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Elder Cang was sent here by Grand Elder. He had the responsibility to remind Li Fuchen to keep a high battle spirit.

Li Fuchen replied, “Elder Cang, don’t worry. I understand all that you have mentioned. Being complacent and arrogant is something that will not happen to me.”

Possessing the golden amulet, his vision was much broader than anyone else’s. He suspected that the golden amulet may not be something that belonged to this world and may perhaps be an otherworldly treasure. To not let down the golden amulet, Li Fuchen’s only way was to keep progressing and surpassing himself, until he fully comprehended the secret of the golden amulet.

After talking for two hours, Elder Cang brought Shen Tu Jianhe along and left.

Shen Tu Jianhe was still after all a part of the middle echelons of the Azure Water Sect. To be dismissed from a city lord position was a serious punishment, but there were still other tasks that could be arranged for him to do.


“Father, Mother, the clan’s affairs can be given to others to handle. You have more important things to do from now.”

On this day, Li Fuchen and his family is gathered together.

Li Tianhan asked with some doubt, “What else is more important?”

Li Fuchen retrieved three storage bags and said, “In these three storage bags are some herbs and pills.”

“Storage bag?” Li Tianhan’s and Shen Yuyan’s breathing pace fastened.

Storage bags were something they only heard of but had never seen before in their life.

It is said that a single storage bag is worth several tens of thousands of gold coins. If one’s status wasn’t high enough, you wouldn’t even be able to buy it with gold coins. You wouldn’t have the ability to keep it either.

What’s more, Li Fuchen took three out in one go. It was just too exaggerating.

Opening the storage bag, Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan were shocked again. The herbs inside were all stored in jade boxes. After opening one of the boxes, everything inside were yellow class, high-tier or peak-tier herbs. There were even mystic class, low-tier herbs.

It was even more terrifying when it came to pills. Bottles of pills were stacked up high and were all yellow class, high-tier or peak-tier pills. If these pills were to be auctioned out, they would sell for at least 1 or 2 million gold coins. Which was equivalent to about ten years of savings for the Li Clan.

“Fuchen, you need these more than us. We cannot accept it.” Li Tianhan said.

Li Fuchen shook his head, “I obtained 10 million contribution points from the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain. I can have as many of these resources as I want. So you do not have to worry about me.”

As he finished his sentence, Li Fuchen retrieved another storage bag, but  he personally opened the storage bag this time. He then took out the jade boxes that contained the Origin Return Herb and Earth Shattering Fruit.

“Father, Mother, this is the Origin Return Herb. It can allow you to advance one level quickly and it has no side effects. Father, you are now at the 7th level of the Origin Realm. You only need two Origin Return Herbs for you to reach the 9th level of the Origin Realm. Mother, you are at the 2nd level of the Origin Realm, you may not be able to breakthrough to the 9th level of the Origin Realm in a short period of time. But it shouldn’t be a problem within a few years.”

Origin Return Herbs may not have any side effects, but it did have its limitations.

As for how many levels one could advance when using the Origin Return Herb depended on a person’s body.

Li Fuchen didn’t stop and opened the box containing the Earth Shattering Fruits, “This is an Earth Shattering Fruit, when the day comes where you reach the peak stage of the Origin Realm, you can consume this Earth Shattering Fruit to progress directly to the Earth Realm.”

With such heavy news coming one after another, Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan almost fainted and were almost unable to breath properly

But now was when the real shocking news arrived. Li Fuchen took out the Seven Colour Glazed Grape and a yellow class, peak-tier cultivation technique manual.

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