Chapter 177: Dominating the Sky Single Handedly

“This Old Xiang didn’t teach my own clansmen well. I found out that my niece has offended the Li Clan, so I came over just to offer my apologies. Jiayu, come over and quickly ask for forgiveness.” Xiang Tianqiong chided Xiang Jiayu.

Xiang Jiayu trembled as she walked over, she then bowed, “Patriarch Li, Jiayu was ignorant and hope you will forgive the ignorant me.”

Li Tianhan glared at Xiang Jiayu then immediately looked at Xiang Tianqiong, quietly listening to the opposing side.

If they forgave them just because people offered their apologies, wouldn’t that mean that the Li Clan wasn’t worth anything?

Xiang Tianqiong then awkwardly said, “Patriarch Li, this old Xiang is here today for another favour. My Silver Rich City hasn’t been doing to well these few years. I would like to invite the Li Clan to invest in Silver Rich City and open some stalls to help Silver Rich City regain its prosperity. I am not sure if Patriarch Li is willing to assist me? Of course, I wouldn’t ask for your help for free. If the Li Clan chooses to set up stalls, they will all be tax free for 5 years.”

Offering gifts in exchange for forgiveness was an art. If you straight away offered gifts or immediately opened the conversation with asking the Li Clan to set up shops in Silver Rich City, it would feel too uncultured and would easily make people feel disgusted.

But since Xiang Tianqiong used reverse psychology to propose for the Li Clan to assist Silver Rich City, it had a much better result.

Although Silver Rich City’s finances were indeed not doing that well, that was just per norm. It didn’t mean that Silver Rich City actually required any external assistance. Allowing the Li Clan to open shops in Silver Rich City was actually a good thing.

Li Tianhan replied indifferently, “If it is just one or two shops, then forget it. Our Li Clan’s attention is limited.”

Seeing Li Tianhan loosen his lips, Xiang Tianqiong’s eyes had a trace of delight, “How can one or two shops help Silver Rich City? At least 50 shops are required, but I am not sure about the Li Clan’s funds? If there isn’t enough, our Xiang Clan can loan some funds to your Li Clan first.”

Hearing the proposal, Li Tianhan became tempted.

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50 shops wasn’t a small quantity, but an enormous quantity. Normally, average shops could profit about 5000 gold coins a year. 50 shops would mean a profit of about 300 thousand a year. If it was tax free, earning even 500 thousand gold coins wouldn’t be a problem.

“Someone come and serve tea to the city lord and his group. City Lord Xiang, please have a seat.” Li Tianhan gestured with his right hand.

In fact, unless absolutely necessary, Li Tianhan didn’t want to ruin the clan’s relationship with the Xiang Clan.

There was a saying, ‘Don’t ever go overboard and always leave a route of retreat for yourself’. His Li Clan may be well-regarded right now, but there were enemies all around.

“Haha, Patriarch Li is too polite.”

Xiang Tianqiong could finally get be relieved that the matter has been settled. What’s more, they formed a relationship via working terms with the Li Clan. As long as the Xiang Clan nurtured this relationship well, there would only be more benefits.

Li Tianhan said, “It is our honor for City Lord Xiang to visit the Li Clan for such a minor problem. Even though our Li Clan has declined over the years, we still have enough funds. It wouldn’t be a problem to set up 50 shops. We hope for City Lord Xiang to take care of us during this period.”

The Li Clan was a clan with a history of over 50 years. To allocate over a million plus gold coins wasn’t a problem.

“That is naturally the case.” Xiang Tianqiong kept nodding.

As the servant maids served tea, the atmosphere within the affairs hall turned pleasant and everyone began to mingle nicely.

After a while, Xiang Tianqiang wrapped his fist and spoke, “Patriarch Li, I am Xiang Tianqiang, a direct disciple of the Azure Water Sect. I have heard of the famous Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist shidi8shidijunior brother (disciple) but has never met him before. I wonder if Patriarch Li can arrange a meeting?”

Li Tianhan had noticed Xiang Tianqiang for a long time now. After hearing that he was a direct disciple, he was shocked. ‘Seems like this youth is the most reliable weapon of the Xiang Clan.’

But Fuchen didn’t like meeting guests, and as his father, he wouldn’t want to force him. He spoke subtly, “Fuchen is practicing his sword arts now, I am afraid he won’t have time.”

Xiang Tianqiong didn’t want to make the atmosphere awkward, so he laughingly said, “Since there is no time, that is okay. Tianqiang, there will be other opportunities, there is no need to rush.”

“I see, Tianqiang is too impulsive.”

Xiang Tianqiang didn’t reveal any displeasure. Gold class direct disciples were a bunch of cultivation freaks and were all living in their own world. From what he saw, Li Fuchen was also the same, if not how could he attain such feats.


Guan Clan.

“Patriarch, I have gotten news that Silver Rich City’s lord, Xiang Tianqiong personally visited the Li Clan to apologise.”

A Guan Clan’s guard knelt on one knee and reported.

Guan Yue didn’t look too pleased.

Since Li Fuchen was able to distinguish himself at the Azure Water Sect, he had some regrets.

Not only for withdrawing the engagement, but even more so for being too ruthless over these years.

He didn’t leave path of retreat for himself.

What could he do now? Li Fuchen was now a gold class direct disciple of the Azure Water Sect. A single word from him could turn the Guan Clan into ruins. Guan Xue was only an inner sect disciple of the Azure Water Sect, hence there was nothing she could do to help.

“You can leave!” Guan Yue gestured. His entire body felt like it had suddenly aged.

“Li Fuchen, you are really the bane of the Guan Clan!” Guan Yue grumbled to himself.

During the genius contest, Li Fuchen caused the Guan Clan to not have a single seed. Had it not been for Guan Xue, none of the Guan clansmen would have entered the Azure Water Sect.

Who would have thought that was the omen of the nightmare; and now, the nightmare was truly here.

“Guan Yue, go to the Li Clan and offer a humble apology, then take the clan and shift out of Cloud Mist City.”

A veteran walked in.

It was Guan Clan’s Founder, Guan Tong.

“Founder, this isn’t good right?! To shift from Cloud Mist City? Where would we go?” Every city had their own influential powers. Being an external clan, they would have a hard time trying to take root. When the Guan Clan first came to Cloud Mist City, they relied on the Li Clan quite a lot to have their current establishments.

Guan Tong replied, “Don’t you understand? It is no longer possible for the Guan Clan to have any future developments in Cloud Mist City. Only by leaving Cloud Mist City can we find the chance to rebuild. The prerequisite is for the Li Clan to let our Guan Clan off.”

To ask for an apology is to ask the Li Clan to not eradicate them. If not, they won’t have a chance in leaving Cloud Mist City.


Yang Clan.

The Yang Clan’s Founder and elders were all having a hard time.

After they discussed, they came out with the best choice of action.

That was to bring the clan and shift from Cloud Mist City.

The Li Clan’s influence was now too overwhelming. Don’t even mention their current relationship with the Li Clan, even if it wasn’t as bad as it was now, they would still have no opportunities to develop in Cloud Mist City and would only decline from here on out.

Of course, the prerequisite was still for the Li Clan to let the Yang Clan off.

But both their clans did not know how the Li Clan would react. So they had to go and test it out.

And to test it out, their best choice was to go and offer their apologies.


On this day, both the upper echelons of the Guan and Yang Clan went to seek forgiveness from the Li Clan.

Half a day later, the Guan and Yang Clan left separately.

No one knew what exactly happened, but after the two major clans left, they began to shift their entire clan. It was something that couldn’t be done in the dark. Gradually all of Cloud Mist City got to know of the news.

All of Cloud Mist City was shocked, some of them happy, some of them sad.

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The Guan Clan shifted, the Yang Clan shifted.

Cloud Mist City was now left with the Shen Tu Clan and Li Clan. If everything went on like this, the Shen Tu Clan would also most likely leave Cloud Mist City as well. By then, the Li Clan would be the only major clan left in Cloud Mist City.

This was what it meant when one dominated the sky single handedly. From now on, the Li Clan would be the sky of Cloud Mist City and there would be no forces who could go against them.

Of course, whether or not this could be maintain, was up to how Li Fuchen continued his growth. The day his growth stagnated would be the day a new influential force came to Cloud Mist City and fights for the sky against the Li Clan.

Since ancient times, this sort of situation has happened countless times.

As the two major clans prepared to shift, the minor clans were the ones who were most pleased with the result. They naturally wouldn’t be able to benefit equally like the Li Clan, but they would definitely thrive better than they currently were. After all, the Li Clan couldn’t take in all the businesses and those small businesses would still be dealt with by them.

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