Chapter 176: Xiang Clan Seeking for Forgiveness

The Guan, Yang, and Shen Tu Clans didn’t have anymore good days, while the Li Clan was now enjoying the moment.

Now that their young clan leader was a gold class direct disciple of the Azure Water Sect, who would dare to provoke the Li Clan in the future? Who would dare to try oppress them?

For the past decade, the Li Clan being one of the four major clans was nothing more than words.

Cloud Mist City was just a small city with a population of 200 hundred thousand people, the entire region amounted to about 1 million people.

The three major clans raked up a million plus gold coins every year.

The Yang Clan took half of the share, bringing in about 500 thousand gold coins per annum.

The Guan Clan was ranked second at 400 thousand gold coins.

The Li Clan had less than 200 thousand gold coins.

The reason why it was so different, was due to the combined oppression of the Yang and Guan Clan. It was also due to the oppression from the dark by the Shen Tu Clan.

Ten years ago, the Li Clan had almost 80 clan stores in Cloud Mist City. But now, there were only 30 so stores.

As Shen Tu Clan was the city lord’s clan and also in accordance to sect rules, the city lord’s clan could not be involved in any businesses. But those that started up their own business would have to pay taxes. In addition, every clan had to pay taxes too. Other than that, each faction would try to bribe them in the dark. So the Shen Tu Clan’s income was undoubtedly the highest. As for how much exactly, only city lord Shen Tu Jianhe would know.

Now that the Li Clan had Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist, not only could they return to their prime state. They could even far exceed their prime.


Silver Rich City, City lord residence…

“Uncle, that Li Fuchen is too arrogant, you need to help me take revenge.” Xiang Jiayu pleaded the Silver Rich City lord Xiang Tianqiong.

Xiang Tianqiong’s eyes flickered, he then said slowly, “I shall bring you to seek for forgiveness tomorrow.”

“Okay… What?”

Xiang Jiayu nodded unconsciously but quickly reacted.

‘Uncle was not going to take revenge for her but was bringing her along to seek forgiveness?’

Hearing such, Li Yunhe was flabbergasted.

He was worried Xiang Jiayu may meet trouble along the way back, so he brought two guards to escort her.

“Why uncle? Is our Xiang Clan afraid of a direct disciple? Cousin brother is also a direct disciple and has been so for a few years now.” Xiang Jiayu was unwilling to accept this decision.

“Jiayu, you are too rash.”

Outside of the halls, a youth walked in.

Xiang Jiayu and Li Yunhe turned around, Xiang Jiayu then asked, “Tianqiang ge, why are you back?”

“It is fortunate I am back. Do you know that direct disciples are also separated into ranks? I am a silver class direct disciple of the Azure Water Sect, but Li Fuchen is a gold class direct disciple.” Xiang Tianqiang was unwilling, but had to admit it.

“Gold class direct disciple?” Xiang Jiayu went into a stasis.

“Gold class direct disciples have the authority to dismiss a regular city lord, but silver class direct disciples don’t. Don’t even mention our Xiang Clan, even a major city lord wouldn’t dare to provoke a gold class direct disciple. They would even try to get in their good books, but you actually offended a gold class direct disciple.”

“Dismissing a city lord.” Xiang Jiayu and Li Yunhe gasped for air.

Gold class direct disciples had too much authority right? They were actually allowed to dismiss a city lord?

Xiang Tianqiang then said, “Don’t even mention Li Fuchen as a gold class direct disciple, even if he was a silver class direct disciple, we too cannot offend him. A 19 year old silver class direct disciple has a much higher status than me. Do you really think our Xiang Clan to be that glorious that we can offend anyone? Let me tell you, if we offend someone that we cannot afford to, the Xiang Clan may probably lose all its glory in a single day.”

“What can we do now?” Xiang Jiayu panicked.

She was indeed a spoiled brat, but it didn’t mean that she was brainless. If the Xiang Clan no longer thrived, she would be a nobody as a Xiang clansmen. And that was not the kind of life she wanted.

“Apologize, we need to apologize sincerely. Other than that, just apologizing isn’t enough, we need to let Li Clan open their stores in Silver Rich City.” Xiang Tianqiang wanted to cut off any bad openings.

He just returned from the Azure Water Sect a few days ago, which was why he knew everything about Li Fuchen’s matters.

Even though Li Fuchen was just a normal bone frame, with his current potential, he would most probably be superior than most of the gold class direct disciples. Even if he had a lion’s guts, he wouldn’t dare to provoke Li Fuchen.

Xiang Tianqiong nodded, “Tianqiang is right, just apologizing won’t be enough. We need to support the Li Clan’s business strongly.”

“Uncle, cousin brother, I am wrong.”

Xiang Jiayu’s heart developed a trace of fear. She feared that Li Fuchen would hate her and hate the Xiang Clan.

Xiang Tianqiang laughed, “Jiayu, although this matter may bring crisis to our Xiang Clan, it isn’t all a loss. If this Li Fuchen has a big heart, our Xiang Clan can take this chance to strike up good relationships with the Li Clan.”

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Being able to build good relationships with a gold class direct disciple’s clan would help greatly in the future.

“Your cousin brother is right. This is a crisis, but is also an opportunity.” Xiang Tianqiong nodded. This was also why he didn’t flare up, if not, he would have already seriously reprimanded Xiang Jiayu.

Xiang Jiayu felt like she was in a daze. At this moment, she suddenly understood how tiny she was. This world was too complex, she was only living under the glory of the Xiang Clan and was ignorant about the world.


Li Clan.

Many people came visiting their residence.

All the influential people in Cloud Mist City came bearing their greetings.

Even though they knew that if they were to offer gifts during their visit the Li Clan may not remember them; if they didn’t, the Li Clan would suspect them.

They didn’t wish to have a better position, only to remain as they were with their current status quo.

“Tianhan, there are too many people visiting these days.” Shen Yuyan said helplessly and at the same time with some pride.

When a person attained a certain status, the related people would rise together.

When their son Li Fuchen was doing well, they would share the limelight.

It would fake if they say they weren’t happy or proud.

Li Tianhan said, “The world works in this way. If you are formidable, people will try everything to curry favour with you. But we cannot be isolated from this world. If they want to offer gifts, then let them. It would be a waste to not accept.”

After being the patriarch for so many years, Li Tianhan knew well of the ways of this world. Since one could not change the world, one could only adapt to it. If one remained stubborn, it would be akin to digging one’s own grave.

“En, I understand.”

Shen Yuyan nodded, how would she not know this logic.

“Patriarch, Silver Rich City’s lord, Xiang Tianqiong seeks for a meeting.” A Li Clan’s guard walked into the affairs hall and informed Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan.

“Xiang Tianqiong.” Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan looked at each other.

In the past, Xiang Tianqiong was a character that was high above their status. Even the Shen Tu Clan wouldn’t be placed in Xiang Tianqiong’s eyes.

They never expected a day where Xiang Tianqiong would take the initiative to visit.

“Let’s go and welcome him!” Shen Yuyan said.

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“Okay.” Li Tianhan found it appropriate to do so too.

Outside of the hall, Xiang Tianqiong, Xiang Tianqiang, and Xiang Jiayu were all present. Seeing Li Tianhan personally welcoming him, Xiang Tianqiong spoke with fear, “Patriarch Li, how can I let you come and welcome me personally. I am here today to bring my niece to seek forgiveness.”

Li Tianhan sized up the shy Xiang Jiayu and replied, “City Lord Xiang, this way inside please.”

No matter what the case, they could talk when inside.

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