Chapter 175: Dismissing the City Lord

Shen Tu Jianhe’s body was trembling.


This was absolutely intolerable.

He already gave way for Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist, but Li Fuchen didn’t even try to interrogate Shen Tu Lang and killed him in one sword move.

So what if he was a direct disciple. Direct disciples could not step on his pride and dignity. What’s more, he had some connections in the Azure Water Sect too.

“You dare kill my clansman?!” Shen Tu Jianhe roared and drew his sword.

“So what if I killed him? This type of bastard should have died 1000 times. He is nothing but a vermin in this world. Of course, so is your Shen Tu Clan.” Li Fuchen didn’t leave any face for Shen Tu Jianhe.


With the 14th rank Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique revolving, a scarlet fire qi was released from Shen Tu Jianhe’s body.

With a shake of a sword, layers of sword lights surged at Li Fuchen.

Mystic class, low-tier sword art – Layer Cliff Sword Style.

Shen Tu Jianhe had tediously practiced this sword art for 30 years and had long attained the perfection stage. With it’s execution, a regular high leveled Earth Realm martial artist would also be killed without any resistant.


Li Fuchen thrusted at the center point of the layers of sword light.


As their sword qi clashed, a sword qi storm brewed up in the spacious square of the city lord’s residence, carving thousand of marks on the ground.

In the midst of the storm, a shadow flew backwards and crashed into a huge tree, breaking it.

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“No doubt he at the 5th level of the Earth Realm. He even cultivates the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique.”

Li Fuchen wasn’t surprised. If he were to combined the strength of the 13th rank True Inferno Technique, scarlet fire technique intent, and meteor sword intent, he still wouldn’t be a match for Shen Tu Jianhe. After all, Shen Tu Jianhe was at the 5th of the level Earth Realm, 4 levels higher than him.

“He got repelled.”

The city lord’s supporters were in delight, while Li Xiaodie was in fear.

“Li Fuchen, today I shall let you know what a level gap is!” Shen Tu Jianhe tapped his feet on the ground and shot out like an arrow, dashing at Li Fuchen.

“Shen Tu Jianhe, don’t be too happy. I have yet to go all out yet. Activate!”

Activating the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique, the true inferno qi in Li Fuchen’s body was transmuted into mystical dragon qi.

The mystical dragon qi was extremely dense, like magma, boiling in Li Fuchen’s body.

At the same time, a realistic qi presence burst forth and shrouded Shen Tu Jianhe.

Shen Tu Jianhe’s expression turned into that of shock. With his senses, he could feel a heat wave surging from the center of Li Fuchen. It clashed with his own qi and he was utterly defeated. Under the shroud of the heat wave, Shen Tu Jianhe felt his body become a few folds heavier. He didn’t feel as agile anymore and the surface of his skin began to feel traces of a blazing heat.

“How can his qi presence be so strong?” Shen Tu Jianhe couldn’t find any explanation.

Qi presences were separated into two types, qi aura and spirit will.

The qi aura was related to one’s qi. The higher the cultivation level, the stronger the cultivation technique, the more terrifying the qi aura.

The spirit will was related to one’s cultivation realm. The higher the cultivation realm, the stronger spirit will. Of course, some people were born with an innately strong spirit will.

Li Fuchen’s spirit will was originally normal. But the year that he lost his talents, his soul spirit would feel like it was being torn apart whenever he tried to cultivate. It tempered his spirit will to become strong as steel. Afterwards, with the golden amulet metamorphing his soul spirit, his soul spirit turn from normal steel into a precious metal. Not only was it tough and unbreakable, it was like a blade waiting to be reveal, filled with ‘killing power’.

In addition to that, within the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique,contained ‘dragon prowess’. With so many variables stacking together, Li Fuchen’s qi presence was even more exceptional than his physical ability.


A blinding sword light broke the qi protection of Shen Tu Jianhe and penetrated his body.

Blood spurted out as Shen Tu Jianhe was blasted backwards and sunk into the thick walls.

The situation turned around so quickly, everyone wasn’t able to react in time.

By the time they reacted, Shen Tu Jianhe was already seriously injured.

The supporters of the city lord’s residence had a realization. They realized that from now on, Shen Tu Jianhe was no longer the skies of Cloud Mist City. It was an unknown whether the Shen Tu Clan could even continue to exist.

No one dared to say anything. No one dared to even send a hateful glare at Li Fuchen.

Direct disciples could not be disobeyed. To disobey a direct disciple was to disobey the Azure Water Sect, and the consequence was eradication.

“Fuchen ge, thank you.” Li Xiaodie mumbled to herself.

In the eyes of others, Li Fuchen was an unscalable wall. But in her eyes, Li Fuchen was like the morning sun, providing her limitless warmth, so much so that her grief hads turn slightly better.

Retrieving the gold class direct disciple tablet, Li Fuchen declared, “I, an Azure Water Sect’s gold class direct disciple declare; from today onwards, Shen Tu Jianhe will be dismissed from his duties as Cloud Mist City’s lord. In three day, all Shen Tu clansmen will have to move out of the city lord’s residence. Anyone who disobeys the order will be slain without mercy.”

A direct disciple’s status was esteemed. But a gold class direct disciple’s status was even more superior.

Out of the several hundred thousand members of the Azure Water Sect, only 31 were gold class direct disciples.

As a gold class direct disciple, Li Fuchen had the authority to temporary suspend Shen Tu Jianhe as the city lord. This was the authority given to him by the sect.

Of course, the sect’s upper echelons would send someone to come investigate. If Li Fuchen was being unreasonable, Shen Tu Jianhe would be reinstated as the city lord and Li Fuchen would have to suffer serious punishments.

“Gold class direct disciple?”

The conscious Shen Tu Jianhe fell into a daze.

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Li Fuchen wasn’t a silver class direct disciple, but a gold class direct disciple.

For a moment, he felt his own world spin as he fainted.

Reaching his hand out to vacuum Shen Tu Lang’s head over, Li Fuchen said to Li Xiaodie, “We have Shen Tu Lang’s head as tribute. I think uncle will be able to rest in peace in the heavens. Lets go.”

“En!” Li Xiaodie nodded.


In just a single day, the news of Li Fuchen dismissing Shen Tu Jianhe’s city lord position spreaded like a storm. It travelled across all of Cloud Mist City immediately. News of Li Fuchen also got disseminated quickly.

Direct Disciple.

Gold class direct disciple.

The dismissal of Li Tieshan’s patriarch position and pushing his father Li Tianhan back to the patriarch position.

Killing into the city lord’s residence. Killing a Shen Tu Clan’s house guest and inflicting serious injuries to Shen Tu Jianhe.

Finally dismissing the city lord’s position.

No matter which news it was, they were all equally shocking.

Like divine lightning from the nine heavens, it caused every Cloud Mist City citizen to be in a state of shock.

Those that suffered abuse from the Shen Tu Clan were all crying tears of joy.

As for the majority of the citizens, they began worshipping Li Fuchen.

Be a man like Li Fuchen. Even the city lord can be dismissed. Such prowess and dominance.

As for all those that offended the Li Clan and Li Fuchen. Each and everyone of them were in fear.

Especially the Guan Clan and Yang Clan.

These two clans had many conflicts with the Li Clan, and they weren’t small conflicts either.

The Yang Clan was in a state of dead silence.

Guan Clan was also in a state of dead silence.

The upper echelons of both clans were all in a worrisome state of mind.

The Guan Clan’s Patriarch, Guan Yue was now in so much regret that even his intestines were bruised.

The Guan Clan’s Founder, Guan Tong was depressed. During the day of the genius contest, he threaten Li Fuchen by sending a secret message to him. What should he do now?

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