Volume 2 Chapter 75: President Maria’s Nightmare

The Olsyvia Academy’s southern branch, the Church of Light’s St Louis Academy. The female dormitory districts’ 1st dormitory building, 1st suite. The president of the St Louis branch’s student council, president Maria had finally returned to her dorm.

President Maria found it a little strange that she didn’t hear any of the usual bickerings between Daisy and Hayley, could it be that they were already asleep? But this wasn’t like them to sleep this early! Out of trust towards the guards placed in the area by the Church of Light, Maria didn’t think that anything bad had happened.

Because she was the last to return to the suite, Maria locked the dorm’s door after she entered, before turning to find her dorm mates. Beside her was the still invisible Noreya, who find finding hard to resist the urge to tell Maria not to go any further. However, the entire goal of Noreya and Bella’s infiltration was to obtain a key that Maria kept on her person, so she could only go against her heart and just silently watch.

Noreya’s conflicted feelings were quite understandable, as her current mission was simply too… it was even harder than the darkest and most cruel assassination missions that she had undergone in the past, she decided that after completing the mission today, she was going to go back to the dorm and relax for a few days. Next time Bella asked her out for such kind of missions, Noreya decided that she would definitely not agree to come along, who knows how much more perverted Bella could get!

Noreya had yet to realize that Bella was already formulating a plan designed to firmly bind Noreya to her, simply because the experienced ‘gentlewoman’ was able to hide her intentions too well. Because of the fact that Noreya’s combat abilities were on the level as Lisha and Kriss and it would be too risky for Bella to try and use force against her, and it was very likely that she would gain the contempt of Noreya regardless of whether she was able to succeed or not. So right now, all Bella could do was make plans in her head, but she wouldn’t really have the opportunity to actually use any of them anytime soon.

“Susan, Hayley, are you girls asleep… you! Who are you!?”

“Shhh, keep it down President Maria, you’ll wake them up!”

After seeing none of the holy maidens when she entered the lavish suite, she headed towards their shared bedroom, where she saw something that shocked her. In the bedroom, the five beds that had been separately placed around the room had been moved together to form one super-large bed.

On that super-large bed, the Church of Light’s four holy maidens: Hayley, Susan, Daisy, and Sophia, where all stripped bare on the bed, lying on their sides. Each of them had been bound by transparent strands of silk to stop them from being able to move. Apart from their arms and legs being restrained, all of their mouths had been gagged and their eyes blindfolded with strips of black cloth, President Maria now realized that this was the reason why the dorm had been so quiet when she had entered.

Apart from the four holy maidens, there was also another person sitting casually on the bed. Based on the figure, Maria could tell that this intruder was a female even though she was wearing a mask that covered her entire face. As for the intruder’s equipment, Maria could tell that it was the gear of a professional assassin, as she had seen similar gear worn by the Oliva branch’s student council president, the assassin Ave.

However, Maria could tell that this intruder definitely wasn’t Ave, even though both of them had similarly thin figures and proportions, because Ave’s eyes were not the same sky blue ones that this intruder possessed. Sophia and Susan were placed to the intruder’s left and right sides,  Daisy behind her and as for Hayley, she was propped up on the intruder’s lap and embraced, with one of the intruder’s hands feeling around Hayley’s body.

“Who are you!? Let them go this instant or I’ll…”

“Woah, don’t be so aggressive president Maria, I’m quite a coward and if you scare me my hand might shake and who knows what’ll happen to this precious girl!”

Bella’s white clown mask only had openings for her eyes and mouth, and because president Maria had never talked with Bella before, she was unable to determine the identity of the intruder.

Apart from the hand that was feeling Hayley up, Bella’s other hand was holding a dagger made from a dark metal and was holding it to Hayley’s neck. Hayley and the other holy maidens had all been drugged by Bella and were still unconscious, in no condition to resist, meaning that Bella could completely decide their life and death. Bella was suspicious that as the future successor to the pope of light, president Maria had some secretive ways of communicating with the holy maidens and to stop any possibilities, Bella used the simplest method, drugging the four holy maidens.

“You… tell me, what do you want, if it’s money I can give you as much as you want. But I’ll remind you, those four are all holy maidens of the Church of Light, you are making yourself an enemy of the Church and the God of Light!”

“Who said anything about money, president Maria, I’m a bandit with standards. Even if I wanted something from you, it would be something more meaningful than simple old money!”

“Then what do you want, could it be some of the Church of Light’s treasured relics? I have to right to decide where a few of them go, do you want ‘Ordine’s Holy Blade’, or ‘Arcebor’s Holy Grail’. pr…”

“No, why would I want those sacred relics, I can’t even use them. All I want are beautiful girls, just like these four. I’m quite happy just seeing them like this.”

“Aren’t you a girl? So why have you come to traffic… kidnap other girls, the dorms of the ‘Top 10 Handsome Students’ aren’t even anywhere near here, do you want me to give you their exact coordinates…”

“Why can’t girls be interested in other girls? There’s no law stating anything against it! I have no interest in those so-called most handsome males in the academy. You’ve wasted enough time, president Maria, you know what to do if you don’t want for them to get hurt!”

Maria’s plan of stalling for time had been quickly seen through by Bella, if she had only been able to delay until 10:30, when the female teachers who managed the dorm came patrolling and saw that their suite still had open lights, they would knock on the door first and if there was no response they would be able to use their master key to enter the suite themselves, ruining Bella’s plan of stealthily infiltrating.

“I don’t understand what you mean, we’re all girls here, there isn’t any need to harm each other here! Have you heard of…”

“President Maria, I didn’t come here to hear you tell some of the Church of Light’s fairytales. I’ll tell you straight up: strip yourself, completely.  After you’re done stripping, cross your arms behind you and turn your back to me, I’ll have to secure you just like them!”

“Your actions are defiling the Church of Light, are you not afraid of…”

“Sorry, not my religion, not my business. Please hurry up, president Maria, I’ve been holding this dagger for quite a while now and my wrist is getting quite sore, any longer and some accidents might happen…”

“You demon, stop it! I’ll do as you say, but, I won’t allow you to hurt them!”

“Alright, alright, but you better make it fast as I’ve never been the most patient person and I absolutely loathe waiting. Make sure you take off your jewelry as well, president Maria, don’t try to pull a fast one on me!”

“How did you know… I understand, just keep your promise!”

When this suite was built, it had been designed with protecting the holy maidens’ privacy in mind, and the walls were built with excellent soundproofing material. This made it a lot easier for Bella to do what she wanted, as all she needed to do was lock the suite’s door and no one outside would know a thing that was happening inside. This was the perfect place to do some ecchi things, and Bella felt as if it wouldn’t be right if she didn’t do anything ecchi in this situation.

Maria’s golden hair was similar to that of Susan’s, she was both a branch student council president as well as one of the ‘10 Schoolyard Beauties’, these two identities made Bella quite excited to get to ‘play’ with Maria, even more so than when she had captured the four holy maidens.

There were indeed, several defence relics on Maria’s person, even more than either of the four holy maidens, she was the appointed successor of the pope of Light after all. Some of those defensive relics were even those treasured holy relics that the Church of Light had been collecting for thousands of years, if Bella had tried to ambush Maria the same way that she had done so with the holy maidens, the chance of her succeeding was actually quite low as those holy relics that Maria had on her were all were designed with the purpose of protecting the wearer against assassins and similar occupations.

Maria was in too much of a rush to save her friends and hadn’t assessed the situation properly, if she looked a little closer, she would probably have noticed that the black dagger that Bella was holding to Hayley’s neck didn’t actually have an edge and was definitely incapable of cutting anything. Bella naturally wasn’t going to use an actual dagger in this situation, she too was afraid of accidentally slipping and hurting Hayley, which wasn’t something that she wanted to do.

It was quite the enjoyment for Bella to watch a beauty strip of her clothing piece by piece in front of her. While Bella was enjoying the ‘show’ that Maria was putting on her for her, she was also quietly keeping track of the time, occasionally telling Maria to speed up her actions. She had already heard earlier from Daisy that the female teachers in this dorm would patrol the building at night and that they would always reach this suite at about 10:30. Bella knew exactly what Maria was planning and she wasn’t about to let Maria escape today, after all, there’s no such thing as having too many girls, and if she didn’t take Maria, someone else definitely would.

Amongst the pile of clothes and accessories that Maria had shed, Bella spotted the item that she had infiltrated this dorm for, the key to the secret room underneath the St Louis Academy. The special golden key had been worn as a necklace around Maria’s neck but it seemed to only be half of a key, Bella had no clue if it was truly only half the key nor where the key’s other half was.

“Alright, I’ve done as you asked, it’s time for you to keep your promise!”

After Maria finished stripping, she turned her back towards Bella. She was planning to take lower Bella’s cautiousness and then strike a decisive blow when Bella approached her to tie her up. Even though Maria had shed all of her equipment, but she still had an ace hidden up her sleeve…somewhere. As the personally selected successor to the current pope, she had learned quite a few things from the pope, there was also a blessing on her that the pope had given to her himself. As soon as Bella touches her, Maria would be able to activate that blessing’s ability to turn the tables on Bella.

However, it seemed that Maria had underestimated Bella’s slyness, if it had been a man in her place, they wouldnt definitely have been unable to contain their primal impulses and jumped Maria right here and now, falling straight into her plan. Bella’s self-control was evidently much stronger than that and it wouldn’t be so each for her to fall into such a trap.

“What, aren’t you going to come tie me up? Is it that…”

Maria was in the middle of turning her head back to look at Bella when a blob of viscous fluid fell from the ceiling and landed accurately on her head. Before Maria could even react, the blob of fluid injected a numbing toxin into her body, destroying the blessing that would allow her to use forbidden-class light magic.

Forbidden-class light magic 《Light’s Fortress》 was one of the most advanced and highest tiered light magic that the human inhabitants of this world could use and had been cast on Maria by the pope of light himself. As soon as anyone makes contact with the one protected by the spell, they would be launched far away in the opposite direction.

It was a shame that the blessing was absorbed by Skryme’s abilities, sucking away the magic power skillfully. Skryme had even done similar things to other dimensions’ female war goddesses many times, neither Maria nor the pope’s power was any stronger than that of a war goddess and it was quite expected for her to fall victim to Skryme.

“What, how.. When did you notice? No, don’t come any closer, help…”

“President Maria, I thought I told you not to disturb their rest. If you don’t listen to me and keep making such a ruckus, well, do you see those little balls in their mouths? I’ve prepared yours as well, do you want to try?”

“No, don’t… I yield, please be more gentle, stop… don’t tie there… I’m begging you…”

“Doesn’t the Church of Light preach that all are equal in the eyes of God? Maria, can’t you see that Susan and the others are all tied up just like this, so how could I treat you differently? It seems that you aren’t pious enough, I guess that I’ll have to thoroughly re-educate you!”

“What do you want, can’t you just tell me? You’re not even a man, there’s no point in you capturing us…”

Maria was tied in the strange position that the four holy maidens were in and finally, the always calm student council president of the St Louis academy began to panic as the situation was now completely out of control and she had no idea what was going to happen. The material that Bella tied Maria with was silk from another one of the Dark Sanctuary’s void monarchs, 【Spider Queen】 Yulysses. Yulysse’s silk was very flexible and durable, most importantly, it wouldn’t leave any rope marks on the person that was bound by it, an ideal material to use as a rope.

Bella had guessed that Maria had some sort of hidden card as she had seen something similar used several months ago by the 【Rose Knight】 Eleanor against her possessed brother Sidney, but that was a different spell, one to self-destruct, but the two had similar usages in requiring the target be near them. Bella had immediately realized what Eleanor was doing back then so she had no problem detecting it this time, which was why she had let Skryme make the first move to either destroy Maria’s ace or to let Skryme take the fall.

“Whether or not you girls are of any use to me isn’t for you to decide, I think you should quiet down! Be a nice girl and open your mouth for me, the night is still long and we have lots of time to discuss that topic.”

“Don’t do this, stop it, I…”

Bella lightly squeezed Maria’s nose, forcing her to open her delectable lips to get some air, Bella took advantage of this and put a red ball into her mouth and tie it around behind her head. After being gagged, Maria was no longer able to maintain the dignity of the pope of light’s successor and she could only look with pleading eyes at Bella, hoping that this demoness would give her a chance to talk her way out of the situation.

When faced with Maria’s pleading eyes Bella felt an ever increasing urge to conquer her right here and now, but she remembered that Noreya was still standing guard at the door and could only rein in her impulses. If she had known that the infiltration would have gone so easily, she would have brought that perverted loli Noesha over. Bringing Noesha over, was in some ways, the wrong choice.

There wasn’t any medicine for regret in this world, however, and Bella carefully picked up Maria and then placed her onto the large bed. After doing so, she began lowering all of the window shades in the suite and then shut off all of the magic lights.

Seeing that Bella had extinguished the suite’s magic lights, the last spark of hope in Maria’s heart was finally destroyed. Now that the lights were off, the patrolling teachers wouldn’t realize that anything was wrong and come check on their situation. This now meant that the five of them had completely become Bella’s captives.

“Alright, president Maria, I have a few questions to ask you now, please answer them honestly! If you lie to me or if your answers are unsatisfactory, I’ll have to give you a punishment…I’ll take your gag off for now…”

“Just ask, I’ll answer everything, I promise I won’t lie…”

“Really? Then I’ll ask you something innocent first, every month…”

“What? This question… I refuse… I’ll tell you, don’t look at me like that…”

“So it’s those few days, it seems that you’re a good girl that listens to instructions, let’s start the next question…”

“Can you at least…:

“We’re not done with the questions yet, president Maria, there’s no time to waste. It seems that you want to experience…”

“I’m sorry, keep asking.. Don’t do that, I’m scared…”

Bella lit a red-wax candle and approached Maria. In the weak light given off by the candle, Bella’s shadow on the wall looked exceptionally frightening, as if it was a demon that had its wings spread wide open.

In this suite that had large amounts of holy relics placed around, there were a few amongst them that had the ability to show the true forms of evil beings. Bella wasn’t a human in the first place, so it was understandably normal that her shadow was that of a demon. Maria was already scared witless and didn’t have any time to consider the meaning behind Bella’s shadow, she hoped that this was all just a nightmare and that morning would come faster so she could finally wake up.

Beside the door, Noreya had finally removed her invisibility cloak now that Maria had been controlled, as there wasn’t much point in her remaining invisible. Bella was busy ‘interrogating’ Maria and didn’t notice that under the candlelight, Noreya’s shadow also wasn’t that of a human, looking somewhat similar to that of Bella’s…

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