Chapter 574: Dragon King’s Treasure Cave (Part 2)

The two dragon guards looked at each other in blank dismay and said, “We have never heard about this matter.”

“Of course, you don’t know about it. This is still a secret. I hope you two will not spread this matter. If other clansmen know about this, then you two will have a tragic fate. Do you understand?” Long Yi said mysteriously.

“Even if that is true, what are you doing here?” Dragon guard A wasn’t stupid; he asked with doubt.

“I came under the Dragon King’s order to take away the prince and princess. Dragon King has assigned them a secret mission.” Long Yi said solemnly, and a Dragon King Seal dazzling with golden light appeared in his hand.

When those two dragon guards saw this Dragon King Seal, they immediately knelt down, and the suspicions in their hearts disappeared. Under the command of Long Yi, they opened the barrier.

Long Yi stowed the Dragon King Seal and walked into the cave. Inside, he saw Midi’er and Leguxiya sitting listlessly on the ground. They didn’t even look over when Long Yi entered.

“Leguxiya, still not coming over to greet your brother-in-law?” Long Yi said with a smirk.

Leguxiya and Midi’er jumped up at the same time and saw Long Yi pulling down his mask.

“Brother-in-law, you…… I miss you to death!” Leguxiya with his face covered with tears rushed over to Long Yi, but he was kicked to one side by Long Yi.

“You…… how did you come?” Midi’er agitatedly asked.

“My dear, Dragon King made me come take you out.” Long Yi said with a smile. Taking two steps forward, he hugged Midi’er’s slender waist.

The beautiful face of Midi’er turned red, and she prepared to struggle free, but Long Yi blew hot air in her ear as he whispered, “If you want to get out, be obedient.”

When Long Yi walked out of the cave while holding the slender waist of Midi’er who had a bright red face, the mouths of those two dragon guards were wide open in surprise. They watched Long Yi with admiration, all the doubts in their hearts cleared.

“You two, listen, this is a secret matter. Continue to guard here and don’t mention anything about this to anyone. Do you understand?” Long Yi said to those two dragon guards.

“Understood, we understand. You can rest assured.” The two dragon guards nodded their head while smiling happily. Being able to subdue the first tyrannical dragon king of Dragon Clan, this fellow was absolutely not ordinary. Besides, since Long Yi saved them from the claws of Midi’er, they were very grateful. In addition, Long Yi had the Dragon King Seal, so how could they dare not obey Long Yi?

Only when they escaped the sight of those two dragon guards did Midi’er peel off the hand of Long Yi from her waist and angrily say, “Still not enough hugging!”

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“If I said that it wasn’t, will you let me hug longer?” Long Yi said with a bad smile.

“Keep on dreaming, if not for the fact that you saved us, I would have already cut off your pig paw,” Midi’er snorted.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said nothing.

“By the way, brother-in-law, how did you accomplish this? How did you get in? Why did those fellows listen to your words?” Leguxiya impatiently asked. Midi’er was also quite curious.

“This…… I have my means.” Thinking of the Dragon King Seal and treasures in his space ring, a proud smile appeared on his face.

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Seeing this wicked smile on the face of Long Yi, Midi’er was angry in her heart, but she was honestly too curious. She stood in front of him and grabbed his collar. She ferociously ordered, “Don’t keep people guessing, will you tell or not?”

“Can’t you be a bit gentler?” Long Yi pointed at her hand gripping his collar and complained.

Midi’er took a deep breath and moved her hand away. Recalling the gentle and soft expressions of his women when facing Long Yi, she took a deep breath. Making a soft and gentle expression, she blinked her eyes and said coquettishly, “Long Yi, tell me please.”

Long Yi and Leguxiya were startled. They felt as if lightning struck them, and they shivered as goosebumps appeared all over their body.

“Big sister, don’t be so disgusting. As I see it, you can never learn to be soft and gentle in your life.” Leguxiya said while rubbing his arms.

Long Yi looked solemn and nodded his head. Seeing Midi’er turn green and then white, he knew that she was about to explode, so he hastily said, “We can change the pattern a bit.”

“What pattern?” Midi’er gnashed her teeth and said. She was embarrassed and angry in her heart. For the first time since her birth, she had pretended to be gentle and soft, but these two bastards made fun of her. This was infuriating her to death.

“For instance, let me….. kiss you.” Long Yi jumped back after saying this in fear that he would burn himself.

But, beyond the expectations of Long Yi, Midi’er didn’t get angry; instead, she remained calm. Looking straight at Long Yi, she said, “Okay, I agree.”

“Really?” Long Yi suspiciously asked.

“Really.” The fists of Midi’er crackled.

“You are not lying, are you?” Long Yi’s eyes shone.

“Not lying…… wu……”

The mind of Midi’er instantly blanked out. Her entire body was surrounded by a dense manly aura, her lips completely sealed by Long Yi’s big mouth, her heart jumped wildly.

After a few seconds, Long Yi immediately jumped back. The fragrant lips of this she-T. Rex were truly soft and tasted good.

Seeing Midi’er coming back to her senses, Long Yi pulled Lugexiya who was still stunned and asked, “Why on earth are you also in a daze? Still not running away quickly.”

Leguxiya blankly responded. He still couldn’t figure out why he should flee with Long Yi, but his body involuntarily followed Long Yi.

“Long Yi, don’t run! I want to kill you!” Midi’er angrily screamed and chased after them.

The dragon guards at the foot of the mountain only saw two figures flash past them. Before they could sort out what had happened, Midi’er also flashed past them. Her violent anger made them involuntarily shrink back.

“Who didn’t have eyes and provoked the princess? Eh, weren’t the princess and prince placed in confinement by Dragon King? Could it be that they were released?” A dragon guard muttered to himself thinking that it was definitely Dragon King who had released them. Dragon King spoiled them too much; he truly should have confined them for several hundred years. Like that, they would not have any disasters.

This was the result Long Yi had wanted: killing two birds with one stone. On one hand, he could steal a fragrant kiss, and on the other hand, he could use Midi’er’s anger to avoid the interrogation of these dragon guards at the foot of the mountain.

After Long Yi ran into the forest, he suddenly stopped and turned around. Behind, Midi’er who was chasing after him without sparing any effort was caught off guard and nearly threw herself into his bosom.

“Don’t be impulsive. If you alarm the elders, then that would be anything but reassuring,” Long Yi watched Midi’er with a broad smile and said.

Midi’er gritted her teeth and struggled to swallow the anger in her heart. How could she let this bad fellow take cheap advantage of her?

“Don’t you want to know how I came here, and how I was able to take you two out so easily?” Seeing Midi’er was still feeling indignant, Long Yi hastily asked.

“Speak.” Midi’er kicked a big tree down and ordered, coldly looking at Long Yi.

Long Yi was inwardly speechless and immediately told her how he had entered Divine Dragon main island. Taking out the Dragon King Seal from his space ring, he said with a smile, “Take a look, what is this?”

“Dragon King Seal!” The Midi’er siblings exclaimed at the same time.

“How did you obtain it?” Midi’er hastily asked.

“I went to your house to look for you two, but due to a freak combination of factors, I entered the sealed off treasure cave of your father emperor. Fortunately, your father emperor was cultivating, and the Dragon King Seal was right next to him, so I naturally picked it up and left.” Long Yi casually said.

“You entered the treasured cave of our father emperor!” The dragon eyes of the siblings shone and looked at Long Yi as if he were a plateful of delicacies.

“Come clean! Other than the Dragon King Seal, did you take other treasures too? All the treasures in that treasure cave are our father’s collection, even we cannot take a look at them usually.” Midi’er grabbed Long Yi’s arm as if she had already forgotten the anger of just a moment ago. One could well imagine the attraction treasure held to a dragon.

“No, I didn’t. At the time, I only had my eyes set on Dragon King Seal. In addition, I feared your father emperor would wake up suddenly, so how could I think of taking other things?” Long Yi hastily shook his head. Even if he was killed on the spot, he would not acknowledge his sins.



“Are you lying?”


Midi’er was somewhat disappointed. She was absolutely certain that Long Yi was not telling the truth: she didn’t believe that Long Yi lacked the courage, but, since he was not acknowledging it, she could do nothing. Even she and Leguxiya had had thoughts toward the treasures in the treasure cave of her father emperor for a long time. Compared to those treasures, the decorative treasures in other caves were very inferior.

“Now that we have seven Great Elder’s Seals and the Dragon King Seal, let’s go to the forbidden area of the Dragon Race to rescue Liuxu’s parents.” Long Yi said.

“We still can’t. The forbidden area of our Dragon Race is not located in the master island, and at this moment, we cannot leave; otherwise, we will be noticed by the elders. I think we should wait until another rainfall. Then we can sneak out from that lake you mentioned.” Midi’er listlessly said. Usually, when she and Leguxiya went out, those elders would turn a blind eye, but now was not usual times, so they naturally couldn’t openly leave like before.

Wait for another thunderstorm? Long Yi frowned. Seeing Midi’er’s dejected appearance because she couldn’t obtain any treasures, he couldn’t help saying with a smile, “Hey, why are you making such expression? Is it because of the treasures? I also have many treasures; moreover, they are not lacking compared to the trinkets in that treasure cave of your father emperor. In the future, after Liuxu’s parents are saved, I will give you a portion.”

Seeing Long Yi’s brilliant smile, Midi’er involuntarily became absent-minded and also smiled beautifully, showing a row of spotlessly white teeth. At this moment, her beautiful face felt hot, her heartbeat accelerated, and she unnaturally moved her eyes away from Long Yi as she recalled that kiss.

“Brother-in-law, will I get a portion too?” Leguxiya stuck in. How could he not know that the treasures of Long Yi came from the treasure cave of his father emperor? Nevertheless, he didn’t dare to expose Long Yi; he just wanted to get some treasures.

“Of course, how could I forget my brother-in-law?” Long Yi smirked and winked at Midi’er, making her ashamed and angry.

Long Yi led the Midi’er siblings back to the cave where Liuli and the others had been hiding, but they discovered an empty cave. The three had disappeared without a trace.

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