Chapter 574: Dragon King’s Treasure Cave

(Part 1)

Long Yi rushed toward the peak at a lightning fast speed. Very quickly, he arrived before a huge cave with all kinds of sparkling rare treasures paving a wide road toward it. The edges of this cave also had several treasures inlaid on the walls. This made Long Yi sigh. Dragon Race was rich and imposing; merely, they had a poor taste.

In front of this Dragon King’s residence, there were no dragon guards. It seemed that Dragon King was very confident. However, this was a good thing for Long Yi.

After observing carefully, Long Yi cautiously entered the cave. Upon entering this cave, he was dumbfounded and muttered, “Path to heaven, this is the path to heaven.”

Compared to Liuxu’s crystal palace in Illusory Forest, this Dragon King’s residence was even more shocking. This cave was over 50 meters tall and over 30 meters wide. In addition, there was a straight passage toward the inner area. But, everything was so shining and dazzling that people would feel dizzy upon seeing this. The cave was more than 500 meters deep and was divided into three more caves that were similarly decorated with treasures. Anyone who saw this kind of scene was bound to lose control of themselves. Compared to this place, even the treasury of Violent Dragon Empire was nothing.

Long Yi resisted his impulse to completely sweep these treasures into his space ring. Everyone knew that all dragons liked treasures, especially the Dragon King. Only ghosts would know whether the Dragon King would sense it if he tampered with these treasures. That would be terrible.

When Long Yi arrived at the three-way fork, he couldn’t sense the Dragon King’s aura. It was as if the Dragon King’s residence was empty.

He casually chose a cave and entered. There, Long Yi saw a stone room lining a long hall, each interspaced a pair of rooms on the other side. These stone rooms were empty. There was neither treasures nor decorations; he didn’t know what these stone rooms were for.

After walking for a short while, he reached the end of this cave. There was a barrier emitting a dazzling golden light. This made Long Yi very curious about what was inside this barrier.

Should he break open this barrier and go in? Long Yi hesitated for a bit. The main reason for his trip this time was to find the whereabouts of the Midi’er siblings, so he didn’t have time to break this barrier.

Merely, Long Yi’s thoughts changed in the next moment. Midi’er siblings lived here, so Dragon King might have used this barrier to trap them?

After justifying his actions, Long Yi decided to break this barrier and take a look. He covered himself with his spirit power then fused his internal power with his spirit power. He leaned against this barrier. With the internal force’s property of melting barriers, he believed that he could enter this barrier without anyone knowing. Merely, since this barrier was so strong, it would take some time.

Slowly, Long Yi squeezed into the barrier little by little. In his heart, he prayed, hoping no one would come at this critical moment. Otherwise, with half of his body stuck inside the barrier, let alone fighting, he would be a fish on the chopping board.

After an hour, Long Yi finally passed through this barrier. Before he had time sigh in relief, he felt that it was empty underneath his legs and fell down. Fortunately, he had experienced a lot of dangerous situations, so he quickly stabilized his posture and stopped in mid-air without any noise. If an average person were in his place, his or her first reaction would be screaming in this type of situation.

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Long Yi sighed in relief, but he suddenly felt something was wrong. He looked down, and his eyes opened wide. He hastily covered his mouth and nearly let out a scream.

Heavens, what did he see? A dragon, a huge dragon, a huge golden dragon. No matter in build or in luminance of scales, the Midi’er siblings were unable to compare. Now, his legs stopped only a few centimeters away from the head of this huge dragon. He could even feel the huge dragon’s hot breath.

Long Yi took a deep breath and carefully scooted away from the wall. Only when he was some distance from this huge sleeping dragon, did he size up this place. This place seemed to be the dwelling of the Dragon King. Below the dragon was a huge pile of gold, silver, treasures and jewels. This dragon actually slept above a mountain of treasures.

“No, he is cultivating whole-heartedly.” Seeing a golden light circulating around the huge dragon’s body, Long Yi thought. If he had guessed correctly, then this huge dragon should without a doubt be the Dragon King. At this moment, the Dragon King had probably sunk all his consciousness into his sea of consciousness to cultivate, which was known as complete cultivation. Generally, people used this method to cultivate only when in seclusion. The effects of this method were much better than cultivating while using a part of consciousness to sense the outside world.

Dragon King was truly rich. Long Yi couldn’t help but sigh. All around were treasures. Dragon King Peak was more than 3,000 meters all. If these treasures were really piled up from the foot of this mountain, the quantity would truly be astonishing.

At this moment, Long Yi felt that Dragon King didn’t have any perception towards the outside world. So as long as there were no energy fluctuations outside, it was very unlikely that he would wake from his cultivation. Thus, his courage became much bigger.

“Dragon King, ah Dragon King, in any case, these treasures are useless to you. How about sharing a bit with me? More people being happy is better than only one person being happy.” Long YI smirked and muttered while sweeping away the most valuable treasures into his space ring. Soon, two empty plots inside his space ring were filled with treasures.

Just when Long Yi planned to stop before going too far, he suddenly saw a golden seal beneath Dragon King’s huge dragon body. This seal had a dragon-shaped mark that was very lifelike. It was as if it would fly out at any time.

“Dragon King Seal?” The pupils of Long Yi shrunk. Dragon King Seal was necessary to enter the forbidden area of the Dragon Race, so how could he return without this precious item?

Long Yi quietly walked over, grasped this Dragon King Seal, and pulled. However, this Dragon King Seal was firmly pressed down by the huge dragon body and didn’t budge at all. If he used internal force to pull, he might wake up this Dragon King.

At this point, Long Yi was absolutely unwilling to return empty-handed but also realized that waking up the Dragon King was not worth the gain. He feared that the Dragon King would definitely make him spit out all the treasures he had taken.

Long Yi rubbed the beard stubble on his chin and pondered. Suddenly, his eyes shone as he looked at the Dragon King’s stomach. According to his experiment on Midi’er and Sharman, the stomach side of dragons was a very sensitive place. As long as it was lightly stroked, they would feel unbearably ticklish.

Long Yi took out a feather brush from his space ring then lightly swept the stomach side of the Dragon King. The cultivating Dragon King seemed to feel something, and his huge body moved, but the Dragon King Seal remained under its body.

“Your grandfather! I don’t believe you will not move.” Long Yi muttered and again swept the stomach side of Dragon King.

The huge body of Dragon King trembled and twisted slightly. Taking advantage of this moment, Long Yi pulled the Dragon King Seal from under Dragon King and placed it into his space ring along with the brush, before flying towards the barrier. He wanted to leave now without wasting any moment.

Long Yi snuck out of the cave and noticed that the sky was already bright, with the sun high in the sky. Without the cover of rain and night, it was somewhat difficult to leave Dragon King Peak without anybody noticing. He turned away from Dragon King Cave, wanting to look for another path down but saw two dragon guards halfway up the mountain. He was surprised and approached them. He saw that those two dragon guards guarded a dark cave.

Those two dragon guards seemed very young. Compared to those dragon guards at the foot of the mountain, they were much inferior. Long Yi completely retracted his aura and slowly approached them. He was able to hear their conversation.

Guard A said, “You are so resourceful, laying out a sound insulation barrier. Still, princess and prince were truly too threatening.”

Guard B, however, helplessly said, “We two truly have a cruel fate to be selected for such an assignment. You haven’t realized yet that since princess is the first Tyrant Dragon King of our Divine Dragon Clan, after they are released by Dragon King, we two will become the punching bags of the princess.”

Upon hearing this, Guard A shivered and said, “Is there nothing you can do? We absolutely cannot let them go; otherwise, Dragon King will punish us.”

Guard B sighed, “What can I do? We brothers can only prepare to become punching bags. I truly hope that princess will marry soon and find a husband that takes care of her. Otherwise, we will never have a good day.”

Upon hearing their conversation, Long Yi smiled. He truly had never thought that Midi’er’s infamy had reached this level. And at that moment, he thought of a way.

“You don’t have to worry about that; your princess will be marrying very soon.” Long Yi suddenly appeared. Now, he was wrapped from head to toe with a robe.

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“Who are you?” The two guards immediately became alert. If they hadn’t sensed the aura of Divine Dragon Clan from Long Yi, they would have immediately rung the alarm.

“I am the future husband of the princess, the future son-in-law of Dragon King. Now, you all don’t need to worry about your future. Princess listens to me the most. If she look at you for trouble, I will teach her a lesson.” Long Yi smiled.

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