Chapter 13 – Monster Bao Xiao Ting

The Despair Archipelago was given the name despair because a large group of sea monsters resided here, they were Man-Eating Fishmen.

From the information provided by Dreamy, Fishman has the face of an ocean creature such as sturgeon, shark, crab, prawn, octopus etc.

However, they were humanoid and possessed certain levels of intelligence. In addition, they divide their work very clearly and have a strict system based on rank. A small group can form a tribe, while large groups can even become empires. The Despair Archipelago was the hunting grounds of one such Fishman Empire.

While the island that Lin Xiao Bei was located at, have some hunting Fishman Tribes.

Presently, Lin Xiao Bei has believed Bai Yiyi’s claim of seeing a monster. That was because the butt that Lin Xiao Bei saw was blue in color, a normal person would not have dyed their butt to be the same color as Doraemon right?

[Ding. You have formed a party with Player Bai Yiyi]

“Let me be clear. 100,000 dollars, I will only protect you until you go offline! If you renege on your debt, then don’t blame me for forcing an honest girl into prostitution! Eh, right, you are already a Chicken! Damn!”

Lin Xiao Bei feigned madness while throwing threats. He was trying to feign and acquire the Novice Player Mission from Bai Yiyi.

“How many times must I tell you, I am not in that profession! My father is Bai Yi Wen! My family is rich!”

Bai Yiyi gritted her teeth, seeing how Lin Xiao Bei could carry her and move so swiftly within the forest, he was most likely a very powerful expert. A pity, he was a bloody retard that only knows about money.

“H City’s Blackheart Property Developer Bai Yi Wen? The one that forcefully evicts people, that Blackheart Bulldozer? I want 200,000 dollars! Or else I am not doing it!”

Lin Xiao Bei’s eyes shined like crystal as he looked at Bai Yiyi as though she was an ATM.

“Fine! 200,000 then 200,000 it is. However, you must not increase the price anymore, and you cannot call my dad a bulldozer as well. Or else, or else I will fight it out with you! You can also forget about getting a single cent from me!”

Bai Yiyi was very angry, this retard increasing his price aside, he even called her dad a bulldozer! Didn’t that mean he was also scolding her entire family?

“Deal. Seeing that I suddenly increase the price, share your Novice Player Mission with me. Boss, I will help you complete it for free.”

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When he spoke till here, Lin Xiao Bei’s expression turned weird and funny. He had now tossed out a reasonable explanation, Bai Yiyi would surely not have any suspicions.

As expected.

[Ding. Your teammate shared a Novice Player Mission] [Little Lobster Stronghold Attack Strategy] [Mission Description: Refer to the map. There is a Small Lobster Base 2 kilometers away from your current location. The Player is to occupy it and convert it into a Safe Zone] [To Take Note: The weakest Blue Lobster Man is Lv.5 and the base held many Blue Lobster Men. Please find other Players and cooperate to complete this mission] [Reward: Weather Stone (Equipment Type) x 1]

(A Weather Stone could be split into two types: Building Type or Equipment Type. A Building Type can be used to create a Safe Zone while an Equipment Type could be worn by a Player to ignore the debuff effects of the hurricane winds)

What a good fella. Lin Xiao Bei’s attributes have been reduced by 50% currently and were in need of this equipment-type Weather Stone.

However, the only imperfection was that the island map provided was very fragmented. It only provides the general direction of where the closest Fishman Base was at, there was still a need to search and locate it.

“Okay, I will help you with this mission. Let us go scout and find out how many Little Lobsters are there at Blue Butt’s (Blur Lobster Man) base.”

Looking at the remaining game time, it was 4.5 hours. After finding the Fishman Base, there would also be a fight to be done. Time was short, causing Lin Xiao Bei to feel slightly anxious.

“No. I don’t want lobsters, just protect me until I go offline will do.”

When she thought of lobsters, fear appeared within Bai Yiyi’s eyes as she firmly rejected Lin Xiao Bei’s suggestion.

“Boss, you are a Player. Since you entered the game, you must kill monsters to level up. Oh right, what is your innate talent? You can just throw small fireballs behind me when I am engaging those monsters!”

Lin Xiao Bei was speechless, the person who shared the mission was Bai Yiyi. If she did not complete the mission, even if he were to locate the base, he would also not be able to convert it into a Safe Zone.

“How would I know Small Fireball. My innate talent is a passive skill called [Diplomacy]. Other than the ability to understand various languages, I know nothing else. I am not going! I firmly reject that.”

Bai Yiyi was being stubborn.

While Lin Xiao Bei and Bai Yiyi got into an argument.

‘Bang’, ‘Bang bang bang bang’……

A series of gunshots could be heard coming from within the forest, various roars and cries instantly resounded.

“Ah! Monsters… protect me” Bai Yiyi jumped onto Lin Xiao Bei’s back in fright.

“No need to be afraid. It should be other Players.”

The first time a Player entered a game, they would also bring along the things they had on them, an example would be Lin Xiao Bei’s lighter during the Trial. Gunshots, it means that there is a Player nearby, and one that possessed a gun.

He did not know if it was a friend or foe, so Lin Xiao Bei prepared to take Bai Yiyi away first.

At that time.

‘Rustle’, ‘Rustle’. The vegetation in the surroundings started to move, it seemed like something was closing in on them at high speed.

“Damn, still came eventually. Boss, remain here and don’t move, I will go get rid of that dirty fella.”

As he spoke, Lin Xiao Bei took a large step and aimed at the shrub that was rustling. He stretched his hand while using the Wing Chun Grabbing hand to ferociously strike forward.

Upon entering the shrub, Lin Xiao Bei felt that he caught a shoulder. He strengthened his fingers and pulled it towards him and instantly changed his stance into a Throat Lock.

[Ding. Your hand is on a lethal part, the throat. Your Strength is high enough to insta-kill your opponent anything]

“Drop your gun and I won’t kill… eh…!”

When he saw the person, Lin Xiao Bei was startled. It was not a Player but a huge blue, lobster!

Feeling its neck being grabbed, the Lobster Man was also startled. Eh, no, he was not startled. It was exhaling more than it was inhaling while its eyes were turning white already.

“Blue Butt. I am just looking for you, yet you deliver yourself to me. Heh heh heh.”

Lin Xiao Bei’s face was very fierce and sinister. Just as he was just about to snap the lobster’s neck.

The Blue Lobster Man knew that its life was being threatened and it was no use struggling, instantly reaction quickly.

‘Beng Ga’, a huge exclamation mark appeared on its head and a series of words followed closely after that.

‘The Sixth Apostle, please spare me, I am also an Apostle! I have something to say, the Blood Butcher and Third Apostle is related, he might be looking for you to bring trouble.”

[Ding. Blue Lobster Monster Bai Xiao Ting wants to add you as a Friend]

“Say what? How did you know I am the Sixth Apostle?” Lin Xiao Bei glared, his killing intent got even stronger.

Being wrapped by the thick killing intent, the Lobster Man Bao Xiao Ting quickly pointed at the mark in front of Lin Xiao Bei’s chest.

Lowering his head, Lin Xiao Bei saw an exquisite looking Apostle Badge, on it was the number 6.

Lin Xiao Bei shifted his eyes and saw that there was a similar badge on Bao Xiao Ting’s chest as well, on it was the number 666.

“666, how lucky. Hey, I have a Player behind me. So, tell me, should I kill you or should I not?”

Lin Xiao Bei lowered his voice and gritted his teeth. He really wants to kill Bao Xiao Ting immediately and nip the problem by the bud. However, the information regarding the Third Apostle has put him at a loss, he wants to know the latter portion.

At that time, Bai Yiyi’s meek voice came.

“Hey, darn money lover, what did you say? It’s a player?”

Her voice was also quite close, it seems like Bai Yiyi has come over.

“Hahahahaha, I have caught a little pet. Boss, are you hungry, do you want me to roast a lobster for you? It is the rare blue species also.”

Lin Xiao Bei flipped his hand to lift Bao Xiao Ting, and swing him in front of Bai Yiyi.

[Ding. Your teammate has received 8 million critical scare damage and has fainted]

Bai Yiyi fainted.

‘My life is temporarily saved!’

‘Now I can listen to the news regarding the Third Apostle.’

‘Fu…’ Lin Xiao Bei and Bao Xiao Ting released a sigh of relief at the same time.

Closer after, Lin Xiao Bei raised his fist in front of Bao Xiao Ting.

“666 is it. Speak, what about the Third Apostle? If you don’t explain yourself clearly, I will use my two hands to give you 666 today!”

“The Third Apostle has a very powerful background in the Chinese Federation. Over the past two days, he has been searching for the whereabouts of the assassin, Ye Qing Ling. I am guessing, he is trying to investigate your real-life identity through her.”

“Your guess?” Lin Xiao Bei’s voice was abnormally high pitched, while his fist was clutching so tightly that cracking sounds could be heard.

“I am no guessing! He has announced in the group chat yesterday that he has inherited a powerful organization within East’s Storm Domain. He wants you to initiate and look him yourself to solve the problem. Or else he will humiliate you!”

“Who is he?” Lin Xiao Bei’s eyes turned dark.

He has no power or authority back on Earth. Even within the game, he has been turned into an ordinary Player because of Dreamy. This Third Apostle was making him feel a huge sense of crisis, he must try to Awesome Brag him to death while his level currently still low.


“I… I do not know who he is. I only know he is Chinese. Right, Bro, join that Penguin Group. Half of the Apostles around the world are in that group, the information I learned about the Third Apostle is also from that group.”

“Penguin Group?”

“Yes. The chatgroup number is 518249380.”

“This one?”

“This one!”

“Goodbye then!”

Lin Xiao Bei raised his fist.

In the crossroads of life and death, Bao Xiao Ting immediately hugged Lin Xiao Bei’s thighs and shouted.

“Bro, please don’t kill me. I am a Fishman, I know the power distribution of the Fishmen on the island, I can help you sweep across the entire island. By then, you will be the boss and gather the Players to develop the base, I will subdue the Fishmen who are in-charge of base security. We will be able to build an organization that can contend with the Third Apostle within the shortest time!”

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Using Players to develop territory while using the Fishman to defend the base, it was indeed a good plan.

It was as though Bao Xiao Ting’s words have planted a seed of ambition inside Lin Xiao Bei’s heart and it was deeply rooted inside of him.

At that time.

[Ding. East’s Storm Domain Announcement!] [A Player has occupied a base. Special Reward: Guild Token x 1. Please continue to work hard] [Ding. A hidden Player has established the first Guild (Triumphant Return) within the East’s Storm Domain since the Public Release. Special Reward: 1 x Building Blueprints of choice. Player has selected Alchemy Workshop. The probability of Alchemists joining the Guild has been increased.] [Ding. The top ten Players within East’s Storm Domain will also be able to obtain a Guild Token. Players should do your best and quickly occupy a base]

Three consecutive notifications appeared. Lin Xiao Bei was startled, an even more ambitious plan has been formed within his heart. Obtain the top ten within East’s Storm Domain and construct a Shipyard. He would use it as his base of operations to conquer the entire Despair Archipelago and become the overlord of the sea.

“Bao Xiao Ting, one island is too small. Do you want to become the emperor of a Fishman Empire?”

“What? Emperor of a Fishman Empire!”

Bao Xiao Ting was stunned, he also slowly understood the ambitions of the man in front of him. His eyes contained an uncontrollable excitement.

“As long as Lord Sixth Apostle does not reject, Bao Xiao Ting is willing to become your Follower!”

After he spoke, he kneeled on the ground with one knee and removed his Apostle Badge and offered to him as a sign of loyalty.

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