Chapter 14 – Lobster Man Base

Bao Xiao Ting was a cunning hacker and held many secrets.

The Apostle Group Chat that was mentioned was in fact established by Bao Xiao Ting after hacking one computer after the other using the keyword ‘Apostle’.

Frankly speaking, Bao Xiao Ting was a very capable person. Lin Xiao Bei kept having suspicions about why he tried to get close to him.

[Ding. Sixth Apostle Skr, you have obtained an Apostle as a follower. As you possessed the two titles of <Nightmare> and <Eternal>, your total number of followers has increased. Currently: 1/40]

A High Apostle controls the life and death of their followers.

Bao Xiao Ting was willing to become Lin Xiao Bei’s follower, this set his mind quite at ease.

However, the Apostle Title could only control the person’s life and not their mind. Bao Xiao Ting managed to obtain the 666th rank amongst 3 million evil Trialists has shown that he was not a simple person. Therefore, Lin Xiao Bei still held some doubts towards Bao Xiao Ting, but he knew that currently was not the time to get to the bottom things.

With the threat of the Third Apostle in front of him, his plans to become the Overlord of the Sea must be realized. The first step was to use the Public Player identity of Bai Yiyi to occupy a Fishman Base.

Currently, Bai Yiyi had long woken up. She was panic-stricken when she heard the Blue Lobster Man speaking human.

She continues to act unconscious while perking up her ears.

She heard some secrets regarding Apostles and some plan regarding Despair Island. This damn money lover and that Lobster Man were surely not ordinary Players.

However, just as she was about to confront Lin Xiao Bei. The Lobster Man mentioned that the woman would be useless after the mission and requested to have her as a reward.

Even a fool could understand the meaning behind his words. If Lin Xiao Bei makes the transaction, she would be finished.

Bai Yiyi did not dare to make a voice, only when Lin Xiao Bei woke her, did she slowly stirred and acted as though she just woken up.

“I am a cultured person; must you force me to be rough?”

“…… you did not keep your word!”

With a cold scimitar on her neck, Bai Yiyi did not dare to resist as she agreed to follow Lin Xiao Bei to search for the Fishman Base.

While secretly, she was already planning her escape.

With that, the trio with their own secret plans in mind headed towards the Blue Lobster Man’s base together.

[Ding. Your party has discovered a Blue Lobster Man Base]

Lin Xiao Bei, Bai Yiyi and Bao Xiao Ting were currently hiding within the vegetation as they observed the base.

The base looked like a small village, in its center were straw huts in twos and threes while there were fences constructed on the outer regions. A team of Blue Lobster Guards equipped with steel forks was standing guard at a stone tablet located at the edge of the fencing.

From the looks of it, the stone tablet must be the Weather Stone. The place it was installed would cause the surrounding area to turn into a Windless Zone.

[Ding. You have consumed 5 MP and successfully obtained the information of a Blue Lobster Man as follows] [Monster Name: Lobster Guard] [Species: Ocean (Blue Lobster Man)] [Level: 10 (Normal)] [Health: 300] [Attack: 45] [Defense: 5] [Speed: 30] [Traits: Tunnel Digging] [Skills: Steel Fork Stab, Steel Fork Throw]

This ordinary monster looks quite ferocious.

“Bao Xiao Ting, how many Lobster Men is there here?”

Bao Xiao Ting said that he was from this Fishman Base, so Lin Xiao Bei asked him for information.

“Bro, there are 56 Lobster Man in this base. Most of them range from Lv.5 to Lv.8. There are 20 Guards who are all Lv.10 and there is also the Lobster Leader, a Lv.15 Elite Boss!”

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“To deal with all 56 of them will be too troublesome, what ideas do you have?” Lin Xiao Bei frowned.

“How about this Bro, you attract the Boss out of that place and kill it. After you succeed, I am confident in convincing the remaining Lobster Man to follow me.”

Bao Xiao Ting has his own plans in his mind. The picture that was painted to Lin Xiao Bei might be alluring, but no one likes to be controlled by others.

The attributes of a Lv.15 Boss was so high that it would cause people to despair. If Lin Xiao Bei dies, he would obtain his freedom. If Lin Xiao Bei succeeds and occupies this base, he would have a group of Lobster Soldiers under his command. Either way works fine for him.

Hearing Bao Xiao Ting’s words, Lin Xiao Bei squinted his eyes.

Based on Bao Xiao Ting’s description, these Lobster Man should possess some level of intelligence. Once they deal with their leader, it was likely they could occupy this place without spilling any more blood.

However, if a Boss were to act, would its underlings not move with it?

“You want me to kill the Boss in the middle of 56 Lobster Men?”

Lin Xiao Bei’s words were dark. This was obviously a ploy to borrow someone’s hand to kill, he was starting to develop a strong sense of suspicions towards Bao Xiao Ting.

“Bro, you could even kill a Lv.60 Bone Dragon Lord. A Lv.15 Elite Boss should not be easy to kill, right?”

Bao Xiao Ting’s face was panic-stricken as he hid his guilty conscience. After that, he was suddenly enlightened and started to test the waters.

“Aiya, how could I forget that our Talent Levels have dropped after the Trial. Bro, if you cannot do it, then I will try to pull away from the underlings and allow you to kill it when it is alone.”

After he spoke, he looked at Lin Xiao Bei with a burning gaze.

From his observations, Lin Xiao Bei likely did not have any power or authority back in real life, that was why he was afraid of the Third Apostle. Even now in game, he chose to start as a Player without any organization backing him. If that mysterious method of his that killed the Blood Butcher and Bone Dragon Boss was not effective already, then he could only say sorry.

“Then go pull them away one by one.” Lin Xiao Bei smiled and pat Bao Xiao Ting’s shoulders.

Bao Xiao Ting’s crude testing was seen through by Lin Xiao Bei. He deliberately got Bao Xiao Ting to pull away the monsters without saying anything, he wants to see what this Bao Xiao Ting has up in his sleeves.

“Then I will go now.”

Turning his body, a venomous expression flashed through Bai Xiao Ting’s face for an instant.

At that moment, seeing Bao Xiao Ting chatting with one of the Fishman Guards not far from here, Bai Yiyi started to think.

“Hey, damn money lover. There are many monsters inside there, what if that Lobster betrays us? For our safety, just take me and run away. I will add another 200,000 dollars!”

Bai Yiyi’s tone was fearful, but her words held deep meaning.

She wanted to create a rift between Lin Xiao Bei and Bao Xiao Ting, she wants them to have an internal conflict. She wants Lin Xiao Bei to bring her away and drag it till she can go offline, then she would be safe.

“That would be 400,000 dollars! So rich! Boss, Marx had said before that within each hair follicle of money is blood. Do rich people bleed like they have menses throughout their entire body?”

Lin Xiao Bei casually replied. Run? What international joke is that? No matter if Bao Xiao Ting would betray them or not. As long as the Lobster Boss comes out, he would immediately make a brag and collect his net.

“You are the one with menses throughout your body. Your whole family has menses throughout their body!”

Encountering this retard made Bai Yiyi feel flustered and exasperated.

Suddenly, she heard the words that Bao Xiao Ting spoke.


(Fishman Language: Quickly inform the leader. The enemy’s coordinates are 1257, 623)

“He is betraying you! He is telling that Fishman our hiding location! Damn money lover quick, bring me and run away. Quick, else it will be too late!”

Bai Yiyi was anxious.

“You understand that gibberish Fishman language?” Lin Xiao Bei widened his eyes.

“Have you forgot? My talent is Diplomacy…. Ah….”

Just as Bai Yiyi was urging Lin Xiao Bei to run, ‘Sha sha sha’ the vegetations in their surroundings started to shake ferociously.

‘Boom’, sand and earth flew up into the air. A huge lobster head that was 3 times the size of Bao Xiao Ting appeared in front of Bai Yiyi.

“Ah… what a huge monster!” as she screamed, Bai Yiyi instinctively moved her legs and started to run.


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‘Boom Boom’, the sand beside her legs flew up as well. Seven vicious looking Lobster Guards appeared with steel forks and blocked her escape.

Closely after, ‘Thud thud thud thud’, the Blue Lobster group within the vegetation also started running. Over a dozen Blue Lobsters also frantically ran over and surrounded them in an airtight circle.

“Ho har!” the lobsters crossed their forks and shouted out.

Bai Yiyi was brought up in a cultured and protected environment from young, she has never seen such a scene before in her life. Fear and horror overwhelmed her as she kneeled and sat on the ground.

Finished, this time I am dead! Bai Yiyi felt despair.

“Arhem. Boss, even if you want to munch on nuts and observe, you must also keep note of your image. You have indecently exposed yourself.”

The voice of ridicule was from that damn money lover, Bai Yiyi instinctively closed her legs. After that, an unknown burning flame lit up within her heart, she pointed at Lin Xiao Bei and scolded.

“You still in the mood for jokes? It’s you, because of a retard like you wanting to come to this damn place. Even if I turn into a ghost I will… Hmm? … You!”

The angry Bai Yiyi was startled, the Lin Xiao Bei in front of her was no longer the same. With a suave black cape, an enchanting gem scimitar and, and that pale mask that felt like a devil smiling in the night walking towards her.

Pushing his cape behind him, a ghastly voice resounded throughout the entire Fishman Base.

“Lobster Leader and Lobster Guards hear my command. I, in the name of the Sixth Apostle <Eternal Nightmare>. Order everyone of you to suicide!”

‘Suicide’, ‘Suicide’, ‘Suicide’…

The voice echo like a demon within the forest, Bai Yiyi watch as the Lobster Leader and Lobster Guards lifted their steel forks in horror and gracefully acted.


Blue blood covered the earth.


Seven Lobster Guards fell to the ground unwillingly.





The remaining Lobster Leader with high health keeps harming itself in despair and complaint.





 “@#@¥@@! #@#@¥!”

(Fishman Language: What has devil has my people provoked!)

‘Bang’ the Lobster Leader’s huge body collapsed, even causing the ground to tremble.

This scene. The Lobster Guards surrounding them were no longer talking, the other Lobsters who came running from the base had also stopped running, they look at Lin Xiao Bei’s arrogant back in fear and loss.

At the same time, Bao Xiao Ting who was hiding within the group of lobsters, the corner of his mouth was twitching viciously.

He forcefully suppressed his fear and changed it into a smile and ran over, “Bro, you are too powerful. I really worship you… ke…”

A huge -37 appeared on his head, Bao Xiao Ting looked at the scimitar covered in blue blood.

“Bro, I am Bao Xiao Ting ah… ke…”


“Bro, I am wrong!”




“Sixth Apostle Skr! You dare not kill me! Even if they submit to you, you will not be able to command them without knowing the Fishman Language. You will forever be unable to conquer Despair Archipelago!”

Seeing his Health turning red, the desperate Bao Xiao Ting shouted.

At that moment.

“Damn money lover. No, Sixth Apostle. Kill him. I can do the things that he could do for you!”

It was Bai Yiyi, she spoke out now because she had witnessed the exchange between Bao Xiao Ting and Lin Xiao Bei from the very beginning. Lin Xiao Bei was definitely not some virtuous person if she wants to survive, she needs to replace Bao Xiao Ting’s position.

Closer after, Bai Yiyi revealed her abilities by speaking the Fishman Language.

“¥%#¥@#¥! @%#@%@!”

(Fishman Language: Lord Devil God says, submit or die)

Hearing Bai Yiyi’s words, the Blue Lobster Man gathered all started to worship.

“@! ¥@#¥#%@#%#¥!@#…….”

(Fishman Language: We pay our respects to Lord Devil God!)

[Ding. Your awe-inspiring manner has subdued a small Fishman Tribe. You earned 100 Fishman Reputation. Please continue to work hard]

Hearing the notification, Lin Xiao Bei lifted the shock lobster head of Bao Xiao Ting, “My follower, it looks like someone has replaced you. Goodbye then, I shall not see you out.”

After he finished, Lin Xiao Bei twisted the shock ugly lobster head.

Lin Xiao Bei turned around and looked at Bai Yiyi with a dense glare.

“Bai Yi Wen’s daughter is indeed not ordinary. Speak, how much have you overheard regarding the Apostle matter? Tell me the truth, or else your death will be even worse off than him!”

“Those, those that I need to hear, I have all heard them. Sixth Apostle, I want to become an Apostle as well, I want to be your follower too. In addition, I will not be like that Fishman and betray you! It’s true!”

[Ding. Sixth Apostle Skr, you have 3 Apostle Badges on hand. You can give any excess badges to a subordinate and turn them into an Apostle]

He had wanted to find a reason to kill this chick, yet there was a method like this? After some consideration, Lin Xiao Bei tossed 666 to Bai Yiyi.

With her life secured, Bai Yiyi sighed in relief. She lifted her head and saw the pale mask watching her.

“Lord, Lord Sixth Apostle, what are you doing?”

“If you continue to be obedient from now on, I can still call you Boss in the future. If not…”

“If I am not obedient then I will die terribly, therefore I will surely be obedient.” After experiencing this hellish game, Bai Yiyi discovered she could complete an answer before it was completed now.

“Very good.”

Seeing Bai Yiyi’s terrified expression, Lin Xiao Bei smiled radiantly.

This moment, he could not help but admit that Dreamy’s education on evil ideas was very correct.

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