Chapter 12 – Despair Archipelago

Alderman Continent was divided into five domains: East’s Storm Domain, West’s Savage Domain, South’s Champagne Domain, North’s Wintry Domain and, larger than even the four domains, the New World.

Within Lin Xiao Bei’s inherited knowledge, other than South’s Champagne Domain and the unknown New World that has human civilizations, the remaining domains held poor environments with little people. Ferocious beasts and strange races run rampant within those domains, they could be called the fantasy version of wastelands.

Like the East’s Storm Domain that he was currently in, it has storms and hurricanes constantly active throughout the entire year. The agriculture production was low and not suited for human survival.

If not for something called a Weather Stone that created a safe zone for humans to survive when installed, this would have become a forbidden land for humans.

[Ding. Player Lin Xiao Bei has reached the Despair Archipelago of East’s Storm Domain] [Background Description: You have reached the Crying Crab Island of Despair Archipelago, there is no human base here. Please beware of the hunting Fishmen]

Lin Xiao Bei appeared on the shore of the island.

Seagulls were crying, the sea and sky were the same color, so refreshing! Not.

[Ding. You are now in an extreme hurricane environment that inconveniences your actions, all attributes reduce by 50%]

“Dammit, does this environment have to be so bad.”

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Lin Xiao Bei walked against the wind while cursing Dreamy in his mind a thousand times. A Young Master of the South’s Champagne Domain was good, why send him to this godforsaken rotten place.

“Dreamy, what is your deal. Quickly tell me where the closest human base is.”

There was no map, no target, not even a mission. The lost Lin Xiao Bei could only seek aid from Dreamy.

“My dearest Lord Sixth Apostle, the nearest human base is a harbor located 124 nautical miles from the Despair Archipelago. Are you sure you want to swim over there? I can point you in the right direction if you want.”

Dreamy’s voice sounded like she was laughing.

“124 nautical miles? Swim? Big sis, can you don’t joke around.”

Lin Xiao Bei’s mouth twitched vigorously, swim? Even if his stamina can endure the journey, he would still not be able to endure the monsters within the sea.

“Therefore, you can stop thinking about going to a human base. Your most important objective now is to occupy a Fishman Base on the island and establish a safe zone. After that, slowly expand and develop before drawing closer to larger human bases.”

In his inherited memories about the East’s Storm Region, humans have an insatiable hunger. The large bases were gathering places for forces such as pirates and other desperados. Without a strong enough foundation, one would be easily betrayed and suffer grievances.

Lin Xiao Bei nodded his head, then the first goal was to strengthen himself with armed forces. It would be best if he could turn this island into his base of operations.

“Where is the Fishman Base located?”

Lin Xiao Bei’s eyes were vicious, the conquest of the Eternal Nightmare will start from one village one fortress.

“I do not have a map of this island, but a Public Player will have one. Lord Sixth Apostle. You should first sneak into a party of players and get them to share their Novice Player Mission with you. With that, you will be able to find the Fishman Base. Oh right, please take note not to expose your identity as an Apostle.”

“Never mind, I will find the base myself then.” Lin Xiao Bei’s expression was filled with displeasure.

He has participated in the Apostle Trial and has passed the novice phase, so naturally, he would not have the Novice Player Mission. Finding other players and abruptly asking them to share their mission would easily cause suspicions.

“My dearest Lord Sixth Apostle, the Fishman Base is well concealed, it is very difficult to find it without any clue. You have less than five hours of in-game time. If you did not occupy a base by the time the game ends, the consequences will be… tsk tsk tsk…”

Dreamy’s voice turned dark, it seems like the consequences would be unimaginable.

“What is the consequence?” Lin Xiao Bei’s heart instinctively tightened, from Dreamy’s tone, it seemed like something bad would happen.

“Without a safe zone, you will be blown to death by the wind!”

Blown to death by the wind? Lin Xiao Bei’s eyes widened.

“Hahahahaha! Big sis, can you don’t joke around. If wind can blow a person to death, then I take off my pants now. Let it blow me to death then, come on blow. Kakaka.”

Lin Xiao Bei rolled his eyes with a humored face.

[Ding. Your Little Ding Ding has been hit by a heel blown by the wind. Health -1]

“Pain! F****** hell!”

Lin Xiao Bei held his crotch and gave a howling cry, he finally understood what it meant by being blown to death by the wind.

“I will stop here, someone is coming. Lord Sixth Apostle, you should just form a party with other players and do the mission, they have a map of this island. I will go rest first, do not casually call for me from now on when you are inside the game, it wastes a lot of energy. Goodbye… eh… wait a minute…”

“Wait for what?” Lin Xiao Bei was confused.

[Ding. Your Little Ding Ding has once again been hit by a heel blown by the wind. Health -1]

“Kekeke, waiting for that. Goodbye!”

“F*** you!”

The flustered and exasperated Lin Xiao Bei picked up the pair of white Chanel heels and cursed.

At that time.

“Help! I will not eat prawns from now on! Who… who can come and save me!”

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Lin Xiao Bei quickly turned his head and saw a barefooted girl with disheveled hair running some distance away.

“Dammit! It is that Little Wasteful Fella, I am going to teach her a proper lesson today!”

Lin Xiao Bei rubbed his injured Little Ding Ding before he dashed towards the direction where the girl was running.

Bai Yiyi was currently terrified, very terrified.

She was a famous Fair-Rich-Beauty of H City, possessing high academic qualifications and was also beautiful as a flower.

Her father was also a famous enterpriser of H City. She was born with a golden spoon in her mouth from birth and pursued by many people.

She possessed a halo that many people could not help but be envious for the rest lives.

However, today.

On February 14th Valentine’s Day, Bai Yiyi has no lover. Therefore, she decided to spend this lonely day as a glutton.

However, when she was just about to enjoy the blue lobster inside a famous seafood restaurant, a strange voice resounded within her mind.

Bai Yiyi did not know what she was thinking at that time, with a curious heart she opened the <Age of Worldwide Monsters> App.

Entering the game.

Mournful cold winds, a desolate island. Two strangers that she did not know.

After that, horror struck.

A monster with a blue lobster head and the body of a human suddenly appeared.

The Lobster-Head Monster was ferocious, with its fork, it instantly killed the two strangers with a swing before it started to eat them in front of her.

Retribution, this must retribution for being a glutton.

“Help! I will not eat prawns from now on!”

The frightened Bai Yiyi threw away her high heels and started to run.

She could have just run and not shouted randomly. The Lobster-Head Monster received a great fright, it stopped eating and immediately turned to chase after her instead.

Just as she was running away with dear life, a powerful hand suddenly pressed on her shoulder.

Bai Yiyi felt her entire soul trembled, she did not dare to turn her head and look at the hideous face of the Lobster-Head Monster. She closed her eyes and cried out in a plea.

“Please, let me go. It is my fault, I will not eat prawns from now on!”

“What, how is this a matter regarding eating prawns from now on? Lady, may I ask why you throw your high heels randomly, you have caused my precious part to feel miserable. How about this, 500 dollars as medical fees and we will write off this matter.”

Lin Xiao Bei was very angry, his Little Ding Ding was still painful now, yet this girl was acting crazy in front of him.

However, this girl was covered in branded stuff, so she must be rich. Lin Xiao Bei left home in a hurry and could be said to be penniless now. Even if he wants to exchange his gold, he would not be able to do so immediately, so he felt very urgent.

“What… what high heels?”

Bai Yiyi hugged her head, her face was confused, that Lobster Monster can speak human? It even tried to blackmail her?

She quickly turned her head and saw Lin Xiao Bei standing behind her. It was a person, she sighed in relieve before her chest tightened again. She saw the Blue Lobster Monster appeared behind Lin Xiao Bei, it was about to attack Lin Xiao Bei with its bloodied steel fork.

“Blue… the blue… fork… fork!” Bai Yiyi said in horror.

“Man? And XX? What is this, are you trying to use your flesh to compensate that 500 dollars? Let me tell you, I am urgent, but I am only urgent for money!”

(Cuppa: Blue and Man sound similar in Mandarin if the person did not pronounce it properly. The word Fork in Chinese is as it means, but when two are used together, it can mean cross, as in tick or cross. Or as XX, which implied some indecent act)

Lin Xiao Bei looked at the girl with pain and pity, the girl’s features and figure were both at the level of great beauty. Yet she was a chicken that could be bought for 500 dollars, what a pity.

(Cuppa: Chicken is slang for a female prostitute in Chinese. The male equivalent is a duck, not sure if it will be used in the future, just a good-to-know.)

“Behind! Run!”

The Lobster-Head Monster raised its steel fork while Bai Yiyi fell onto the ground in fright.

“Let me tell you, I am not having any of it! WeChat, AliPay, transfer it to me when you go offline… Hmm?”

A rush of wind was felt coming from behind him. Lin Xiao Bei frowned, the strength felt very ordinary. Without looking behind, he swung his hand back and slapped whatever that was behind.

[Ding. You counterattacked before the strike could reach you, dealing 34 damage to your opponent]

‘Bang’, the Lobster Monster looked like discarded trash as it flew away and landed on the ground. It looked at Lin Xiao Bei in fear before it turned and ran towards the center of the island where the forest was located.

Feeling curious, Lin Xiao Bei turned and saw a naked butt for an instant before it disappeared. He pondered for a moment before he angrily lifted Bai Yiyi by the collar!

“Dammit, you damn chicken. No wonder you tried to seduce me, so you had a customer! F***! 1000 dollars! Not one cent less, else I will let you have it!”

“I will give you 100,000 dollars! Big bro, please protect me till I go offline!”

Bai Yiyi looked at Lin Xiao Bei with a burning gaze, a hideous Lobster Monster like that was sent flying with a slap. This person was very powerful.

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