Chapter 99: Upcoming Danger

“My King! Please control your anger!” → Jack

Jack shouter toward Ryu nervously. He was one of the warriors who stood in the front lines when they had to fight the waves but he was still in difficulty on resisting Ryu’s domineering aura.

“Oh? My bad.” → Ryu

Ryu excused himself with a slight nod then he glared at the players with the same smile but sharp eyes.

“Let me tell you guys something.” → Ryu

Ryu then retracted his aura and started to raise his power for everyone to feel.


Everyone swallowed their own saliva, Ryu’s strength rose with even more ridiculous speed than any of them, already reaching the pinnacle of Great Saint ready to break through Semi-God at any moment.

“When one hundred of you will be able to handle me on one versus one, that will be the moment when this kingdom will barely be safe. When more than one thousand people reached my level of power and are be able to fight me or even defeat me, will be the day when you can take it a little bit easier with the training.” → Ryu

Ryu made a step in front and the ground cracked everywhere around with a strong shockwave. The warriors made a chi or mana barrier each, shielding the people while the players tried to resist the shockwave on their own.

“Until then, don’t even think of slacking off if you wish to live here, am I clear?” → Ryu

The last words were said with a straight face, making even the warriors shudder.


Nobody could say a word. The players and children felt embarrassed or even terrified, the elderly shook their heads and the warriors with the leaders felt a little bit wronged. Even though what Ryu said was right, his actions affected everyone, not just the ones at fault.

“Shen’s techniques will grow your cultivation with such ridiculous speed only for the first month. After that, your body will get used and the speed will shorten. Even though the time you’ll reach higher power ranks will be shorter than when you cultivate the normal techniques, that will mostly depend on yourselves. I wish everyone will continue to train with all they have and stop screwing around. Dismissed.” → Ryu

Everyone left back to do their own work while Ryu returned to his office together with the leaders to calculate the share of food for every resident of the Antara Kingdom.

“The builders will gain with 15% more food for their work. We need the flying ships port finished in at least 10 days. Bernard, think you can do it?” → Ryu
“Yes, My King.”
“Good. The scouting team reported anything new?” → Ryu

Ryu asked while looking at a harpy.

“50 kilometers in East from our place, a wave of beasts appeared but they are going around us toward the Urius Kingdom.” → Ellia

The harpy was Sara’s replacement until she came back. Her name was Ellia and she was of the Master power rank.

“… Do you know the numbers?” → Ryu

Ryu asked with a frown. Normally, only the huge waves go around them while the ones between two to six thousand take them head-on.

“Because of the distance, the harpies weren’t able to tell the exact amount but they are positive that is a wave numbered in tens of thousands of beasts.” → Ellia

Ellia answered with incertitude.

“Understood. In this case, Jack, I will have to ask from you to postpone the construction and prepare the warriors to build more traps. We need to be vigilant, we never know when the wave will change its course like last time.” → Ryu
“Yes, sir.” → Jack
“Also… Jack.” → Ryu

Ryu then made a difficult face, as if feeling too embarrassed to say it out loud.

“Hm?” → Jack

Jack was confused after seeing his face like that as if he had troubles with saying something.

“Sire?” → Jack
“Uhm… say to the warriors that I’m sorry for snapping like that.” → Ryu

Ryu said with some embarrassment while scratching his nose, avoiding eye contact with the others.

“Actually, that’s for everyone… Dismissed!” → Ryu

He then made everyone to leave his office so he could focus on his work, only Bernard was still inside his office, being stopped by Ryu.

“Wahahaha! To hear a king saying sorry to his subordinates, that’s a first! Boahahahahah~!” → Bernard

Bernard laughed out loud enough to be heard by the other leaders behind the door, which started to laugh just as hard.

“Ah okay, okay, I got the idea! Go back to work, you all!” → Ryu

Ryu shouted so the others would hear him from the other side then they answered back in full.

“Yes, my King! Ahahaha~!”

They all left while laughing and started to spread the words of the king that actually asked for forgiveness.

“I never expected for you to say that, sire. To have the courage to see your wrongs is something even the biggest men can’t do. I respect you even more now.” → Bernard

Bernard said with a big smile while still amused of Ryu’s actions.

Sigh… What our Kingdom needs right now is not a tyrant. I can’t make my people feel alienated inside their own homes just because of a little mistake.” → Ryu
“Exactly, my king. But what was the reason for the sudden rage? You normally do not show such emotions, especially in front of your people.” → Bernard

“That’s right. That was a huge mistake on my part.” → Ryu

Ryu frowned and started to think about disciplining himself some more then he glanced at Bernard with a serious look.

“However, there are more reasons for that…” → Ryu

Ryu then told Bernard about Tara’s disappearance, Bonny’s departure and his bad premonition for today.

“… This is something one would truly worry about… But the idea of having our Queen go on her own, I might be rude to ask but, what in the world were you thinking, my king?” → Bernard

Bernard asked while feeling a little bit agitated.

“Believe me, I never wished for her to go alone.” → Ryu

Ryu shook his head, feeling helpless.

“That was her choice and she would never do otherwise, I know her all too well.” → Ryu
“Sigh… She must also remember her role as the Queen. Besides, isn’t she also teaching the Soul Seers? Who should take her place then?” → Bernard
“I will ask Fiora to find a replacement for that…” → Ryu
“Understood. And about miss Tara. There might be a possibility that she’s simply in a place where telepathy isn’t working. For example, because of a barrier around the city that has this kind of effect or something alike…?” → Bernard

Bernard tried to speak his mind and help Ryu in his problems.

“That’s not the case. I told her to send reports on a daily basis. She could simply get out from inside the barrier and send a report if it was that easy.” → Ryu

Ryu thought of this possibility but he already denied it.

“Hmmm… Then I can’t think of anything else. Either she’s in a critical position, either she was captured and she’s in danger. Thinking that a Great Saint would be captured so easily… combat experience really makes the difference.” → Ryu
“Are you saying…” → Bernard
“Yes. She must’ve been captured by a Great Saint or by a group with lower cultivation that had more combat experience than her. That’s the only explanation I can think of. With all the power in the world, if you have no experience in controlling it, you will only waste it.” → Ryu

Ryu said so while remembering the past.

“That’s exactly so… Sigh… now the last problem.” → Ryu

Ryu felt his temples throb.

“Is sire worried about the wave from the East coming toward us?” → Bernard

Bernard asked with a serious frown.

“To be honest, I wish that would be the case.” → Ryu

Ryu said with the exact same face.

“W-what does sire means by that?” → Bernard

A bad feeling swirled inside Bernard’s chest when he observed the restlessness in Ryu’s eyes.

“I have a feeling that this wave isn’t the true danger… Our geographical point… The South is clear for us, bot the North is…” → Ryu

Ryu suddenly thought of a possibility and got up from his chair. His mind spun and then he shouted out.

“Bernard! Tell Ellia to send harpies atop every mountain around our fortress! They must secure the mountains and send back reports of even the tiniest changes. For example, if they see a cloud of dust rising from between the trees or even falling trees.” → Ryu

Ryu ordered while looking outside the window at the sun.

“Be sure they don’t use any lights to give their position away.” → Ryu
“Yes, my king!” → Bernard

Bernard understood the meaning behind Ryu’s restlessness and felt his back sweating bullets. He already knew what Ryu was thinking. He rushed outside the office with a disturbed heart and thought on his own.

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Is he thinking that another wave will come from behind the mountain-chains? That’s ridiculous! The only beasts that are smart enough to think of such ambushes are the ones of rank SS and higher… Please have my king be wrong this one time, oh heavens! → Bernard

Bernard rushed outside and reported to Ellia the King’s worders.

“…The harpies might not be enough… Shishu!” → Ryu

Ryu shouted and a shadow appeared in front of him.

“Yes, my king.” → Shishu

Shishu kneeled in front of Ryu and answered in a calm tone.

“I suppose you heard our conversation just now.” → Ryu
“Yes, my lord.” → Shishu
“Good. Get a group of the best assassins and scout around the woods between the mountains and report even the tiniest change in the forests, understood?” → Ryu

Due to the dense forest, Ryu could not feel secure by only sending the harpies. Even though the beast would flatten the trees in their way, because the forest was so dense and tall it was hard to tell if a tree actually fell, or it was just another pale of wind.

It might seem exaggerated, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. → Ryu

“As you order, sire.” → Shishu

Shishu then disappeared like smoke and started to gather his best men to search around the forest.

Right now, Ryu knew for real that his feeling of unease was coming from another wave of beasts and this time, it was one that endangered their very existence as a kingdom.

Is amazing how strong the dragon instincts can be. I will need to complete my transformation this time or I might lose this new home.

Ryu’s eyes shone with resolution. He was prepared to not let even a demonic mouse inside his Kingdom as long as he was alive.

Jack’s crew of around 400 warriors made traps and wooden barricades around the Eastern wall.

More than 50 harpies were sent around the neighboring mountains as scouts to find out any abnormalities.

Inside the forests, 100 assassins were patrolling the areas with light steps, aware of their own surroundings.

Now the sun has set and the darkness swallowed the sky everywhere the eyes could see.


Ryu was on top of his tower, which was the tallest and right in the middle of the huge fortress. He used his dragon’s eyes to see in the distance and through the darkness. He looked around careful of not missing even the tiniest movement of the tree’s crown.

Sir, no movements of beasts in North-East behind the mountains.
Sire, the North is clean, no beast around.
My king. The North-West has shown no signs of movement.
Sire, the South-East perimeter is clean.
My king, the wave from the East has not changed its course. It keeps on moving toward Urius.

Ryu continued to get reports through the telepathic ring every hour and he felt only tenser. In the end, he answered to everyone.

Good job everyone. I wish you could keep it up until tomorrow in the morning. My assumptions are baseless but please believe in this foolish king. I wish to be wrong but I still can’t get over this uneasiness of mine. → Ryu

Ryu understood that he was making everyone to skip good hours of relaxation and free time because of his worries, but his intuition won’t let him relax if he isn’t a little bit more vigilant.

Yes, my King!

Everyone answered back in a voice. They understood that Ryu wouldn’t be such a fool as to overwork his men for nothing. Even though he told them to train harder than before, it was so they could grow stronger for themselves, not for him. Overworking gave them no benefits but only made them more tired, especially if it was for nothing.

In the end, Ryu got a worrisome report from a harpy.

My King. I saw two huge trees falling from North-East behind the mountains.

Ryu felt his forehead sweat and his back turning cold.

Go there and identify the cause of such a thing happening. If you feel any danger then return without thinking twice, understood? We need no victims. → Ryu

Yes, my king.
Assassins, send a squad toward the respective place. I suppose everyone heard that report, yes? → Ryu
Yes, Sire!

Everyone communicated through the telepathic rings made by the pig-men. They were made so the communication was connected to everyone’s minds, or at least to everyone from the scouting and combat groups.

Ryu waited for another report, wishing it would be just a false alarm. Then what was worse came crashing onto him.

My king! From inside the woods! A wave of demonic beasts is rushing straight toward our place!

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The harpy reported back with a quivering voice.


Everyone was shocked by the report and even more by Ryu’s incredible foretelling abilities.

He’s like a Seer…
Is our king a prophet?
He might be able to read the future…

Everyone started to speak their minds, using the telepathic ring by mistake.

Ryu ignored their words of admiration and hastily commanded in anxiety.

The assassins groups! Turn back right now! Warriors! Come to the N-E tower and build as many traps as possible, till the first beast gets out from the forest! Mages! Use any kind of spells you have to destroy as many trees as possible from that direction! We need to delay that wave as fast as possible and have as much vision as possible! Harpies! Fly high in the clouds and try not to be seen! See if you can detect their numbers as accurately as possible! → Ryu

Ryu gave out a number of commands, trying to cover every possibility of being taken by surprise. Because Ryu had no knowledge about strategy, his commands seemed a little bit clumsy.

Ellia, leave some harpies around the other mountains just in case. And be sure to have at least one with the eye on the eastern wave. Until it gets out of our vision, don’t lose it! → Ryu
Yes, my king! → Ellia

The entire fortress was on move but not in chaos. Everyone prepared for the next wave of demonic beasts in an orderly manner.

My king! → Shiroko

Suddenly, Shiroko’s voice appeared in Ryu’s mind.

What should we do? → Shiroko
Gather your men and stay close to the other warriors! Your clan might be stronger but you still lack experience! Be sure not to separate from them! → Ryu
Yes! My king! → Shiroko
Ryu. How’s the situation? → Gregor

This time Gregor contacted him. His voice a little bit tired and weak.

It might be worse than we thought. → Ryu
Understood. I will come right now. → Gregor
No. You stay there and recover. I can tell from your voice just how weakened you are right now. → Ryu
…Then I will have Lissa to help while I stay with her and make sure she doesn’t go crazy again, is this good enough? → Gregor

Gregor found another way to partake in the war.

… If I see you fighting then I will bring you back to your room myself, understood? → Ryu

Ryu said with a strict tone.

Wow haha! Don’t worry. Lissa won’t let me herself. While I’ll look out for her, she will keep an eye on me. I won’t be able to fight today. → Gregor

Even though he said such, the future reserved him otherwise.

Good. Also, be sure to send Ronald and Marina on the middle lines of defense. Just like with the other players, they still lack experience. → Ryu
For sure. What will you do? → Gregor
I will go in the front lines with the 12 golems. I will try to kill as many beasts of the higher ranks as possible so you guys won’t have too much of a burden. But if the wave is numbered in tens of thousands… then you better brace yourselves. → Ryu

Ryu said this one in the connection line used by every resident. Everyone from inside the Kingdom heard his commands loud and clear. Ryu’s spirit of fighting reached them and made their spirits ignite from the youngest to the oldest.

We respect our king’s decision!

Everyone answered back with a resolution, ready for a massacre.

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