Volume 2 Chapter 74.2: The Tainted Sacredness (2/2)

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“What happened? Is there really a malicious spirit that dares to mess around here?”

Daisy turned and walked towards the balcony with a pure black cross in her hand. Of course, the balcony door wasn’t opened by a malicious spirit, as no malicious spirit would be dumb enough to enter a room with so many holy maidens and sacred artifacts.

The one who opened the balcony door was naturally, Noreya, the one who had been waiting for further instructions this entire time. Based on her assassin’s intuition, she was able to see the suspicion on Daisy’s face, so she had opened the balcony door to distract daisy and buy more time for Bella.

Sophia carefully opened the bathroom’s door and because of the steam, she was only able to see two figures sitting in the bath. Sophia knew nothing of the fact that Susan and Hayley had already been captured.

“Susan, Hayley, I’ll just leave the towels here, the two of you come and grab it later…”

Sophia wasn’t even able to finish speaking when a giant slime dropped on her from above, encasing Sophia’s entire body in an instant. This was Bella’s most favoured subordinate, one of the six void monarchs of the Dark Sanctuary, Skryme. Several months ago, Skryme was even able to capture the demon world’s princess, Hadias, and the hero Lisha, so it was naturally able to capture Sophia with ease.

Even though Sophia was an ‘artificial god’, her combat power in close range was less than that of Hadias or Lisha and was unable to break free from Skryme’s body. In just a couple of seconds, all of her clothes and accessories were dissolved by a fluid in Skryme’s body, Skryme also took this time to inject a numbing substance into Sophia’s body.

“Bella, why are you here? Haven’t we already finished the business between us, so why are you doing this!”

Bella’s figure reappeared beside Sophia, earlier she had put on her invisibility cloak again and was waiting beside the door for Sophia to enter. Susan’s cry for help was ‘genuine’, as she had given in under various ‘threats’ from Bella and had been forced to call for Sophia.

Bella was glad that she had thought to get the void monarch Skryme to help her. When Sophia had entered the bathroom, she had been looking around cautiously, with the only place that she didn’t look at being the ceiling above her. Sophia was still quite able in close-quarters combat and Bella knew that she couldn’t capture her in the same way that she had captured Hayley and Susan.

“Who said that there wouldn’t any new business, Sophia? Since you’ve already stripped, you must be wanting to use the bath right? Come, I’ll take you there!”

“Stop it, or else I’ll…”

Bella walked up and picked up the helplessly struggling Sophia, but not before blocking the 1st holy maiden’s mouth with a small red ball. Sophia’s beautiful orange irises looked at Bella a little helplessly. Last time at Sakerid, Sophia had been ambushed by that despicable flower evil being and Bella had taken advantage of that time to capture Sophia, but since she had been captured when she was already weakened, Sophia didn’t admit her defeat that time.

But now that she was captured again simply because she wasn’t careful enough, Sophia was forced to admit her defeat here.

“Sophia, are you still inside? What’s taking so long?”

After shutting the balcony door again, Daisy noticed that Sophia still hadn’t exited the bathroom. Feeling that something was off, Daisy reached over and was about to activate the magic alarm that was located in the room, which would summon the building’s guards. Before she could do so, however, she saw Bella’s familiar figure emerge from the bathroom and seeing that it was someone she knew, Daisy’s hand stopped in its tracks.

It was fortunate that Bella had shown herself in time, for if she showed up any later, Noreya who was currently still invisible behind Daisy would have struck. Right now, Noreya’s dagger was stopped just centimetres away from Daisy’s back, aimed straight at her heart. Bella hadn’t told Noreya of the exact details of this infiltration or what kind of approach to take in cases like this.

Noreya had thought that Bella had been exposed and as a qualified assassin, the correct choice at the moment would have been to kill whoever was about the pull the alarm before the could do so. Seeing that Bella walk out so openly and appear in front of Daisy like this, Noreya wasn’t sure whether or not to keep pushing her dagger forward.

“Bella, how did you sneak inside? Also, what did you do to Sophia and the others, did you…”

“How I got in is a secret, but the other three holy maidens are feeling a little lonely in the bathroom and told me to come to invite you in!”

“Bella, has anyone ever told you that your smile is really sinister? It’s really easy to tell that you’re up to no good… I’ll wait until they finish up before going in, Hayley really dislikes me and would definitely kick me out if I entered right now.”

“There’s no need to be so nervous, Daisy, not only Sophia, but I would also be very conflicted if you didn’t enter the bathroom right now. You might as well just do it, it’s not like you’re going to die.”

“Something are even more unacceptable than death, what would you do to me, Bella, if I said that I wouldn’t go inside no matter what?”

While all of Daisy’s attention was focused on Bella, the still invisible Noreya finally made her move. Seeing that Bella and Daisy knew each other and were discussing like they were familiar with each other, Noreya chose to control Daisy with a chokehold instead of stabbing her with the dagger.

Daisy didn’t expect at all that Bella would have an accomplice hiding right behind her and was caught unaware by Noreya. When Daisy recovered from her shock, bella had already shoved the numbing cloth into her mouth.

Because they were in their dormitory suite, Daisy had chosen to wear a set of rather loose pyjamas that were quite easy for Bella to take off.

“Bella, you dumbie, stop it, I’m an ally! You’re tying me up too tight, can’t you tie it any looser…”

“Do you think that Sophia and the others won’t notice it if I tie you any looser than I tied them? Don’t worry, you won’t be tied up for too long so just bear with it for now.”

Just like with the others, Bella blocked Daisy’s mouth with a small ball. These red balls were a low priced item sold by Asmodeus, costing only 1 Sin Point each and Bella had bought over a hundred of them in one go. A few of them were also ‘special edition’ but Bella didn’t have the place to use those right now.

Daisy could only look helplessly as Bella took off her necklace and ring, they were indeed enchanted with defensive magic but her clothes didn’t! Even if it was for safety purposes, was there really a need for Bella to take off all of Daisy’s clothes?

And the way that Bella tied her up was so… even the always daring holy maiden of the Salo faction had her face blushed vivid red, this just shows how embarrassing Bella’s bondage technique was for those that were tied up.

Noreya looked a little speechlessly at Bella’s familiar and skillful actions, if it wasn’t for the fact that Bella was also a girl, Noreya would have wanted to jump ship already.

Noreya tried to close her eyes and tell herself that this was just another standard infiltration and assassination mission and denied whatever Bella was doing in front of her, as if this way she could preserve the innocence in her heart, or whatever was left of it.

Noreya didn’t realize that her calm expression gave away some vital information to Bella. While she was tying up Daisy, Bella used her peripheral vision to study Noreya’s every action. Even Bella realized that what she was currently doing to Daisy was quite perverted and she was worried that Noreya might dislike what she was doing to such an extent that Bella might get stabbed a couple times if she wasn’t careful.

However, there wasn’t even a sign of redness on Noreya’s face, as if she had seen the same image quite a few times before. This was the first girl that Bella had encountered who had managed to keep a poker face when presented with this type of bondage, even the perverted loli Noesha blushed a bit when she was tied in such a manner.

Such a style was a classic from a certain island country back on Earth, so there shouldn’t be anyone from this world that would be able to use it unless it was someone who had seen it being used quite a few times.

A few months ago, that old zombie Duke Adris had also been a practitioner of such a style, but only because he had gotten a manual on how to do so because that perverted loli Noesha had been careless. Noreya hasn’t had much contact with Noesha, so it wasn’t very likely that Noreya had learned it from her. This meant that there were only two possibilities, the first was that Noreya was a closet ‘gentlewoman’ who hid her true self quite well and such degree of exposure wasn’t sufficient to arouse her interest.

HBellar, bella was more willing to believe the second possibility, that Noreya was also a transmigrator and had lived on Earth, meaning that she had some understanding of such perverted knowledge, which was why she didn’t overreact.

Back inside the bathroom, Sophia was waiting impatiently, she had heard the commotion outside and knew that Daisy must have discovered that something was wrong. Sophia knew that Daisy had immunity to numbing magic as she had personally witnessed it some time ago, so Bella’s numbing cloth shouldn’t have any effect on Daisy, so whether or not Daisy could pull the alarm was Sophia’s only hope to break free from Bella’s demonic embrace at the moment.

When they saw Bella carrying a fully nude and tied up Daisy into the washroom, Sophia and Susan were totally dumbfounded. Daisy put up way less of a fight than they had expected.

Daisy exchanged a helpless look with Sophia, it wasn’t like she didn’t want to resist, she simply didn’t expect for Bella to bring an assassin to help her and it was this that allowed her to be captured so easily.

Daisy was tied up even tighter than Sophia and the latter knew that her last hope was gone and when she thought about how president Maria would return to the dormitory soon, Sophia was quite nervous. If president Maria saw them in their current state, it would be really awkward for both parties.

What worried Sophia, even more, was that after placing Daisy into the bath, Bella showed no sign of leaving, instead turning around and digging into the pack that she had been carrying.

Could it be that this demoness was actually after… there were lots of people pursuing president Maria’s hand in love, including the Olsyvia Academy’s second-ranked in combat ability, the president of the Door of Enlightenment, was Bella trying to make an enemy of the entire Door of Enlightenment this time!?

Below the suite of the holy maidens, president Maria and a large group escorts of the Door of Enlightenment’s members were on their way back from prayers. Beside president Maria was a young and unnaturally handsome cleric.

This cleric wasn’t ranked in the top 10 most handsome students, probably because he kept himself very lowkey. Of course, he wasn’t the president of the Door of Enlightenment.

“Alright, all you guys can return to the male dorms, the female dorms are up just ahead.”

“Then good night president Maria, I hope you have a good dream. Be careful, I’m detecting some sinister auras in the academy.”

“You’re just too stressed, this is the St Louis Academy run by the Church of Light, a holy place blessed by the god of light. What evil being would dare infiltrate this place! Thank you for your kind-heartedness though.”

“Right, can you tell me your name? I don’t think I’ve seen you around before!”

“I’ll tell you when we have the chance in the future, I’m just a new student after all.”

“Sure, you’re quite the interesting one!”

After watching President Maria enter the building, the young cleric stared at the dormitory building for quite a while before finally turning around and leaving, wishing that he had just overthought it. The situation in this world was even more chaotic than he had previously thought, with members of each faction taking part. He didn’t know if he would be able to complete this duty this time…

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