Volume 2 Chapter 74.1: The Tainted Sacredness (1/2)

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Olsyvia Academy’s southern branch, the St Louis branch. The dormitory districts’ 1st dormitory building, suite 1.

Currently in the bathroom, the Church of Light’s 2nd holy maiden Hayley was enjoying a shower. This dormitory was for high ranking members of the Church and the building’s luxuriousness wasn’t any less than that of Bella’s ‘White Heaven’. The biggest difference between the two dormitory buildings was the decoration style, while Bella’s ‘White Heaven’ was decorated similarly to a love hotel, this suite was decorated with seriousness and a holy air, similar to one of the Church of Light’s cathedrals.

The layout of the bathroom was similar to the one in Bella’s suite, having both a large bath and a set of showers. Currently, Hayley was taking a shower and just as she picked up the body wash, the door of the washroom was mysteriously opened.

“Eh, who’s there? Susan, is it you?”

Hayley looked towards the bathroom’s door curiously. Due to the fact that everyone in the suite was female, Hayley didn’t feel the need to lock the bathroom’s door. If any of her dormmates had wanted to come in to use the shower, they would always knock on the door even if they knew that no one was in the bathroom.

It was a little eerie to think that this door had opened by itself. However, this was the suite that the Church of Light’s holy maidens lived in, with countless holy objects placed around the suite, so it shouldn’t have been a malicious spirit who was messing around.

Right as Hayley was debating whether or not to close the door, she was suddenly grabbed from behind by a pair of unseen hands. When Hayley was about to cry out, the assaillant took out a cloth and plugged her mouth, rendering her unable to make a sound from her mouth.

Hayley wanted to use her light magic in retaliation but she discovered that the cloth that was forcefully shoved in her mouth had a strang fragrance that left her muscles soft and unable to do much.

Seeing that she had been successful in ambushing her prey, Bella cancelled her cloak’s invisibility effect. Bella had an understanding of Hayley and she knew that Hayley would much rather kill herself than be violated by a pervert, so even though her current actions weren’t much different from that of a pervert’s, Bella wasn’t about to let Hayley kill herself.

Discovering that her assailant was Bella, Hayley froze in shock, taking advantage of this, Bella took out a strand of transparent rope and tied Hayley’s hands together behind her back, as well as fastening her feet together so that she wouldn’t be able to move.

“Bella, you demon… pervert, what are you doing, hurry up and let me go! Susan, help…”

“Hayly, you have quite a lot to say, it seems. Don’t worry, Susan will come accompany you soon enough.”

Bella took out a small red ball and forced it into the mouth of Hayley, cutting off her cry for help. After, she took out the spool of rope and it only took a minute before Hayley was completely tied down with no hope of escaping on her own.

Hayley’s face was flushed red and was furiously squirming, trying to break free of her bondage, but without any strength in her muscles, she could only helplessly watch as Bella completed her bondage.

Bella looked satisfied at her ‘work of art’, this was the tying method that she had used a few months ago on that ‘gentlewoman’, Noesha. Bella hadn’t had the opportunity to use her bondage technique since and had been itching to do so, Hayley was the perfect candidate to see if her ability had gotten rusty.

Such an embarrassing way of being restrained was far out of Hayley’s acceptance zone. Hayley looked up at Bella with pleading eyes, wishing that the latter would let her go or at least tell her why she had been restained in the first place!

“Hayley, don’t look at me with those eyes, I’m scared that I won’t be able to control myself and… eat you! Hayley, you haven’t finished showering yet right, let me take you somewhere else!”

Bella forced herself to suppress the urges in her own heart and then picked up Hayley, who was still furiously shaking her head in denial and placed her into the bath, Bella herself following into the water. It was quite fortunate that Hayley hadn’t locked the door, or else Bella wouldn’t have been able to so easily capture her, it wasn’t like Bella could force her way into the door with three holy maidens waiting outside.

“Hayley, did you just call me? Is there anything wrong?”

The 3rd holy maiden, Susan, after seeing that the bathroom’s door suddenly opened and hearing what seemed to be Hayley calling her name, she walked towards the bathroom. Sophia was currently reading an old text on the celestial language and didn’t pay any attention to whatever was happening in the bathroom. While Daisy also found it little strange, she saw that Susan was already heading in that direction and felt that there was no need for her to follow.

Even though both Hayley and Susan were of the Alan faction, Hayley’s relationship with Daisy was much worse than that of Susan’s, so Daisy decided to find something else to do. Daisy turned to lock the balcony’s door, she had already carried out with Bella’s instructions, but she had no idea what Bella was trying to do.

Inside the bathroom, the warm bath’s water produced a large amount of steam that obscured vision. Susan could only barely make out Hayley’s blurry figure leaning on the side of the bath. If it wasn’t the fact that Hayley’s signature snow-white hair was so easy to recognize, Susan wouldn’t have been able to confirm that it was her.

“Hayley, haven’t you always used the shower? So why is it that you’ve decided to use the bath today? Oh well, this saves time, do you mind if I get in with you?”

Susan turned to close the bathroom’s door and walked towards the bath. Hayley was furiously shaking her head, trying to signal to Susan that there was something wrong, but the vision was bad and she couldn’t make a sound, so she could only watch as Susan stripped from her clothes and walked into the bath.

Bella was hiding behind Hayley, using the holy maiden and the steam as cover, preparing to capture the other holy maiden who had just entered. It was fortunate for Bella that the holy maiden who had entered was Susan, as she wasn’t as cautious as either Daisy or Sophia, who would definitely be more suspicious of the fact that Hayley wasn’t responding.

Susan was probably the most naive of the four holy maidens and right now, she walked into the bath without any defence, she had taken off even her necklace that had been enchanted with protective magic and placed it with her clothes.

Seeing that Susan had even removed her protective necklace, Hayley wanted to stand up to alert Susan of the danger but was stopped by Bella who was tightly embracing her from behind.

“Don’t try to make any moves, Hayley, or else I’ll throw you into the middle of the academy’s church, completely naked. You should know that I don’t like girls who don’t listen!”

Hayley was scared into submission, as she feared that the demoness Bella would actually carry out her words. Right now, Hayley could only hope that the more cautious Sophia or Daisy realize that something was wrong and come to her help. Even though Hayley didn’t really like Daisy, but right now, she wished that the latter would hurry up and appear in front of her.

Susan finally entered the bath and was now able to see Hayley’s abnormal state. The red ball that was shoved into Hayley’s mouth was quite evident, and there would have been something seriously wrong with Susan’s brain if she had still failed to notice anything.

“Hayley, what happened? I’ll save you. Don’t worry, I won’t let Daisy and Sophia see you in such a state.”

Susan didn’t think much before heading towards Hayley. Hayley kept shaking her head trying to tell Susan not to come closer and go call for the other two holy maidens outside. However, it was evident that Susan misunderstood her, thinking that Hayley didn’t want for the other two holy maidens to see Hayley in such a sorry state.

As soon as Susan reached Hayley, she was ambushed from behind by Bella. Similar to how Bella captured Hayley, she grabbed Susan from behind and then shoved the numbing cloth into the holy maiden’s mouth. This numbing cloth was another item that she had purchased from 【Lust】 Asmodeus, costing Bella another 10,000 Sin Points, Bella had tested the numbing cloth on herself and found out that even she would be completely affected by the numbing ability of the cloth.

Susan, just like Hayley, was quickly subdued. As the Alan faction’s holy maidens, the two of them didn’t possess any skill in close-quarters combat like the Salo faction’s Daisy or the Miga faction’s Sophia. As a demon king, Bella captured the two with ease.

“You are? Bella… don’t do this, please stop, if you want anything, I’m sure we can discuss…:”

“Susan, that isn’t what you said back at that inn in Sakerid! What, did you forget your promise?”


Susan thought about the promise that she had made to Bella before and stopped her struggle. It didn’t take long before this holy maiden with golden hair to be tied in the same manner as Hayley. Bella picked Susan up and placed her beside Hayley. Hayley looked at Susan with a helpless look, unsure as to why Susan had stopped struggling so easily. However, she wasn’t able to see what was going to happen after as Bella covered Hayley’s eyes with a strip of black cloth and then took out a small vial, opened it, and placed it under Hayley’s nostrils for a bit.

“Bella, what did you do to Hayley?”

“Nothing, I’m just putting her to sleep for a while. Susan, I have a question for you, is the key to the underground room containing the forbidden texts kept in your suite?”

“President Maria keeps it on her person, so it’s not in our dormitory right now, why are you…:”

“Alright, Susan you should get some rest too!”

Susan was about to ask another question when Bella took out another red ball and placed it into her mouth, leaving Susan only able to look at Bella with helpless eyes. Susan wasn’t as nervous as Hayley and even though she did find it quite embarrassing being tied up this way, she had already gotten into the same bed as Bella back in Sakerid. Even though the two of them didn’t go too far, Susan already had some mental preparation to accept Bella.

Bella chose not to cover Susan’s eyes, as she was half an ‘insider’ and wasn’t like Hayley, who still had some negative feelings towards Bella. She was already halfway done the current stage of her plan, there were only two more holy maidens to subdue and then all she needed to do after was wait for Maria to return.

“Sophia, are you free? Can you bring us some soap… I mean, bring us some towels? We forgot to bring them in earlier!”

“Alright, I’ll go grab some.”

Sophia placed down the book in her hand and took two towels from the closet beside her before heading towards the bathroom. Due to the fact that the voice was from Susan, Sophia didn’t suspect anything, although she was curious as to why Susan had started to shower when she had gone over to close the door.

In Sophia’s memory, even though Hayley and Susan were both from the Alan faction and they had a sisterly relationship, Hayley never liked showering with anyone else, even her good friend Susan. So why was it that she was willing to do so today?

Daisy was a little suspicious, while Sophia had been distracted by her book earlier and didn’t see that Hayley had entered the bathroom with a towel, but Daisy had seen it, so why was it now that Susan was asking for towels? As Daisy was getting up and about to head in the direction of the bathroom, the door to the balcony was suddenly opened, even though it was locked from the inside.

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