Volume 2 Chapter 73: Infiltrating the St Louis Academy

Olsyvia Academy’s southern branch for members of the Church’s, the St Louis Academy.

It was currently late into the night and the chaste light of the full moon lit up the entire St Louis campus. Different from the other four branches, the St Louis Academy’s students were basically all members of the Church of Light, able to take up positions within the Church as soon as they graduate.

Due to the branch being managed by the Church of Light itself, there were a lot more regulations and rules here than at the other four branches. Based on an anonymous survey conducted by the Olsyvia Academy’s 10th ranked student association, the News & Information Association, girls from the St Louis Academy were the hardest to pick up when compared to the other branches.

Apart from the Olsyvia Academy’s festivals and major ceremonies, the girls of the St Louis branch would almost never leave their campus, making it much harder to get into contact with one. The easiest to pick up were naturally the students from the commoner’s Francis Academy. Of course, if you had money, it was even easier to pick up girls from the neighbouring ‘arts school’, the Antoinette Academy.

The buildings within the St Louis branch were constructed much like the Church of Light’s grandiose churches and cathedrals. The security here was tight, essentially on par with that of the royalty’s Euphemia Academy.

The students of the academy had to abide by the Church’s curfew, meaning that all students would have to be within their dormitories by 10pm at the latest. During the night, the only people who wandered the campus were the security details that patrolled the academy.

This made it significantly harder to infiltrate the St Louis branch, as without other students walking around, intruders stuck out a lot more. Due to the curfew, the St Louis Academy was nearly completely impossible to infiltrate at night.

Most of the branch’s school buildings had already closed for the night and the only source of light coming from buildings was in the dormitory district. Not far from the walls that separated the St Louis branch from the other branches, two shadowy figures were currently moving at a rapid pace. The two of them were both dressed in tight black under a thin cloak that made the two almost impossible to see with the naked eye.

After entering the Academy through the main gates, the two had remained completely undetected despite the large number of guards that they had passed by.

“It looks like the 2,000,000 Sin Points that I spent wasn’t a waste, these invisibility cloaks are definitely worth that price! It’s a shame that Asmodeus only had two for sale, or else I would’ve bought a hundred!”

The two infiltrators were Bella and her accomplice Noreya. The two of them were currently wearing invisibility cloaks that Bella had purchased from the 7th of the 【Seven Sins】, 【Lust】 Asmodeus, back when she was visiting Halifax, the City of Sin. These were true and authentic high-quality invisibility cloaks created by Asmodeus herself, the cover that they provided was levels ahead of those on the market currently and their price showed too, 1 million Sin Points each, one would have to slaughter countless beings to obtain such a large number of Sin Points.

There were three main ways of detecting intruders who were wearing invisibility cloaks in this world. The first of which relied on a guard dog’s strong sense of smell to sniff out the intruder, but that had no effect on Bella as her cloak masks all of the wearer’s scent. Another way was a special magic formation that detected the warmth given off by the body to determine if anyone unauthorized had entered its radius, this method also had no effect against Bella as her cloak would adjust the heat signature that it gave off to match that of its surroundings, meaning that there would never be any inconsistencies in temperature if Bella were to walk through one of these special magic formations.

The last method was to have a special type of magical device designed to detect the heartbeats of humans, this device was one of the biggest enemies of all assassins as it made it impossible for them to remain concealed. However, this final solution was also rendered useless by Asmodeus’ invisibility cloak, Asmodeus told Bella of one of the most crucial requirements for wearing this invisibility cloak, that the wearer couldn’t be human.

When this type of invisibility cloak was worn, the wearer’s heartbeat would be forcefully stopped by the cloak’s magic, meaning that if they were living humans, they would be dead within a couple moments of wearing the cloak. As a demon god simply possessing an already deceased body, Bella naturally had no problems lacking a heartbeat as Felia’s body could easily be sustained by her true form’s power.

The biggest weakness, probably, of these invisibility cloaks was that they could be seen by other people who were wearing the same type of cloaks. As Asmodeus only had two of these for sale, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Asmodeus had kept these two cloaks hidden away and if it wasn’t for Bella, they would likely never see the light of day. Even if they were for sale, the price would most likely be at least tenfold of what Asmodeus had sold it to Bella for.

Due to the fact that these cloaks also had effects on demon gods as well, Worldbreakers weaker than the top 20 would find it hard to detect the wearer of such a cloak until they were attacked. Selling it as such a low price to Bella, and both of them as well, it showed a little bit of Asmodeus’ special feelings towards Bella.

Apart from the two high-quality invisibility cloaks, Bella had also purchased a large amount of special equipment from Asmodeus, some of them definitely would come in handy during tonight’s operations.

Something that Bella found strange was that her pathfinding assistant, the assassin Noreya, was also able to ignore the limitations of the invisibility cloak, meaning that her heart stopping did not affect her. Originally when Noreya had offered to help Bella, Bella had turned her down and she hadn’t told Noreya of the requirements needed to wear the invisibility cloak, but she hadn’t expected for Noreya to simply throw on the cloak and follow behind her.

It seemed that Noreya wasn’t a normal human either. Now, Bella could confirm that of all the beauties that shared a dormitory with her, none of them could exactly be considered normal, or even human for that matter. Perhaps this was a strange type of fate?

Having a professional assassin leading the way was a big benefit to Bella’s infiltration, simplifying the process quite a bit. Noesha had originally planned to come as well but Bella’s ‘sources’ within the St Louis Academy had warned her that the guards of the academy had ways to detect when an infiltrator used spatial magic.

Bella didn’t know if Noesha’s level of spatial magic could still be detected, but she didn’t want to risk it, so she had left Noesha behind at the dorm to keep an eye on the Disciplinary Committee’s head chair, Natasha. Even though Natasha didn’t have a habit of patrolling this late in the night, but it was always good to be a little cautious.

“Bella, where did you get these cloaks, there’s no way that humans… it shouldn’t… be something that most humans can wear it!”

“Don’t ask, Noreya, I just want to know that if you feel uncomfortable at all when you’re wearing the coak! Like your heartbeat…”

“No, why would I not have a heartbeat, I don’t know what you mean!? Quiet now, there are some guards on patrol heading our way.”

Seeing that Noreya denied her suspicions, Bella chose not to further press her with questions. The shared the same dormitory after all, and there was enough time for Bella to slowly discover her dormmates’ secrets.

Following the information that her ‘sources’ had given her, Bella led Noreya in a straight bee-line for the St Louis academy’s female dormitories. The underground room that the forbidden texts were sealed away in required a key from the St Louis branch’s student council president, Maria, to open. Bella didn’t have an exact idea of where president Maria kept the key and the only thing that Bella could do right now was to infiltrate Maria’s room and hope to find it in there.

As a master assassin, Noreya also possessed the bread and butter ability of her close counterpart, the thief, lockpicking. After entering the St Louis academy’s dormitory district, Bella and Noreya headed straight for the tallest and most extravagantly designed dormitory building. Whether it was this world or the last, important people always seemed to love residing in such eye-catching structures, making it all that much easier to assassinate them.

This dormitory building’s main gate was firmly closed and guarded by rows upon rows of guards clad in golden plate armour, each with a golden student association armband. These guards were students from the student association ranked top three in combat power, the Door of Enlightenment. The Door of Enlightenment was backed directly by the Church of Light and their combat power was even stronger than that of the Brotherhood.

Apart from the association that was ranked first in terms of combat power, the Iron Cross, there wasn’t any association that dared to face the Door of Enlightenment in a head-to-head fight. If an association were to become actual targets of the Door of Enlightenment, they would simply deem them as ‘heretics’ and then come down on them with all of the Church’s power.

Bella and Noreya’s invisibility cloaks still worked and these guards from the Door of Enlightenment were also unable to detect the two just like the other guards that patrolled the campus. The problem, however, was the lock on the main gate. Even though Noreya was quite skilled in lockpicking, it would be inevitable for some sound to be made while doing so.

In such a quiet situation, the noise made by picking a lock was quite noticeable, largely because the lock used on the gate was the type that purposefully made a lot of noise when opened. Designed to stop the gate from being stealthily opened without anyone noticing.

Bella and Noreya realized that picking the lock was out of the question, so they turned towards the option of scaling the dormitory’s walls. Even though the walls were designed to be very hard to climb, without any footholds for the first ten meters up.

Bella, however, had the help of the sticky void monarch, Skryme. After walking over to a place with relatively less security, Noreya received a coil of translucent and sticky rope from Bella, and with a skillful swing, stuck the other end on one of the building’s balconies.

This rope was actually the void monarch Skryme itself and even though it was almost completely transparent and had a rather sticky feel, Noreya still had to admit that this was the best rope that she had used so far in her time as an assassin. After securing itself on the balcony, the thin line began slowly reeling Noreya and Bella in.

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The St Louis academy’s 1st dormitory building, exclusive for the students that were high ranking members of the Church of Light. This suite, in particular, was that of the Church of Light’s four holy maidens as well as the St Louis branch’s student council president.

“Daisy, what are you doing beside the balcony? It’s getting late, so come in and shut the balcony!”

“Oh, just wait a bit more, Susan.”

“Don’t bother, Susan, if she likes sitting in the cold, then just let her! Right, are you going to use the showers? If not, I’ll shower first today!”

“Go ahead Hayley, I’ll use it later.”

On the balcony, the Salo faction’s holy maiden Daisy was currently pretending to be lost in thought as she looked up at the full moon. Not far behind her were the Alan faction’s holy maidens Hayley and Susan, the two of them didn’t notice anything wrong with Daisy. On the other side of the balcony’s rails, Daisy had placed a small light pearl that she was using as a signal, due to the way Daisy covered it with her body, none of the other three girls currently in the dorm were able to see it.

Using the thin rope/grappling-hook version of Skryme, Bella and Noreya followed Daisy’s signal and successfully climbed onto their suite’s balcony. Due to the fact that Bella and Noreya were still wearing the invisibility cloaks, no one within the dormitory noticed a thing.

Daisy was the only one that Bella had informed of this infiltration. It wasn’t that Bella didn’t trust the other holy maidens, but it was simply that the Alan faction’s Hayley and Susan hadn’t completely joined Bella side and the Miga faction’s Sophia had never given Bella a clear answer. There would be a risk that they might give Bella away if she told them that she was here to steal a key from the St Louis branch’s student council president.

Even Daisy only knew that Bella wanted her to place a light pearl on the balcony. As for the fact that Bella would infiltrate while wearing invisibility cloaks or what exactly they were infiltrating the St Louis Academy for, Daisy knew none of it.

It was the first time, even for Bella, to have infiltrated other girls’ dormitory suite. This was the suite of the Church of Light’s holy maidens and the pope’s successor, it was already quite the accomplishment to have entered this room without anyone else knowing. If it wasn’t for Asmodeus’ invisibility cloaks and the map that president Ese provided Bella, this operation might not have seen such success.

If president Ese learned that Bella actually succeeded in her infiltration, she would definitely have some complicated feelings about this, she hadn’t expected for Bella to succeed even with her help. Based on her previous thoughts, Ese had determined that even if Bella managed, somehow, to sneak into president Maria’s room, her roommates the four holy maidens weren’t just for show and would definitely expose Bella.

However, Ese didn’t know the complicated relationship between Bella and the four holy maidens, of which Hayley was probably the only one who would act against Bella. Of the other three, Daisy was Bella’s ‘agent’, Susan had all but completely fallen to Bella, and even though Sophia remained neutral, she too would probably join Bella’s side if the circumstances were in Bella’s favor. From the very beginning, president Maria was facing Bella and Noreya alone, her four holy maidens wouldn’t serve much help.

In the suite, Bella was only able to see Susan and Sophia. She saw no sight of Hayley or president Maria. From the bathroom came the sound of running water, which meant that someone was probably using the showers, but Bella wasn’t sure if it was Hayley or president Maria.

However, the timetable on one of the walls helped Bella out. According to the timetable, Maria was out praying for the night and wouldn’t be back until about half an hour later, at ten. This meant that Bella had half an hour to ‘deal’ with the four holy maidens before Maria returned.

Even though doing this was a little… kind of like some of those perverted games from back on Earth, but Bella had purchased a large amount of ‘special’ equipment from 【Lust】 Asmodeus and if Bella didn’t use it here, she would be uncomfortable. As her train of thought reached here, Bella no longer hesitated and headed stealthily in the direction of the bathroom, motioning to Noreya with her hand to watch the suite’s main door.

Bella had previously told Noreya that they were here to take a special key from president Maria, but as for how they were going to do it, Bella hadn’t given any details. While Noreya was a little confused as to Bella’s actions, but her professionalism as an assassin made her follow Bella’s commands without any question.

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