Chapter 178: The Aggressive Kidnapping

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Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine recognized the voice of the Caucasian male driver. He was the same man who pushed the dinner cart when exiting the elevator and bumped into her. He was also one of the Interpol’s suspects.

“Yes, it was a little problematic. However, we are lucky it was only two students. Yes, that’s right. Proceed with the original plan, I don’t want to wait any longer. Just let Red Scorpion deal with the rest, haha.” The man on the phone didn’t hold back and blurted out whatever was on his mind. He conversed in English, completely unafraid that the two students in the car would understand him.

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Ye Jian’s dark pupils turned even darker. The kidnapper did not hold back when speaking, which meant that…these men were not afraid of them revealing what he had said.

Only because the dead do not speak!

Of course she wasn’t scared. In her past life, she was bullied by Ye Ying to the point that she developed courage as strong and hard as a rock. Now, she only knew how to stay alive and without fear.

In this life, at this time and place, she was very grateful for Ye Ying’s harassments in her past life. It was only because of Ye Ying’s harassments that made her who she was today.

Unafraid and indifferent.

A pair of lean cold hands quietly clasped her hands. Ye Jian initially wanted to slap those hands away, but the hands grasped hers even more tightly. It was so tight that she was able to feel the sweat on his palms on the back of her hands.

“They don’t want money.” Gao Yiyang’s voice was slightly shaky. Even when he muffled his voice, Ye Jian could pick up the trembling.

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As strong and calm as a fifteen-year-old boy could be, they would be scared in this predicament. He understood why the man was speaking on the phone without restraining himself.

Ye Jian sighed in her heart and didn’t pry her hands away from his grasp.

She had her prejudices against him, especially because when she had just transferred to his school, she had been blamed by him for angering Ye Ying so much and causing her to be hospitalized. After that, though there were some misunderstandings, he eventually saw through Ye Ying’s games and even apologized to her.

From these actions and events, Ye Jian understood that Gao Yiyang was a reasonable boy.

“Congratulations, you guessed it correctly. So, we can only wait for a chance.” Ye Jian lightly sighed and retracted her hands. She felt slightly uncomfortable with her hands being held in such way. “Let’s see where they take us first. At least there doesn’t seem to be any danger for now.”

The plan didn’t change, meaning that the deal would still proceed as planned. Any intelligent person would not go ahead to deal with side issues, such as immediately killing two Olympiad contestants who had come to Australia, until the transaction was finalized.

The coverage for the Olympiad competition in Australia was being publicized worldwide. Even though these criminals were be audacious enough to proceed with such a dirty deal, such as a drug trade, they would not commit an aggressive crime such as murder.

Their priority was money. On the other hand, the two lives in their hands could be rid of anytime.

Gao Yiyang had already pressed his lips together into a straight line. He understood in his heart that this kidnapping was related to the Vietnamese student. If that was the case, he had dragged her into this predicament.

He glanced at Ye Jian. Her long hair covered her face, masking her facial expression as well. He was neither able to read her expression nor comprehend what she was thinking.

The only thing that he knew was that she was unafraid and she didn’t need to rely on him… From the moment that she retracted her hands without hesitation, he was aware that she didn’t need his consolation.

This Ye Jian was so distant, but also very outstanding.

The unchanging night scenery did not change simply due to people or events. While Director Li was waiting anxiously, Gao Yiyang was pushed out of the car.

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