Chapter 177: No Ransom Kidnapping

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At times of importance, Xu Yu was clear he had to treat Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine as his own comrade who would fight alongside him, because only with trust would there be hope!

Rather than acting the way Interpol would with a doomed expression printed on their faces after something major happened, like now when two students participating in the olympiad were kidnapped.

Two students from China were whisked away, which was equivalent to the loss of two more lives in their eyes.

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Such an incident had no way of avoiding Director Li’s sight, and so… Director Li, with the three other teachers, now sat in a room with face as pale as paper, “So, there’s nothing we can do but wait?”

He asked the men from Interpol.

“Yes sir, we can only wait.” Bell from Interpol, disguised as the front desk clerk, told Director Li solemnly, his face and tone filled with helplessness, “We can’t move out immediately because Ye Jian and the boy are in the hands of a very troublesome criminal organization.”

Director Li felt his vision fading away. He must contact the embassy, immediately!

Two students being kidnapped, and are now in the hands of a very troublesome criminal organization. Even the interpol looked unreliable! How can he trust them? He can only put his trust on his own people from China!

It was normal for Director Li to have the embassy’s contact number. With twelve students from China coming to represent their country in this event, the embassy’s task was to receive them.

The Chinese Military had already contacted the embassy just five minutes after Ye Jian was kidnapped.

Director Li contacted them ten minutes later and was notified that the Chinese Military were already dispatched. Director Li, who was standing as he made the call, heard it and his knees went weak with relief before plunging back onto the bed weakly.

…Thank goodness! During critical times, only their own country was reliable.

In the car, Gao Yiyang struggled a little before calming down once he saw Ye Jian, who was also kidnapped. He was also certain that his struggle would all be to no avail.

The kidnappers were all foreigners, they had bodies that were tall and strong, and their facial hair were so thick that they all looked the same.

However, they did not seem to take the students they kidnapped seriously. They started chatting, without care once they got into the car, in a thick local Australian English accent. It did, however, ease the discrete communication between Gao Yiyang and Ye Jian.

Gao Yiyang pursed his lips as he moved closer to Ye Jian before speaking softly in Mandarin, “Don’t be afraid, they just want money. We mustn’t make a scene no matter what, and even if we feel like crying, it’ll have to wait after they leave. Now, let’s see where they’re bringing us.”

After calming down, he seemed to not have realized that the reason he got kidnapped was unrelated to money. However, having experienced being kidnapped before, his guess was reasonable since the scene before him was very familiar.

His calmness made Ye Jian look at him with a different light. Boys who meet situations like this and only made a brief struggle before calming down was indeed very rare.

“Getting involved in something like this, it’s a lie if I’m not afraid, but it is only right for us to cry.” Ye Jian choked as she spoke in a low tone, as if it bore a hint of crying. Nevertheless, Gao Yiyang could not distinguish if she was really afraid, or not.

There were four kidnappers in the car apart from the driver and the front passenger who had been talking on the phone with someone since he got in the car. None of them had their attention focused on the two students as they chatted away with worries once the doors were closed.

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