Chapter 179: Head at Gunpoint

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When it was Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine’s turn to get off the car, a burly and hairy hand reached over to grab the bag she was holding. Without releasing her hand from the bag, she reached in and pulled out a sanitary pad, and with a teary and embarrassed expression, she stuttered in English as if she was afraid, “This, does a guy need this? You, you….you can use it?”

The other three kidnappers looked at the sanitary pad and immediately broke into a huge laughter.

The man who grasped the bag also started to laugh before pulling out a handgun from the back of his waist and tapping the muzzle against her forehead. He warned her with what seemed like a smile, “Little girl, don’t make me mad.”

Even though Ye Jian’s head was held at gunpoint, she became more composed and did not shriek. Instead, she widened her eyes and with the best of her ability, expressed that she was so afraid that she could faint anytime.

In reality, Ye Jian focused on the top of the gun and recognized the model of the handgun the kidnapper was armed with.

Beretta M800, Cougar type F, each magazine holds 15 +1(1 in the barrel) 180 mm bullets, armed with a standby function. It looks like the escape tonight requires me to somehow obtain a firearm.

The hairy Caucasian man started to laugh again after seeing her frightened expression. He even proceeded to tease her by making a “Bang” sound. The other kidnappers also started to laugh even louder as the girl showed a frightened expression as if she would faint on the spot.  

It could be heard from their cold laughters that they didn’t mind staining their hands with the blood of two lives.

“All right, Johnny.” The driver jumped out of the car. His brown eyes swept across  Ye Jian and he gaze landed on the sanitary pad in her hands. After asking the guy to release her, he turned to Ye Jian and gave her a smile that was filled with a deep meaning. “I think you won’t be needing this anymore very soon.”

His voice, which made others feel like they saw maggots feeding on a corpse, was filled with laughter. It easily made others break into cold sweats at their backs.

“All right, guys, since they were so cooperative, let’s not tease them any longer. I prefer to solve things in a more exciting way so that it feels more refreshing,” someone said while laughing loudly. He failed to notice that Ye Jian, who was being teased, had a look in her eyes that was colder and more savage than the others on site.

Gao Yiyang’s face was so pale that his forehead started to sweat as he stood in the long and dark alleyway without a single lamppost.

Suddenly, the sound of squeaking metal was heard. A rusty steel door gradually opened, shredding the once silent night. The deafening sound of heavy metal music resounded around them.

The two were then pushed into a colorfully lit world. The dance floor was filled with people jamming and dancing. Blinding strobe lights flashed across the area, and loud music played without stopping, seeming as if they wanted to overturn the entire KTV arena.

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No one noticed the group of people who had just showed up at the bar. The crime suspect, who was ahead of them, even greeted the bartender and sauntered across the dance floor. He then stood behind the bar counter, turned a corner, and stood in front of a shining elevator door.

Ye Jian pinched her bag, and similar to a quail, she contracted her shoulder blades to lower her presence as much as possible.

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“All right, let’s invite our little friends to rest next door. After twelve o’clock, we will come over and play with you guys again.” The elevator stopped on the eighth floor and the leader laughed and even patted Gao Yiyang’s shoulder before leaving with an aggressive temperament.

This was their territory, of course they were allowed to do whatever they wanted to do.

The moment the sound of the door locked with a clack, Ye Jian, who was holding the bag, softly breathed a sigh of relief.

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